Answers for questions vol. 117

Happy new ye….oh wait. Not yet. Well, perhaps you might read this and it will be 2013 so, have a good one. I hope you’re all making strong resolutions that you plan on keeping for , oh, at least 5 hours after waking up on January 1st. Might I suggest “Stop being an asshole on the internet”. That’s a good one.
Anyway , you got any questions you wanna ask your old friend, me? Well, go for it. Try and keep them interesting and send them to me at OR leave them in the comments below.
Happy holidays to all and I’ll see you on the other side.

How do you live? What do you find meaning in? I play video games, eat, and work. I’m disgusted in myself. Do you find that the words of encouragement from others just roll down your back? As if you’re receiving them through a fog? Fuck, man.

I’m not a particularly spiritual man so I don’t exactly go out looking for meaning in things. I just live by the ancient asian proverb “Shit happens”. I’m also not a super hard critic on myself. I’m aware when i fuck up and I’m aware when I do good. But I don’t sit around under a black cloud hating myself or anything like that. I’ve always felt that’s a waste of time but, I realize me saying that is kinda like someone who isn’t an addict saying “Why don’t you just stop shooting heroin?” to a drug addict.

All that aside, this sounds more like a question for your shrink than me and a huge shout out for starting this weeks questions off hilariously. Great…now I’m disgusted in you too! (just kidding, bro. Keep your head up and try not wallow in self pity too much. Food and video games are fun.)

Hey Block,
Seeing as you are in Europe this week, this question is kinda relevant. What is your opinion on hip hop in foreign accents or different languages altogether? I’m an Australian and like a lot of Australian hip hop that is delivered with an Aussie accent, but often wonder what an American would think of it. In other languages, French hip hop sounds pretty cool, but German is pretty horrible. Most of the Asian languages hip hop I have heard is too weird for me to process (Gangnam Style aside of course).

I’ve answered variations of this question a few times but it doesn’t hurt to go back to it. I don’t fuck with non-amercian rappers. I mean, I’ve heard some decent UK mc’s over the years but it’s never been something I go back to. And rap in other languages serves me no purpose as I don’t speak those languages. I like to understand what the rapper is saying (is that not the point of listening to rap?). It has always boggled my mind when people who don’t speak english will listen to american rap. Especially when a fairly verbose rapper like Aceyalone would have a huge fanbase in Japan.I get they like the beats but why on earth would you want to listen to gibberish?
As for Australian accents in rap, it falls into the UK category. I’m sure there are some skilled mc’s out there, I just don’t see myself really giving them too hard a listen. I can barely listen to most american white rappers, let alone ones with a thick accent from the other side of the world.

i gotta question thats serious as cancer! whos your top 3 favorite pornstars? you gotta favorite site? you dont pay for it do you? do you remember porn before the internet? your girl into it? you ever date a girl whos not into it?

Porn talk!
figuring out my top three porn girls is hard cause that kinda thing changes all the time. and my list would be weird cause some of them, just looking at them, aren’t even that beautiful but I’ll be damned if they don’t know how to put on a show. So, some of my honorary favorites are Rachel Starr, Abella Anderson, and shout out to the super old MILF styles of Lisa Ann. She’s literally older than me. That’s staying power.
I don’t pay for porn and I don’t have one site I prefer. I just kinda bounce around to different ones on any given day. I kinda feel bad not paying for porn sometimes cause they’re dealing with a lot of the same shit we musicians are , as far as making money doing your job and no one ever buying it. And it’s worse for them cause I don’t have to blow dudes and take loads on my face at my job.
As for porn before the internet, of course I do. I like to think I’m not a disgusting anal obsessed, overly violent sexual low life because I came up in a time when porn wasn’t THAT readily available. back in the day, we had these things called VHS tapes. Someone would acquire one (either by actually buying it from a store, getting it handed down to you by an older sibling or finding it in a bag on the street). Over time, you’d accumulate a decent amount of these tapes and that’s when you’d trade with your friends. A good porn video tape would make the rounds for years. There are still scenes I clearly remember from that era cause I watched them so many times. Variety was not the spice of life like it is now. If you found a good scene that spoke to you, that would be your girlfriend for however long you had that tape.
My girl isn’t into porn but she also not one of those lunatics that think her man jerking off is like cheating on her. She understands it’s purpose and just sort of ignores it. I’ve never dated a girl who was heavy into porn. I mean, I’ve dated a few that liked it enough but never anyone who liked it as much as any normal dude I know. But that’s fine with me. Ideally, I’d like to keep watching porn as a solo thing.

Detroit themed question.
Do you think Detroit will ever re-live its past splendor? Is it sad to hope so?
+ should dead things stay dead?

