Answers for questions vol. 113

Hello everyone. I’m back from a whirlwind trip to europe where I spent two days in europe and two full days traveling to and from the US. Needless to say, I slept a combined 9 hours over the course of 5 days so I’m feeling pretty fucking chipper right now.
Oh, while I got you hear, I just people to know I got some shows coming up. Here’s th run down of those:
12/8- Los Angeles @King Kong Hollywood
12/12- Atlanta @ Terminal west (It’s the Trinumeral fest)
12/13-Fairfield, Conn @ Stageone
12/15- Brooklyn NY @ Paper box
12/21 Austin Texas @ the Parish
You should totes go to these shows if you live anywhere near them.
Anyways, if you got more questions, send them to me at or leave them in the comments below.
Let’s go…

Do you remember having a favorite teacher in any grade, if so why?

As a person who hated school from 1st grade until I dropped out of college, I never had the best relationships with teachers. Apparently, they’re not a fan of being interrupted constantly , as well as they are not a fan of bullshit excuses for not doing things. My go to excuse? “I don’t understand?”. I learned from a young age that faking stupidity is a great way out of responsibility.
That said, My third grade teacher , whom I only remember as “Ann” was awesome. She let me draw comic books and write insane little stories. I honestly can’t even recall what she looked like or if we actually learned things from her but I do distinctly recall thinking “She’s the best teacher ever…”.

i know either or type questions are an easy way out and everyone always thinks they have a good question but hear me out here.

would you rather have an std that you constantly feel but could fuck w/o worrying about your partner getting it? or have an std you never feel but will transmit to your partners regardless of protection?

I really do hate these kind of questions…but mostly cause they’re so loose on context and would never ever work in a reality.
For instance, what STD is this? Would I be pissing razor blades my entire life? If it’s something I could live with (I suppose like a herpes sore that didn’t hurt that bad) and I knew it would never infect the other person , then I choose that. But if it’s something that’s gonna make my life a living hell, I’d choose the other one and would be forced to only have sex with girls I didn’t like. That way, I could live my life and not feel THAT bad about infecting these girls with the clap. Sounds shitty but you’re the asshole who put me in this situation, question asking guy.

What are your thoughts concerning hip-hop production styles of today compared with the production styles of the early 90’s?

I’d say it’s all a matter of taste. Things nowadays are far less sample driven which, as a dinosaur, I’m not too crazy about. At the same time, some of the things people are doing with synths and effects are pretty awesome. I suppose, nowadays, a lot of comes down to how good a musician the producer is. In my beginnings, we all sampled so being able to play things wasn’t a big deal. It was all based on simply having a good ear and refined taste. This is why I never learned to play an instrument. Now you got three types of producers. Ones who sample, ones who don’t and ones who do a little of both. I think my favorite of the three would be the latter. When done correctly, it creates music that both captures what was good about the old days without sounding mired in being “authentic old skool hip hop”.
The people who don’t sample are really the most divisive cause they are either awesome or the absolute worst. The whole “Ring tone” style of beats is fucking terrible and not even really music in my ears. As easy as sampling is, I’d venture to say making some of these super minimal southern ring tone beats is even easier and way less rewarding. A lot of these motherfuckers think they’re Mozart just cause they can hit two notes on triton.
All in all, much like in the 90’s, there are good and bad producers. things have been expanded on and taken to places that producers in 92 weren’t thinking about , and that’s a good thing. But, still, I’d rather hear some shit from back then than most of the shit that people are making today. But, hey, that’s just me and my old ass ears.

whens the last time you got into a fight? you ever really gotten your assed kicked or kicked some else’s bad? who do you think is the toughest dude in hip-hop? like if they had a BLOOD SPORT tournament who would win?

I’ve never been one to throw hands as I’m both rational and a pussy. I’m good at talking people down and I’m also not at all volatile. I also haven’t really been put in the position where a fight would happen. Maybe it’s cause i was always a big kid (I was 6 foot and 185 when I was 14. Same size now but with about 15 more pounds) but not many people ever started with me. Granted, I didn’t give people reason too but you’d think just by the law of averages someone would kick my ass at some point. I mean, I’ve been sucker punched by crews of kids and robbed before but the straight up like “Yo, let’s shoot the fair one!” type shit? Not since 7th grade. Me and this kid squared off after school within a circle of of kids. I actually didn’t think it was serious and then he punched me in the face while my head was turned. I was shocked. I dunno why I reacted this way but , for some reason, I opted for a kidney shot. I wailed him in the side of his gut and he fell. To be honest, I didn’t even realize a kidney shot was a thing but I suppose I didn’t feel comfortable hitting a dude in the face. I guess I won that as I was still standing but, really, we were both pussies and losers.
As far as getting my ass kicked or kicking ass, nah. Like I said, I’ve been punched in the face but it never really hurt or went beyond that. I’ve Pummeled my older brother (i was always bigger than him) before but that doesn’t really count either.
As for the toughest dude in hip hop, I’d say Freddie Foxxx or Willie D. Both those dudes would fuck most people up quickly.

