Song of the day 12/13/12

I’m Rhymin’ By Mr. Complex

There’s a good chance I’ve posted this before but it was song ago you’d have to be a real asshole to complain about it.
Before Cam’ron was rhyming “cake” with “cake” there was Mr. Complex. The Queens MC who was down with Organized Konfusion who was a somewhat strange fellow. Well, not really..but this song has always stuck out of me and fairly off center. “Why is that?” you may ask. Well, the entire song is him rhyming the same word. Sometimes stretching words to make them fit, others using words with dual meanings. Regardless, he gets pretty abstract and silly with it. For instance he says he says shit like
“you heat me up like that sandwich
you put me to sleep like the sandman that’s being cursed by the sand witch”
Anyway, enjoy this little piece of mid/late 90’s indie joy.

2 thoughts on “Song of the day 12/13/12

  1. “i wanna take this hip hop like way out…got these rats (raps? rappers?) lookin for the way out.”

    ha! finally know where that came from.

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