Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 11

This week, Timlaska and I discuss the works of Hot Sugar, Titus Andronicus and the debacle that was an Eddie Murphy/Michale Jackson Duet. Turns out, that one was worse than I could ever imagine it to be.

7 thoughts on “Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 11

    • I swear, the guy tap dancing with fire boots on is Neil from the Chapelle show. (I don’t care who he may actually be, that is Neil.)

    • the beat is real nice but lyrical boring. my taste is more backpack than snapback, nah mean. but i do love low budget music videos, just forces people to do something creative.

  1. Last thing, you should have a thing on the regular where you out unheard of artists that have free music posted. I appreciate enough of what you post to where that would be worthwhile for me at least.

    • I dont have enough time to do that. The idea of seeking out GOOD new artist weekly makes me want to jump off a bridge. The demo reviews is enough. The best i can do is post about them as i discover them.

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