Detroit is an ill city. It’s so fucked up that when people from there talk about it, it doesn’t even sound like a real place. I’ve always wondered how real that all was and how much was just sorta “keeping up appearences”. Having been there a few times, I can say it’s certainly no joke. It’s huge, desolate, and full of crime. However, I’ve heard that good things are happening there these days. Lots of those abandoned areas are being bought up and people are actually moving back into the city. The thing about detroit is that it’s got the makings of a great city, it’s just everyone’s broke as fuck and scared to live there. I do see it turning around though. I don’t know when or how but it can only go up from where it’s been. I’d also like to add that, much like people from baltimore , pittsburgh , Philly and some more rugged parts of ohio, people from detroit tend to be pretty fucking cool. There is something about growing up in a run down shithole of a city that not only gives people an edge and deep hometown pride but it also makes some really good people. The term “salt of the earth” gets thrown around a lot but I think it should apply to those type of people, not fat sacks of shit in some suburban Walmart in the middle of North Dakota.

Sup Block, got a question for you:

I know the NYC graff game is pretty crazy, do you know any writers (I don’t expect you to mention names), or have any interaction with that at all? Any thoughts on it even?

I knew all sorts or writers when i was younger. None of them were famous or even good at it but it was impossible not to in the early/mid 90’s in NYC. I never wrote personally cause I’m artistically handicapped but a bunch of my friends did. Writing graf in NYC was a big deal in the 90’s. A lot of the gang activity in NYC was based around graf writers and all the beefs between crews often spawned from someone crossing someone else out. Like most gang violence, I never really got the allure of wanting to fuck someone up over a tag but, hey, I might think differently had I been good at it.
My only real interaction with graffiti was being mistaken for someone who did write and getting punched in the face by a crew of children (a story I’ve told on here before) and getting stepped to by some fucking clown at my school cause I had been writing “Ol’e” on desks as a joke (I thought the idea of a tag with an apostrophe in it was hilarious). This dude wrote “Oli”. I didn’t know that nor care cause, like I said, I wasn’t a writer. It was all jokes to me. So, one day he stepped to me like “Yo, you write “Ol’e” (which made me literally laugh out loud cause hearing that sentence vocalized was amazing). I said “Well, yeah…but on desks at school. It’s a joke.” He responded with “well, Cut that shit out. I write “Oli” and it’s too close to my name…” I gave him the obligatory “okaaaaaaaay guy” and that was the end of my illustrious graffiti writing career.

Song of the day 12/28/12

6th Sense By The Underachievers
A while back I posted about a video by a relatively unknown Brooklyn based rap group called “The Underachievers”. Not following what appears to be the musical release protocol, they didn’t drop 5 mix tapes directly after dropping their first video. Weird, right?
So, those of us who were into it were left with a few videos and youtube clips to sit on while we wondered what these dudes had brewing.
Well, word on the street is they got signed to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label and will be putting out some new music shortly. So, that’s good news. Until then, here’s a newish song I recently heard that seems to follow up nicely to the other joints they’ve leaked thus far.
For those who missed it, here’s the older song that everyone went nuts for. And I don’t mean that in a dismissive way. I too think it’s pretty fucking awesome. New rappers! Yay!

Ask Dr. Tony Vol. 22

Fellas, Holidays got you down cause your dick is so dry? Ladies, Bummed that you can’t find a special santa to spend these chilly nights with? Does this sound like some shit you’d read on the inside of a terrible christmas card? Probably.
Fuck all that noise. I’m here to help you. This is that thing where you send me questions of the heart in search of my sage, untested and highly questionable wisdom. But, as always, I’m here to help so I’ll do my best. if you have any love related things that need fixin’, drop me a question at or leave your question in the comments below. I’ll do my best. I swear.

there’s this girl I dated for 3 weeks or so like 5 years ago. then she said she wasn’t up to a relationship or whatever and that was it. a month later I found out she actually had a boyfriend since 2 years! hahaha I didn’t expect it but I didn’t care cause I actually didn’t like her that much.

anyways, we have seen each other but always for like 5 minutes or so, small talk basically, but I don’t why since 2-3 months she keeps writing me on facebook that she ‘d like to hang out. the funny thing is that she actually has a boyfriend (and now is no secret)

I don’t get it man, I mean, we are not friends, why should we hang out after 5 years. I have a girlfriend and I’m not interested in her or anything and I don’t know if I should be just nice and chill with her and try to be friends or just ignore her.

It’s not a big deal, but I’m just curious to know what is she up to, what do u think? is it some carma shit? I think so, some people are crazy

I hate to be THAT GUY, but as a person who is terrible at both spelling and grammar, this may be the worst written question I’ve ever received. Impressive, my good man. I’m not even mad.

Anyway, if you have no interest in this girl and you’re in a relationship there is 100% no point in chumming it up with this girl. I have no clue what her angle is but, really, what could it possibly be that you’d be interested in? A new friend? get the fuck outta here. It’s either that or she’s trying to creep. In both cases, you seem not interested so you might as well just stop responding. There’s a good chance she’s in the midst of a boring long term relationship and just looking for attention. Attention that could lead to other things. So, yeah, ignore her. It’s for the best for all people involved.

