Song of the day 12/12/12

Virginia By The Clipse

I was gonna put some “world is coming to an end” song here but fuck that. We all know nothing is going to happen so, instead, I opted to go with something different.
This is a song I’d like to assume you’re familiar with already. Why? cause it’s awesome and off a classic album you should all own. I’m making it the song of the day cause I had totally forgotten about it when it popped up in my headphones the other day. How good was the clipse? It’s sad to see that one half of them is now a christian rapper and the other has seemingly given up on being at all interesting in hopes of blowing up. Well…shit happens I suppose. Regardless of all that, they made two great albums and created songs like this. I can’t really be mad at that.

14 thoughts on “Song of the day 12/12/12

  1. Love the first album…well both actually, but Lord Willin’ is by far the better. Christian rapper huh? did not know that. wondered why Pusha T was all solo now. another great one taken down by organized religion. whatever works…right Blockhead?

  2. whats the mr lif song about the world ending. i remember him saying “i feel guilt for everthing i ever bought or sold” but the title of the song escapes me. el p and jean grey were on it. its dope

  3. WHAT?! No chance of blowing up? Pusha T will drop an album on G.O.O.D. Music in 2013 (hopefully lol) and it will be super dope, (hopefully)… Malice, aka No Malice, is selling his book or whatever, I feel like some shit went down and he got ‘scurred’. Anyway, I feel like Pusha will drop something ill. Hopefully it’s better than Big Sean’s SHITTY ass album. ASS ASS ASS ASS ASSS.

    • Have you heard pusha recently? He’s pretty fucking mediocre at this point. And, try as he might, he will never blow up. If that was a possibility , it would have happened already.

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