Answers for questions vol. 114

Whattup everyone…
Just got back from an awesome show in L.A. and wanted to thank all of you who came out. I’ve been sick off and on for like a month now and the crowd definitely kept me in that one when all I really wanted to do was blow my nose for an hour and go to bed for a week straight.
Anyway, if you got questions for me, send them my way…make them interesting. please…I beg you. you can email them to me at or leave them in the comments below. Whatever makes you happy, bro.
Let’s get into it…

Do you listen to based god? Opinions on his music? Or if you believe he’s just a giant troll or if it’s serious, if he’s really all love or just putting out crap to see how popular he gets? His nyu lecture?

I do not. I tried and just couldn’t get into it. I’ve heard both sides of his music, the chanting retard songs and the ones where he actually raps and it just wasn’t that interesting to me. I recognize that , when he wants to, he can actually rap decently but that fact alone isn’t enough to make me want to actually listen to the music. That said, what he did was pretty impressive and I’m not mad at him.

I’m torn as to how self aware he is about the music he makes but I’m leaning more towards him being way more calculated than people give him credit for. At least nowadays. I remember, back in the Myspace days, he had like 30 music pages and every song sucked. I don’t know how that caught on but it did. Sometime, between then and now, i think he figured his lane out and just went with it. I think his music is one of those cases where I think “Why would i listen to this when there is all this other shit to listen to?”. That can be applied to most things in life involving art , tv , music and film. It’s a great way to filter out all that mediocre shit in the middle and save your time for only truly great stuff, or mind numbingly terrible things that , are so bad, they become good again.

Yo Block, have you ever been mistaken for a gay person?

Hmm…that’s tough. I don’t think so but I’ve also been hit on by mad gay dudes so I’d imagine that counts. That reminds me of this story I wrote once on here.
This old thing

Lets talk fans and approachability. You have mentioned before that you don’t get recognized often, even at an Aesop show where you didn’t play but went to support i remember you saying in one interview how even in the crowd you weren’t really approached. To me, if i was in the music business, that would be amazing. I would hate to not have any privacy and people stalking me everywhere i go ex. bieber fever.

So, do you think you have reached the sweet spot? You are known and respected but you still have your privacy intact and can go to restaurants and bars without being annoyed constantly?

Do you wish you were recognized more often? Or less?

Lastly, if your walking down the street, whats your preference of how a fan acknowledges you? Just a quick “hey block, ima big fan keep doing what your doing” as they walk with a head nod? Do you care for the hand shakes and pounds, or are you the type to prefer that nothing is said and just keep moving?

I think my “sweet spot” has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a behind the scenes guy. I make beats. I do shows but I’m not a rapper. Unless you follow my career closely, you have no idea what I look like. I can walk through the crowd at my very own shows and 85% of the people will have no idea I’m me. I ca’t tell you how many times I’ve been working a merch booth before the show and a person has asked me “hey dude, you know when blockhead goes on?” or, even better “Can i check my coat here?”. Add to that that I make a fairly niche genre of music that certainly has a ceiling to it, fame-wise, and I’d say I’m in a pretty good spot. Sure, I’d like to make more money but, as it is now, I’m cool with the amount of notoriety I have. Which is little to none.
As for how I like to be approached by fans, the ideal way is to say hi and give me a pound. Pretty much just acknowledge it and keep it moving. I’m pretty friendly and someone who will talk to a fan but , sometimes, it’s just not the right time. Like if I’m sitting at the merch booth after a show and there’s a line up of people behind you who want to say hello/buy things, that is not the time for you to give me your dissertation on why you think my second album isn’t as good as my first album. It’s really more of a case of a person being the tiniest bit self aware. Like, if I were a single dude in my position, I’d HATE dudes that come up to me at after a show and corner me to talk about what kind of equipment i use while boxing out potential girl prospects. Luckily, I’m spoken for so those dudes actually come in handy sometimes.
But I digress, the correct way to greet someone you are a fan of it to shake their hand/give them a pound , tell them you’re a fan and keep it moving.

If you had to spend the next year of your life method actor style, without breaking character or costume, would you rather be Ali G, Borat, or Bruno? Please explain why.
I’d imagine the second I started doing that Borat voice, someone would kill me out of sheer sickness of hearing people do that fucking voice. And Bruno would be hard to commit to. So, I guess I’d go with Ali G. Being a dumb british wigger would be a lot easier and that character is the least famous of the three (at least at this point) so i’d feel like I could slip under the radar more. Also, maybe Madonna would just give me a ton of money to be in one of her stupid fucking videos.