Hi Love Dr. Tony,
i need your help once again. i’ve been dating a really great guy for a little over two months. he’s smart, funny, handsome, and a super good cook. the only problem is that i’m usually sexually frustrated. in the words of Kim from Outkast’s Kim & Cookie: he got his, i ain’t got mine.

i’ve tried to talk to him about it but nothing has really changed. am i being selfish? cuz this is kind of a big deal, imo. do you think there is a way for things to get better or should i let this one go over just this issue?

I’d like to think most men take a little pride in not being selfish assholes in bed. I’d like to think that, but from what girls tell me all the time about their boyfriends, I’m thinking I’m wrong.
Now, this could be a few different things. If he’s a premature ejaculator than that’s gonna be an issue that takes some work. If he’s simply terrible at sex, that’s something you can maybe help guide him through to improve his technique (perhaps tell that asshole to eat the pussy too…). If he’s fine at sex but completely oblivious to your needs (Those two things tend to not go hand in hand but for the sake of the discussion I threw it in there) then all you need to do is say “Hey, keep going…do that thing for longer…”. Communicate.
Unfortunately , I have a feeling it’s one of the first two options. Bummer. For your sake, I hope it’s the second. The thing about most dudes is that , ideally, we want to please the woman we’re with. It’s a point of pride for any man who respects his penis. So, if he needs a little heads up on how to do it the way you like it…just tell him. Most guys will want to improve themselves. But , seriously, any dude worth his salt will get a girls first orgasm outta the way before he even starts having sex with them. Do the kids not do foreplay anymore??!?!

Alright Dr. Tony, lets see what you got.

Where to start with this shit? So I’m in my third year of college, still a virgin, good enough looking dude, like I get looks from girls/ approached at the bar, whatever. Just saying i’m no fucking ogre with acne all over his face creepin on girls with Shakespeare lines. So anyways, I’ve known this girl for the past two or so years now, and we’ve been really good friends, have a lot of the same friends etc, and she originally liked me back when we first met but I never found out till later when she had a bf. Anyways, her and her bf end up breaking up and we end up hooking up, just once, this one night. Like nothing crazy, just some foreplay but it was sorta weird between us since we’d been just friends for so long at this point. So maybe two weeks or something after, she ends up hooking up with this other guy who she ends up seeing on and off for the next/past year. They basically just used each other for sex when they were drunk, which kind of upset her in the end, and was the reason why it ended. So moving on, like maybe two weeks ago, she goes out to the bar with on of my roommates (pretty normal, they’ve been friends longer than us), and when they come home he goes to bed and she comes and wakes me up (im literally sleeping) to come sleep in my bed. Not saying this isn’t normal, we’ve slept together in the same bed many times without hooking up, although, the last time maybe a couple weeks before we basically ended up spooning all night. (pretty gay right?) Lol. So anyways, she comes wakes me up, we end up making out for a bit and once again, its kinda weird for both of us. Long story short and despite the awkwardness, we end up having sex (which she pretty much instigated) but she stops me halfway through and we stop. Now, after the fact, the next morning/ next few days when we see each other, its like shit isn’t awkward or anything but we can both kinda sense things are different I guess. Now that being said, I have no fucking clue what this girl is looking for. This whole time I’ve been more or less indifferent towards her, she’s good enough looking, fun to chill with and so on but I never really had any desire to date her or go out of my way to bang her. Alright so here’s the kicker, the next day after we bang, I end up changing my sheets due to some other shit.. I probably wouldn’t have noticed since the top sheets black but underneath there is a small stain in the middle of the bed which definitely bears the appearance of period blood. Like this bed is 2 months old and im a virgin, where else are brownish/red stains showing up from? Pretty fucked up right? I mean I’m not grossed out enough to turn my dick in and call it a day, but I just thought it was a little fucked up that if she knew she was on her period she would do that, us being friends and so on, and I wasn’t even wearing a dome. But then again, she might not have known and that might have been why she told me to stop, in which case I wouldn’t really blame her, although I get the feeling most girls at this age know when that shits coming round. All this being said, I still want to have sex with her again as the first time was pretty weak, but I would also like to avoid getting dragged into any relationship, which I think she might be looking for. So I guess my question is, is there any way to go about this lightly or am I just waiting for it to blow up in my face? And should I let her know about the stain, which most likely, but could maybe not belong to her?

A few things before i get into the advice…
1)No virgin has ever “banged”. They get banged.
2)DO NOT TELL HER ABOUT THE BLOODSTAIN. That is very likely the reason she stopped and I’d guess she’s a little embarrassed about it. Also, sometimes when a girl is about to get her period, sex will initiate it. I’ve had that happen to me a few times with girls and , at first, you think you did something wrong but the you realize it’s just nature taking it’s course. So, it’s possible she didn’t know she had her period until you set it off.