If you could live in any year in the United States history for a month out of your life, what year would it be, where would it be, and why that year? If you selected 1966, would you go with your smartphone and pretend to be all CIA style, (given that your smartphone would work during that time). Would you be like a Nastradamus type telling tales of the future?

You know, I’m not much for nostalgia or living in a time when shit was worse than it was now. Because of that, I might not go back that far. Maybe I’d go to like the early 90’s/late 80’s and make beats that would change the face of hip hop. Sample with no reservations. Also, wear baggy jeans again and feel good about it. Not gonna lie though, I’d definitely bet money on all sporting events and be a millionaire.

This might’ve been asked already (or may not lead to anything really fruitful), but I haven’t seen it: What’s the oldest woman you’ve ever slept with, and was there anything particularly different about that experience? I hear old people tend to be cutthroat about time and their relationships (word to that one True Life episode).

I actually have never slept with a woman THAT much older than me. The biggest age gap was probably like 4 or 5 years and I did it in my mid 20’s. I didn’t notice anything different about it. In fact, she was kind of a head case which made me realize that just cause someone is older, doesn’t mean they can’t be a huge mess of a person. To be honest, I’ve never been attracted to older women like that. I mean, in my teens and early 20’s a 30 year old was hot but in my mid 30’s now…I’ll be damned if I ever want to bone some 45 year old woman.
It’s kinda like that thing where people will look at someone like Helen Mirren and say “Wow, she looks amazing!” and she does…for her age. That doesn’t mean I’d want my penis anywhere near her. Also, people talk about milfs but I’m older than most MILFS at this point so, to me, they’re basically just girls I went to high school with AKA GIWTHSWILF’s.

24 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 113

  1. Do you have any favorite words or words you cant stand? I am a fan of “sequester” and use it every chance I get. But if you say “cunt” to the wrong person, its like hitting a nerve.

  2. Whats your opinion/explanation of the phrase, “on line” when referring to people waiting in line at a grocery store? As a non-native, it baffles me. what about Brooklynite’s obsession with the word “mad” as in, “this avant-garde, 1 person stage performance is mad corny yo.”
    Sorry if you’ve answered this question before. Lovin’ the Blog!

  3. Would you ever go into the middle of the amazon and do one of those “shaman ritual” things with DMT? I seen a video of Joe Rogan’s buddy saying it was life changing… How do you feel about DMT/Shamanism/joe rogan? haha

  4. why is isaiah toothtaker so slept on?
    he’s one of the most creative rappers right now and every song he releases sounds diffrent

  5. do you have any regrets about your career? do you ever wish you did more or wished you never were envolved in a paticular project? any artist you wished you worked with? do you plan on making music for the rest of your life or do you think of someday retiring?

    i know this the kinda question they ask inducties at the rock n roll fame but youve been behind some really fucking good music in your career.

  6. if you could see farts, would life be better or worse. two scenarios: one where you’re the only one who can see them, the other where every person can see them.
    second question: how long before it got old, if the following were true-
    all body functions made sounds like their names. so every fart said fart, but the pitch, tone, length and all that shit varied. and every poop sound said “poop” but the specifics of the sounds varied as they already do (similar concept to when people say “burp” as they burp, except involuntary) personally, that shit would be hilarious, and i’m not sure if it would ever get old, but i imagine a lifetime of anything gets old eventually.

    • clearly my mind didn’t go there as it’s squarely stuck in the toilet, but feel free to expand that last question into the gutter, although it seems like it can quickly get out of hand that way. Whatever’s whatever though.

  7. Wtf does GIWTHSWILF stand for? I have a guess, but I beeeeen drinkin. Also what goes through your mind when people post the same variation of the same question for the 8734th time? Does it make you worry about the future or does it make you wish you never made the beat for ‘Daylight; at all?

  8. Have you ever seen a porno with narration? I did and at first was all “wtf…” But it actually kind of worked afte a while. Thoughts?

  9. How many samples do you usually use in one track? Also, what is the highest number of samples you’ve used and the least for a single track? Comparing all your LP’s which one would you say had the most amount of samples? Is there a big difference between them sample quantity on each album?

  10. Have you heard of
    It matches music to a type of drink.
    For Blockhead they matched it to:
    “The Blockhead”
    10 oz. Cachaça
    10 oz. Cream
    4 oz. Laphroaig Scotch
    Combine in shaker and strain into cocktail glass. Serve. Garnish with cocktail monkey.
    wtf??.. If you had your say what would it be? The tried and true Vodka Soda?

    They finally got it with Aesop Rock though.
    “The Aesop Rock”
    10 oz. Bottled water
    Serve neat.

    Pretty clever.

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