Have you ever eatin your own boogers, and do you still? Do you think everyone has? If you caught your girl poking her nose and trying to secretly eat it, would you say anything?
Sure. When I was a kid I loved eating my own boogers. Who needs a tissue when you have your mouth? Nowadays, I opt for the more civilized route but eating your own boogers isn’t that appalling to me. It’s just a hard version of the snot in your throat and mouth. Like, for instance, I have a head cold right now…I’m a snot factory. I just hocked up two yellowish phlegm balls that were literally boogers in their liquid form. That was in my mouth. So what’s the big deal?
Now, if i caught a girl (who i’m assuming is an adult) eating her own boogers, I would be kinda grossed out. I could be logical about it (like i just was in the previous paragraph) but it would speak more to what a slob she was. It’s kinda like catching a girl scratch her vagina and smell her finger. Even if she’s doing it for maintenance, it’s still kinda suspect.

You might have noticed that in recent years southern rap has taken a big influence on rappers/producers across the nation. Conventions like slowed down vocals, rolling 808s, and rhymes about drinking codeine have kind of become big normative features. These conventions were established way back in the early 90’s and they obviously gained some footing in the national sphere. I grew up listening to these early sounds. I’m posted in GA so this makes sense, but my cousins in NJ and Philly don’t have any history with it, so they more or less dismiss it. In contrast, myself along with others I know listened to a lot of NE underground hip-hop at the same time as local flavors. That seems to kind of be a thing with heads that grew up with underground hip hop in the northeast — underground shit from the south kind of gets this bastard-child status (I’m generalizing). Maybe you just got be in it…

My question is, what’s your relationship with and thoughts surrounding southern underground rap. If anything, I know you’re familiar with No Limit and early Outkast, but I am hoping to deviate from the obvious (but if that’s what you got, then go ahead). Has that relationship evolved from your first impressions? Why do you think the elements that were mentioned above have gained such prominence recently?

I’m aware the question is kind of vague considering that Houston, Memphis, Atlanta, etc are pretty spaced apart, but it still stands.

It depends what you mean by “underground rap”. The south, more than anywhere else, has seriously regional music that’s only popular there. A dude like “Lil boosie” could be considered underground on a larger scale but he’s like the biggest thing ever where he’s from. When I think of underground, I think of a sound. Even though it literally means below the surface, there are plenty of dudes down south making rap for the masses that no one has heard yet.
Basically, I like it if I think it’s good. If it’s some southern dudes with an accent so thick I can’t understand him rapping over cheap synths and 808’s, I’m not gonna feel that. the same way I’m not gonna feel some boring east coast thug shit with no personality. It’s really on a song to song and artist to artist basis. But, personally, I need some sort of skill set or originality to enjoy a rapper nowadays. I don’t really care where it’s from. I love tons of southern rap. Young bleed’s album “My own” is one of my top albums of this decade. It simply all depends.

5 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 114

  1. I have to say when I met you in Tallahassee a few years ago.I didn’t think you would be so approachable. I really didn’t know what to expect. I had my fan girl moment and then just kinda felt like i was talking to one of my homies.I was happy that you were such a laid back dude that didn’t mind having a chat and even took some goofy photos with me.It made me gain even more respect for you just a person.

  2. Ok so this maintenance vagina finger sniffing, is it cool if it’s done during the sexual act? In an innocent and curious way??? I have to cop to that. I never thought of it as something gross. I mean if my man is eagerly making his way down there, I think I should make sure everything is kosher. Granted, I’ve never been like OMG stop! So far, so good. But, u know, just in case. Fuckkkk Its as bad as booger eating????

    • I’m more speaking of when girls do it in public. Like scratching their crotch and then smelling the finger. Not during sex. Besides, the dude is supposed to be the one checking the oil anyway.

  3. ive never been a fan of southern hip hop but ive always admired emcees blasting their music outta their lac, selling tapes and cds from the trunk. the south and midwest have been independent for years outta nessity.

    my favorite south shit is cyne no doubt. big krit is the truth too. krit is the only young dude i no that can rhyme and produce. like he might be the last guy to do it well

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