Okay…So, from what you’ve told me, I get the feeling this girl is a typical college girl who, while out to have fun, is also not a whore and wants to be treated with some respect. Whether that means she needs to be someones girlfriend or just wants the guys she sleeps with to acknowledge her, I dunno. But , one thing is for sure, i don’t think she’s a fan of getting fucked one day and ignored the next. Not saying you did that, but I’m just putting that out there as the worst possible thing you could do to her in this situation.
Here’s the problem. You have no intention of wanting anything serious with her. You don’t know what her intentions are but you kinda assume that she’d want something more official with you than you’re willing to give. WELCOME TO BEING A SEXUALLY ACTIVE SINGLE MAN. The funny this is, you have no idea what’s going through her head. She may not want anything to do with you. She may just wanna cuddle and have sex on random drunk occasions. you really don’t know. The reality of it is, you’re at her will. Trust me, I know it’s easy to assume where a girls head is at but , unless you get some sort of verbal confirmation or overt signs,you’re just guessing. For all you know, she thought your virgin ass was terrible in bed. I mean, you were a virgin, there’s no way you did any real damage that night. My advice would be to talk to her honestly. This may backfire and mean you don’t get round 2 but , trust me when I tell you, it’s better that that you boning her again and shit blowing up in your face. You’re young. There will be more sluts in your life. Sluts who just wanna have sex and that’s that. If she is not that kind of girl, then let it go.
So, yeah, step to her like a man and carefully bring up the subject. You might be surprised with what you hear back.

You have mentioned a few times how your early 20’s self knew all the tricks to getting laid that your current self knows. I was wondering if you could elaborate on this. I think I know all the basics, but for me it seems to be mostly about timing, and if a girl happens to like some random things about me that I have no control over. It seems there is some pieces of the puzzle I am missing though. Break it down for me. The Blockhead approach from meeting a woman all the way to watching her do the walk of shame from your apartment window.

Damn man. I’ve been in a relationship so long I don’t even remember how to close the deal. There is no “blockhead method” cause if there was , it would be pretty faulty. The things I figured out were more subtle and might not apply to everyone. I was never a dude who went up to girl and started talking , then took them home that night. I was more of the “slow burn” type. You ever hear a pro athlete say how they started to figure things out when the game slowed down for them? It’s like that. When i was younger, I was obsessed with stats. I just wanted to get in, mark it down and keep it moving. At the same time, I was also so grateful for any girl who would let me in that i would fool myself into thinking i liked them more than I actually did. As I got older, I stopped rushing myself into trying to get ass all the time. I got more indifferent and , somehow, that got me more girls than being a horny puppy ever did.
Here are some things I sort of embraced at a certain age that seemed to work out for me:
1)Don’t sweat a girl super hard.
Acting like a groupie toward a girl only makes you look like a desperate loser. If you feel an overwhelming sense of desire for a girl, there are ways to channel that thirst into something slightly more appealing that fawning over them all the time.

2)Plant seeds
There is no rush in getting girls. Some dudes have a knack for bagging girls in a short period of time, others (like myself) were more comfortable just letting things take form over time. granted, this would often lead to girls liking me more than I liked them but that leads me to…

3)Be honest. All the time.
I dunno what clicked in my head but something happened around my mid 20’s where I figured out the most pure root to a drama-less life as a single dude was to just be honest. A lot of the bullshit that arises between single guys and girls comes from misunderstanding each others intentions. If you open up communication lines early about what exactly it is you have in mind, it makes everything go easier. Sure, there will be situations where one person will want one thing and the other will want something else, but at least you nipped it in the bud before getting strong armed into a situation you don’t particularly want to be in. While this type of honesty will lead to some missed sexual opportunities, it also opens doors for things like great booty call relationships with no guilt.

4)Girls like guys who are funny, confidant and who can listen
Simple really. If you’re not funny…well…I hope you’re good looking or don’t mind dating girls with shitty senses of humor. If you’re not confidant, that’s gonna lower your dating pool greatly as women can smell an insecure man from a mile away. Insecure dudes occasionally get lucky and land some hot girl who mistakes his insecurity for being aloof or nerdy but, in most cases, girls want to be with a man they know isn’t going to cry in bed with them.
As for the listening…duh. We all like being listened to. But , to many women , they’re so used to dudes tuning out the second they start talking that you’d be surprised how much the appreciate an actual open ear. Granted, this often will lead you to some of the most inane conversations known to man but, hey, take one for the team bro.

5)Play to your strengths
If you’re good with words, get comfy with texting/emails. If you’re more charming in person but have the text etiquette of a cro-magnon man, then talk on the phone. If you’re only charming when you’re drunk, meet her at a bar. Whatever it is you excel in, use it to your advantage.

Shit…I can’t remember anything else. I know i’m forgetting tons of things but, like I said, I’m a long way removed from being a single guy. Good luck though. We all need it.

Phat friend year in review 2012

Yeah yeah yeah..year end lists are played out and all that. Instead of just giving lists, I’d like to use this time to take a look back at the year that was this goddamn blog. My blog. This is like my second job that i never get paid for. I do it for the love, man.
Anyway, if you got endless time to kill, this should be right up your alley. Links, links and more links. Fun things to watch, read, download and rub your genitals up against. Enjoy.

