Answers For Question vol. 116

Ho ho ho! Well, tonight santa is gonna plop his fat ass down your chimney and raid your fridge. Or, you’re a jew and you’re gonna eat some good chinese food tomorrow. Whatever the case, have a good holiday. Personally, i could give a shit about all of it. Call me selfish but the second I stopped wanting gifts, the holidays lost it’s flair to me. At this point I ask for shit like socks and underwear or gift certificates to places I probably will never go to.
Anyway, if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, leave them in the comments below OR email them to at Get weird.

What’s some of your favorite stuff outside of hip hop, specifically rock? Do ever think of using any punk rock in your sample bag? Also, best soft drink and why?

I’d normally gloss over this question cause, well, it’s pretty boring and I get asked this type of stuff all the time. But I figured this might be a good time to just clear the air in general about my musical listening habits. I listen to mostly hip hop and some old soul music. There is some rock, old country, reggae sprinkled in there but i’d say like 85% of what is going into my eats is rap or soul from before I was born. I was never a big rock and roll fan outside of shit like the Beatles and random one off songs by various groups. I’ve always kinda hated punk rock as it was just way too noisy for me.
I know this wasn’t the intention of the question but it seems like a good segue into this. A common thing that happens to me when I’m on the road is I’ll get people talking to me about current electronic music. This is because I play shows with people who make this type of music. So, I’m not mad at when people are like “oh, have you heard of ______?”, it’s par for the course. I’d just like to take this moment to tell anyone I may come across in the near future who might ask me a similar question that “no. I have never heard of that producer/dj”.I realize I’m the weird one here who doesn’t listen to his own musical genre. I’m not trying to be a dick, I simply don’t listen to that kind of music. I literally know like 10 names in my extended musical genre and that’s only because I either know them personally or they’re someone like Dj Shadow. Same goes for people asking me about new bands. As far as new music is concerned, Unless there’s a legit rapper involved, I probably am unaware of it.
That is all. Sorry for the rant but if this can save me even one conversation where I have to tell some dude backstage “nope, never heard of him either…” 15 times, then it was worth it.
Also, Ginger Ale is my soft drink of choice.

i had a discussion with a friend some days ago. topic was “dumping rules”. so my question is: are there any dumping rules?

I don’t think there are specific dumping rules (assuming you’re talking about breaking up rules and not shitting rules). It all depends on the relationship. Ideally, it’d be nice if all relationships ended honorably but that’s just not the case. The only one I can think of is don’t do it over text. That’s some bitch ass shit right there.
I’ve always taken the approach of trying to be as civil as possible and painting a realistic picture for the other person involved. Breaking up can often just be one person rationalizing why things aren’t gonna work out to the other. It’s no secret that a lot of dudes go-to break up maneuver is to fall on their own sword. Basically just rattling off all the shitty things about themselves just to kinda persuade the girl that they’re not the right person for them. I don’t think this has ever really worked in the history of time but I understand why a dude would do it. Breaking up is like all shitty conversations. There comes a point where you’ll say anything just to make it end.

next question:
what are your thoughts on the following breaking-up-statements:
a. “it’s not your fault.”
b. “i will always feel something for you.”
c. “let’s stay friends.”
personally, i think they’re all nonsense, but a opinion from a complete stranger would be nice.

a)It depends. Sometimes it isn’t the other persons fault. I’d say 75% , when a person says that to someone they’re breaking up with, it is,in fact, that other persons fault. However, they might not have done anything in particular other than just be a person the other person finds shitty. The other 25% is when the person who is dumping the other person is maybe going through some personal shit or is simply not in the mind set to be in any sort of relationship. Then it is actually not the other persons fault. They just happened to get caught up with the wrong person at the wrong time.
b) Again, it depends. I’m sure some people say that and totally mean it. At least at the time. But, I’d say most of the time it’s a “let them down easy” backhanded compliment kinda thing. It can also mean “so, umm…perhaps down the line we can fuck again with no strings attached?”.
c)Guess what? it depends as well. I think when a guy says it to a girl, it’s almost always bullshit. I can’t think of many dudes who wanna stay close friends with their exes. I mean, it happens but it’s rare. I do know tons of girls who still maintain platonic friendships with their exes though. But i think that goes back to girls being used to being friends with guys who probably want to fuck them as well as being oblivious to the fact that these dude do actually wanna fuck them. (side note: hey ladies, 98% of your male friends wanna fuck you. FYI!)
This isn’t to say a girl wouldn’t say this and not mean it. Women are far more compassionate that men and I think , if they’re dumping someone who obviously is not into the idea of being dumped, saying “we can still be friends” might soften the blow and even give that delusional male a glimmer of hope for maybe getting back together sometime down the road.