Top Five most read articles
These are the things I wrote that, for some reason or another, got read the most. In some cases it was the actual content, in others, it was cause some big website retweeted them…and in the case of the “Fuck/marry/kill” I’m assuming it had something to do with google and a word I happened to use in it. That’s the only realistic explanation.
This is about my brief experience working with Lana Del Ray before she was Lana Del Ray. Easily the most read thing of the year and, to this day, I get emails from crazy Lana Del Ray fans asking me for anything else I may have done with her. Which is nothing. Sorry guys!
No clue why this was so popular…other than the game itself being so awesome.
This got linked to the website which is a huge website for stylish women. Thanks to my homegirl Jane Marie for that.
This was the most controversial thing I wrote all year apparently cause, to this day, it still gets new comments from butthurt losers in sandals. Although it’s probably not the case, I like to imagine most of the traffic to this consists of furiously bitter dudes in sandals checking if any other furiously bitter dudes in sandals have commented on the post.
I’d like to think this one got so many views cause it was so fucking awesome. Either that or Pedophiles googling game is slipping.

My personal favorites
These are the posts I wrote that I enjoyed the most. They may have slipped under the radar or just been not that interesting to people that weren’t me. Who knows? Whatever the case, give them a chance.
This is a recent one that is just me thinking back to some truly dumb shit I believed to be factual in my younger years. Very relatable stuff…kinda.
This was about how musicians all have to eat shit at some point as the opening act. It’s a brutal things but it’s also very necessary.
This is about the realities of being in the friendzone. Not surprisingly, it fucking sucks.
This is my ode to the faceless self promoters online and human spam machines.
This is a a look at the pussification of the human race that’s been going on over the last ten years. Make it stop.
This is a detailed breakdown of how I fell out of love with the music of the rapper Common. Shit’s deep, brah.

Mixtapes I made:

This year in Blockhead related free music::

Fun video related posts

Answers For Question vol. 116

Ho ho ho! Well, tonight santa is gonna plop his fat ass down your chimney and raid your fridge. Or, you’re a jew and you’re gonna eat some good chinese food tomorrow. Whatever the case, have a good holiday. Personally, i could give a shit about all of it. Call me selfish but the second I stopped wanting gifts, the holidays lost it’s flair to me. At this point I ask for shit like socks and underwear or gift certificates to places I probably will never go to.
Anyway, if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, leave them in the comments below OR email them to at Get weird.

What’s some of your favorite stuff outside of hip hop, specifically rock? Do ever think of using any punk rock in your sample bag? Also, best soft drink and why?

I’d normally gloss over this question cause, well, it’s pretty boring and I get asked this type of stuff all the time. But I figured this might be a good time to just clear the air in general about my musical listening habits. I listen to mostly hip hop and some old soul music. There is some rock, old country, reggae sprinkled in there but i’d say like 85% of what is going into my eats is rap or soul from before I was born. I was never a big rock and roll fan outside of shit like the Beatles and random one off songs by various groups. I’ve always kinda hated punk rock as it was just way too noisy for me.
I know this wasn’t the intention of the question but it seems like a good segue into this. A common thing that happens to me when I’m on the road is I’ll get people talking to me about current electronic music. This is because I play shows with people who make this type of music. So, I’m not mad at when people are like “oh, have you heard of ______?”, it’s par for the course. I’d just like to take this moment to tell anyone I may come across in the near future who might ask me a similar question that “no. I have never heard of that producer/dj”.I realize I’m the weird one here who doesn’t listen to his own musical genre. I’m not trying to be a dick, I simply don’t listen to that kind of music. I literally know like 10 names in my extended musical genre and that’s only because I either know them personally or they’re someone like Dj Shadow. Same goes for people asking me about new bands. As far as new music is concerned, Unless there’s a legit rapper involved, I probably am unaware of it.
That is all. Sorry for the rant but if this can save me even one conversation where I have to tell some dude backstage “nope, never heard of him either…” 15 times, then it was worth it.
Also, Ginger Ale is my soft drink of choice.

i had a discussion with a friend some days ago. topic was “dumping rules”. so my question is: are there any dumping rules?

I don’t think there are specific dumping rules (assuming you’re talking about breaking up rules and not shitting rules). It all depends on the relationship. Ideally, it’d be nice if all relationships ended honorably but that’s just not the case. The only one I can think of is don’t do it over text. That’s some bitch ass shit right there.
I’ve always taken the approach of trying to be as civil as possible and painting a realistic picture for the other person involved. Breaking up can often just be one person rationalizing why things aren’t gonna work out to the other. It’s no secret that a lot of dudes go-to break up maneuver is to fall on their own sword. Basically just rattling off all the shitty things about themselves just to kinda persuade the girl that they’re not the right person for them. I don’t think this has ever really worked in the history of time but I understand why a dude would do it. Breaking up is like all shitty conversations. There comes a point where you’ll say anything just to make it end.

next question:
what are your thoughts on the following breaking-up-statements:
a. “it’s not your fault.”
b. “i will always feel something for you.”
c. “let’s stay friends.”
personally, i think they’re all nonsense, but a opinion from a complete stranger would be nice.

a)It depends. Sometimes it isn’t the other persons fault. I’d say 75% , when a person says that to someone they’re breaking up with, it is,in fact, that other persons fault. However, they might not have done anything in particular other than just be a person the other person finds shitty. The other 25% is when the person who is dumping the other person is maybe going through some personal shit or is simply not in the mind set to be in any sort of relationship. Then it is actually not the other persons fault. They just happened to get caught up with the wrong person at the wrong time.
b) Again, it depends. I’m sure some people say that and totally mean it. At least at the time. But, I’d say most of the time it’s a “let them down easy” backhanded compliment kinda thing. It can also mean “so, umm…perhaps down the line we can fuck again with no strings attached?”.
c)Guess what? it depends as well. I think when a guy says it to a girl, it’s almost always bullshit. I can’t think of many dudes who wanna stay close friends with their exes. I mean, it happens but it’s rare. I do know tons of girls who still maintain platonic friendships with their exes though. But i think that goes back to girls being used to being friends with guys who probably want to fuck them as well as being oblivious to the fact that these dude do actually wanna fuck them. (side note: hey ladies, 98% of your male friends wanna fuck you. FYI!)
This isn’t to say a girl wouldn’t say this and not mean it. Women are far more compassionate that men and I think , if they’re dumping someone who obviously is not into the idea of being dumped, saying “we can still be friends” might soften the blow and even give that delusional male a glimmer of hope for maybe getting back together sometime down the road.

i gotta question…TUPAC OR BIGGIE? EAST COAST VS WEST COAST?during this time period did you have a opinion? present day most of us look back on it as a big mistake but back then no one was thinking about what COULD happen. at this time you were rhyming, correct? as a artist from nyc, were u a participant? how did u feel about west coast artist shitting on ur town? i grew up in michigan but as embarrassing as this sounds i remember having an east coast bias. i remember praying to god for biggie to responed to tupacs “hit em up”.

presently do u have prefence between east/west/midwest/south? is there a region that stands out good or bad? or with hip hop being as big as it is, have the region lines disappeared?

I don’t give a fuck about Tupac. Never have, never will. I liked some songs off his debut album but the second he started rhyming “enemies” with “Hennessy” every other verse, I was done. I’m an NYC dude so , obviously, I’m gonna side with NYC. But, beyond that, biggie was just a MUCH better rapper. And I’m not even one of those Biggie fanatics. He was dope for sure but he’s not one of my all time favorites.
As for the east coast/west coast beef, I didn’t give a shit. I liked stuff from all over at the time and I wasn’t really paying attention to all the shots being fired. I even liked the Dogg pounds song “LA,LA” more than Mobb Deeps “NY, NY”. To me, it was all about the music itself. The politics of rap are currently and always have been completely stupid. This situation was no different. I was a hip hop nerd purist when all that was happening so my enemy was just wack music in general. Ironically, a lot of the music I found “Wack” back then, I currently prefer to the esoteric underground shit I was listening to at the time.
As for currently, I like shit from all over. There is good rap from everywhere (in the US). I still prefer the style of hard drums and samples but I can get down with lots of shit regardless of where it’s created.

I was hanging out with a few friends this past weekend and one of them plays this Alex Clare cover of When Doves Cry. She goes on about how this is her favorite song (fair enough),
but then proceeds to call it “way better than the Prince version”. I laughed to myself the first time she said it, and kind of thought to myself “yeah right”, but it was early and I didn’t want to shit on her parade…yet.
Later that night she puts on his album and makes the same declaration to another friend who wasn’t around earlier, then starts looking for confirmation. At this point, we were about finished with a handle of vodka, and
I was not feeling this album at all and was pretty offended by the thought of anyone thinking this song was better than the Prince version, so I went on a drunken rant about how it not only wasn’t as good, but how I didn’t think it
was good at all. She became extremely offended and pretty much ended the night. My question to you is, Who’s the real asshole?!?? Me for my insensitive statement about something held in such high regards, or her for having
the audacity to make that statement in public?

Alex Clare-

That’s tough. I mean, i can relate to hearing someone spew some outlandish opinion like it’s fact but sometimes, you just gotta let shit slide and , instead, quietly just judge that person. This girl thinking that version (which is corny as fuck) is better than the original tells a lot about her. First and foremost, she has shitty taste in music and , most likely, listens to it without any context whatsoever. That said, is it really worth even talking about? does her shitty taste effect you at all?
I used to get into arguments with people about shit like that back in the day but I reached a point where just avoiding the conversation all together was way more satisfying. It’s not like you’re gonna change her mind or win the argument. It’s a discussion of personal taste. Even if 99/100 people agree with you, she can stand by her statement as fact forever cause, to her, it is a fact.
When shit like this happens, like I said above, I quietly judge and , from that point on, look at the parson in a different light. Would I hate this girl because of an opinion on a song? Of course not. But would I think she’s got shitty taste in music and that she’s also a bit of an idiot? Probably. I’d definitely take her a little less seriously as a human. Also, I’m a judgmental prick.
Still, musical taste isn’t the end all of human interaction. It’s just a small facet of how we relate to someone. Think of how many girls you’ve hooked up with who listened to the worst music on earth. At the end of the day, it’s not THAT big a deal.
But , yeah, fuck that girls taste though…