i gotta question…TUPAC OR BIGGIE? EAST COAST VS WEST COAST?during this time period did you have a opinion? present day most of us look back on it as a big mistake but back then no one was thinking about what COULD happen. at this time you were rhyming, correct? as a artist from nyc, were u a participant? how did u feel about west coast artist shitting on ur town? i grew up in michigan but as embarrassing as this sounds i remember having an east coast bias. i remember praying to god for biggie to responed to tupacs “hit em up”.

presently do u have prefence between east/west/midwest/south? is there a region that stands out good or bad? or with hip hop being as big as it is, have the region lines disappeared?

I don’t give a fuck about Tupac. Never have, never will. I liked some songs off his debut album but the second he started rhyming “enemies” with “Hennessy” every other verse, I was done. I’m an NYC dude so , obviously, I’m gonna side with NYC. But, beyond that, biggie was just a MUCH better rapper. And I’m not even one of those Biggie fanatics. He was dope for sure but he’s not one of my all time favorites.
As for the east coast/west coast beef, I didn’t give a shit. I liked stuff from all over at the time and I wasn’t really paying attention to all the shots being fired. I even liked the Dogg pounds song “LA,LA” more than Mobb Deeps “NY, NY”. To me, it was all about the music itself. The politics of rap are currently and always have been completely stupid. This situation was no different. I was a hip hop nerd purist when all that was happening so my enemy was just wack music in general. Ironically, a lot of the music I found “Wack” back then, I currently prefer to the esoteric underground shit I was listening to at the time.
As for currently, I like shit from all over. There is good rap from everywhere (in the US). I still prefer the style of hard drums and samples but I can get down with lots of shit regardless of where it’s created.

I was hanging out with a few friends this past weekend and one of them plays this Alex Clare cover of When Doves Cry. She goes on about how this is her favorite song (fair enough),
but then proceeds to call it “way better than the Prince version”. I laughed to myself the first time she said it, and kind of thought to myself “yeah right”, but it was early and I didn’t want to shit on her parade…yet.
Later that night she puts on his album and makes the same declaration to another friend who wasn’t around earlier, then starts looking for confirmation. At this point, we were about finished with a handle of vodka, and
I was not feeling this album at all and was pretty offended by the thought of anyone thinking this song was better than the Prince version, so I went on a drunken rant about how it not only wasn’t as good, but how I didn’t think it
was good at all. She became extremely offended and pretty much ended the night. My question to you is, Who’s the real asshole?!?? Me for my insensitive statement about something held in such high regards, or her for having
the audacity to make that statement in public?

Alex Clare-

That’s tough. I mean, i can relate to hearing someone spew some outlandish opinion like it’s fact but sometimes, you just gotta let shit slide and , instead, quietly just judge that person. This girl thinking that version (which is corny as fuck) is better than the original tells a lot about her. First and foremost, she has shitty taste in music and , most likely, listens to it without any context whatsoever. That said, is it really worth even talking about? does her shitty taste effect you at all?
I used to get into arguments with people about shit like that back in the day but I reached a point where just avoiding the conversation all together was way more satisfying. It’s not like you’re gonna change her mind or win the argument. It’s a discussion of personal taste. Even if 99/100 people agree with you, she can stand by her statement as fact forever cause, to her, it is a fact.
When shit like this happens, like I said above, I quietly judge and , from that point on, look at the parson in a different light. Would I hate this girl because of an opinion on a song? Of course not. But would I think she’s got shitty taste in music and that she’s also a bit of an idiot? Probably. I’d definitely take her a little less seriously as a human. Also, I’m a judgmental prick.
Still, musical taste isn’t the end all of human interaction. It’s just a small facet of how we relate to someone. Think of how many girls you’ve hooked up with who listened to the worst music on earth. At the end of the day, it’s not THAT big a deal.
But , yeah, fuck that girls taste though…

4 thoughts on “Answers For Question vol. 116

  1. That last question was awesome! While the drunken rant probably wasn’t the most tactful response, I’m sure it was definitely the most entertaining (unless it crossed the line into awkward, in which case you can always look back and laugh)!!!

  2. Just noticed you mixed up the songs from Dogg Pound and Mobb Deep. I always thought the CNN/Mobb Deep mix of LA LA was pretty killer.

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