Song of the day 12/12/12

Virginia By The Clipse

I was gonna put some “world is coming to an end” song here but fuck that. We all know nothing is going to happen so, instead, I opted to go with something different.
This is a song I’d like to assume you’re familiar with already. Why? cause it’s awesome and off a classic album you should all own. I’m making it the song of the day cause I had totally forgotten about it when it popped up in my headphones the other day. How good was the clipse? It’s sad to see that one half of them is now a christian rapper and the other has seemingly given up on being at all interesting in hopes of blowing up. Well…shit happens I suppose. Regardless of all that, they made two great albums and created songs like this. I can’t really be mad at that.

My top ten songs of the year

Top 10 winner 3d symbol isolated
It’s been a great year for rap. Like, the best year in a LONG time. At least 5 classic albums have come out and countless others that ranged from great to really good. In honor of this year, i figured i’d throw my hat into the “year end list” ring and tell you all my top ten favorite songs of the year. Keep in mind, they are not in order. I don’t think I could make a list that official but, hey, this is better than nothing, right? Okay. i hope you agree with me about some of these cause it would be a bummer for you to be that wrong.
Also, I made a point to not have more than one song by any given artist. I could have had a few repeats in here but figured it would be best to spread the love…after all, the worlds supposed to end tomorrow, right?

Cold facts: KA

KA made the perfect winter album. Not since the mid 90’s has an east coast artist come with an album so perfectly suited for grey skies and northface jackets. This was the first song i heard from his awesome album “Grief Pedigree” and it left it’s mark for the entire year. Even during the summer when it didn’t even make sense. Anyone who’s ever been on a new york subway alone at night should be able to relate to this song.

All smiles: Mark Spekt and Kno

Every now and that someone makes a feel good song that’s not even particularly positive but it still gives you that feeling. this is that song for 2012. Between the beat and Spekt going to town on the rhymes, it’s pretty much just one of those songs that hits on all angles. Not that it will give it any credibility but I definitely rocked this heavy when i was running on the elliptical this year. It made that bullshit tolerable , which is a feat in itself.

Rent party revolution Taco neck remix): Open Mike eagle

Not gonna lie, I really wanted to put his song “5ree thinkers” here but there wasn’t a proper youtube link…Luckily for me, this song is also one of my favorites so I don’t even feel that bad replacing my initial choice. Regardless, Open Mike Eagle has one of the more productive years in recent memory (second only to
Homeboy Sandman) and his quality has not lagged. This is a great remix that totally overhauled the song, bringing new life to it. But, seriously, check out the “5ree thinkers” joint. Not only does Mike kill it but Hot Sugar may be the best new producer out there right now.

Bible on the dash: Gunplay

I made a poll about Gunplay a few months ago to get an idea where my readership stands on him. Much like i expected, a decent amount of you weren’t into him and wrote him off as a typical gangster rapper. Unfortunately for those people, they were very wrong. I know it’s opinion and all but this dude is simply too dope a rapper to be denied over some petty shit like his topical range. He possesses every facet that makes an MC dope…I feel bad for those of you who can’t see it. Anyway, this song is awesome. It’s actually one of his more “introspective” joint…if that type of Gunplay song even exists.

Original: Mystikal

This song got more run by me than anything else this year. I’m a huge mystikal fan and he delivers so hard on this. From the second I heard the first line come out of his mouth the first time i heard the song to yesterday when i bumped it in my Ipod it’s sustained it’s awesomeness. I could do without the Lil Wayne verse but , luckily for me, it’s at the end so it’s easy to skip.

Duck hunt : billy woods

In a year of incredible albums, billy Woods “History will absolve me” is probably one of my favorites. This song was like his call to arms. Woods got a lot to say and he says it unlike anyone else. This song reminds me of a new and improved version of what smart rappers were doing in the early 2000’s. Also, the beat is fucking nuts.

Gopher guts: Aesop Rock

It’s hard for me to really judge Aesop song cause I know him so well…but this song…goddamn. The first time I heard it it gave me chills. I don’t know if that’s BECAUSE I know him or simply because it’s just such a powerful song. Whatever it is, he hit on something that is highly uncommon in rap. Even more uncommon is that he did it without being even remotely corny or forced.. People talk about shit being “deep” but this is that for real.

Tek to a mack: Roc Marciano

It was hard to pick one song off this album. It’s an album full of great songs that are all pretty similar. Roc is a cocky asshole and I mean that in the best possible way. The beat reminds me of a Michael Mann movie and Roc’s vivid imagery just fits perfectly. That said, this could have been any number of songs from his new album “Reloaded”. And by that , I mean you should go buy that shit right now.

The miracle: Homeboy sandman

Sometimes, you just wanna hear a dude rip shit. This song is just Homeboy Sandman going for his relentlessly. It’s one long verse over an ever changing back drop that just seems to go on and on. People don’t make songs like this very much anymore and it’s too bad cause it’s like a calisthenics course for rappers. There are not many people rapping right now that could do it like Sandman does on this track.

Mighty morphin foreskin: Captain murphy

Hey! Captain Murphy is Flying Lotus! Okay?!?! I love this shit. It’s as close to Mavillian as anyone is going to get anytime soon (including MF Doom). Who knew Flying Lotus could rap? In fact, part of the reason it’s so good is cause you kinda get the feeling that he’s doing it just for fun. Remember when people made music cause it’s fun? Those were the days.

Honorable mentions:


So, I’ve been doing these demo reviews for a while now. It’s been a somewhat painful yet enlightening experience. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve vacillated as to whether I should continue with this (as it’s one of those things that takes a lot of time to write to, typically, mind numbing results) But, every now and then, a good song will pop up and make things worth it (kinda)
The year is coming to a close and I figured it might be fun to have a yearly winner of “Demo of the year”. So, I’m taking the winner of each poll of the past 12 Demo review columns and putting them up against each other. I will also give a brief recap of what I thought of that song. Keep in mind, there are the songs YOU voted to win for those weeks. I often woulda picked something different. But I’m don’t rule with an iron fist so I leave it up to the people.

So, vote and lemme know who #1 is. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! The prize? Eh, I dunno. A pat on the back? Who fucking knows…
Also, a few of the original links given didn’t work so I’m afraid those got disqualified. Sorry to those people. Trust me, life will go on. because of that, I threw in one extra that I kinda liked and felt people slept on. Only cause I remembered it months later and that in itself is a feat with these demos.

Artist:Black and friendly

Song:Young Heavy soul food

This one is pretty fresh in my mind as it was from two weeks ago. It’s cool. I like the beat and it has a nice listenability to it. The rapping is fine (even with the white voice. Whattup friendly!!). More than anything though, this is a well conceived , put together and executed song which is a much harder to pull of than people realize.

Artist: El Topo

Song: Bite the bullet

This is one that coulda been really great if the producer had just had better drums. The musical elements are fresh and well done but those drums…hard to get past, in my opinion. But hey, what do i know? You guys loved this one so there must be something to it.

Artist:Dinosaur Burps

Song:WV Bruder Alles

For my money, this is EASILY the best demo I’ve ever gotten. I don’t wanna sway the voting cause when I spoke so highly of it before, a few butthurt people came out trying to nitpick it due to my positive response. As if this column has been a gold mine for great music. Whatever is clever but the fact remains that this is literally the only demo i’ve ever received that ended up on my Ipod. The beat is dope and the rapper is not only skilled, but kinda clever ,all while not taking himself too seriously.

Artist: Funny Death

Song: First Love

This is one of those rare instrumental tracks I get that i can actually tell is a step above the rest. It’s just really well done and has a warming vibe to it. Even if it’s not something I’d personally bump, hats off to the dude who made. Which is an ill thing for me to say, cause I never take my hat off.

Artist: Mixmaster McDiffitt

Song: Sunburn

What a weird and interesting track. This beat is very dope. The rapping is okay. I can see why this won it’s week though. It’s got a hypnotic quality to it for sure.

Artist: Getulio, The Old Gorilla

Song: All day and all night
I remember this one. It stood out as it seemed like a polished and well thought out piece. This is what “trip hop” used to be. Very well done.

Artist: GDP


This is from back when I accepted youtube clips.
It got that old CO-flow before el-p’s solo career vibe with rapping that closely resembles Big Jus. Not a diss , as both those things are good. I recall this not being exactly up my alley (I’ve never been crazy about beats like this) but still a dope song nonetheless.

Artist: Night:Light

Song: You should leave me

This is okay. I dunno…must have been a slow week or something for this to win. I mean, it’s not bad at all, it’s just a little repetitive. The break a 2:56 is dope though.

Artist:Atari Blitzkrieg

Song:Think Twice (Krohme’s Sld Rnnr RMX) feat. Rapper Pooh, Motion Man and Breez Evahflowin’

This is one of those tracks that felt a little like cheating. It had a few established guests on it and that usually goes a long way. The rapping is solid…duh. They are professionals. The beat bangs as well. Nothing we haven’t heard before but it’s just a solid hip hop track. Dope beat + good raps = success. It’s really not that complicated. I’m shocked it’s so hard for some people to figure out.

Artist: Strangers

Song: Lounted in the basement

This is the extra I threw in. It’s deeply Madlib influenced , almost to a fault, but it’s a very enjoyable song. The beat is pretty…umm..whimsical? Whatever, it’s dope. And the rapping fits perfectly with it. Figured I’d use my executive power to give it a second chance.

Now, tell me who you think had the best demo of the year…