Answers for questions vol. 117

Happy new ye….oh wait. Not yet. Well, perhaps you might read this and it will be 2013 so, have a good one. I hope you’re all making strong resolutions that you plan on keeping for , oh, at least 5 hours after waking up on January 1st. Might I suggest “Stop being an asshole on the internet”. That’s a good one.
Anyway , you got any questions you wanna ask your old friend, me? Well, go for it. Try and keep them interesting and send them to me at OR leave them in the comments below.
Happy holidays to all and I’ll see you on the other side.

How do you live? What do you find meaning in? I play video games, eat, and work. I’m disgusted in myself. Do you find that the words of encouragement from others just roll down your back? As if you’re receiving them through a fog? Fuck, man.

I’m not a particularly spiritual man so I don’t exactly go out looking for meaning in things. I just live by the ancient asian proverb “Shit happens”. I’m also not a super hard critic on myself. I’m aware when i fuck up and I’m aware when I do good. But I don’t sit around under a black cloud hating myself or anything like that. I’ve always felt that’s a waste of time but, I realize me saying that is kinda like someone who isn’t an addict saying “Why don’t you just stop shooting heroin?” to a drug addict.

All that aside, this sounds more like a question for your shrink than me and a huge shout out for starting this weeks questions off hilariously. Great…now I’m disgusted in you too! (just kidding, bro. Keep your head up and try not wallow in self pity too much. Food and video games are fun.)

Hey Block,
Seeing as you are in Europe this week, this question is kinda relevant. What is your opinion on hip hop in foreign accents or different languages altogether? I’m an Australian and like a lot of Australian hip hop that is delivered with an Aussie accent, but often wonder what an American would think of it. In other languages, French hip hop sounds pretty cool, but German is pretty horrible. Most of the Asian languages hip hop I have heard is too weird for me to process (Gangnam Style aside of course).

I’ve answered variations of this question a few times but it doesn’t hurt to go back to it. I don’t fuck with non-amercian rappers. I mean, I’ve heard some decent UK mc’s over the years but it’s never been something I go back to. And rap in other languages serves me no purpose as I don’t speak those languages. I like to understand what the rapper is saying (is that not the point of listening to rap?). It has always boggled my mind when people who don’t speak english will listen to american rap. Especially when a fairly verbose rapper like Aceyalone would have a huge fanbase in Japan.I get they like the beats but why on earth would you want to listen to gibberish?
As for Australian accents in rap, it falls into the UK category. I’m sure there are some skilled mc’s out there, I just don’t see myself really giving them too hard a listen. I can barely listen to most american white rappers, let alone ones with a thick accent from the other side of the world.

i gotta question thats serious as cancer! whos your top 3 favorite pornstars? you gotta favorite site? you dont pay for it do you? do you remember porn before the internet? your girl into it? you ever date a girl whos not into it?

Porn talk!
figuring out my top three porn girls is hard cause that kinda thing changes all the time. and my list would be weird cause some of them, just looking at them, aren’t even that beautiful but I’ll be damned if they don’t know how to put on a show. So, some of my honorary favorites are Rachel Starr, Abella Anderson, and shout out to the super old MILF styles of Lisa Ann. She’s literally older than me. That’s staying power.
I don’t pay for porn and I don’t have one site I prefer. I just kinda bounce around to different ones on any given day. I kinda feel bad not paying for porn sometimes cause they’re dealing with a lot of the same shit we musicians are , as far as making money doing your job and no one ever buying it. And it’s worse for them cause I don’t have to blow dudes and take loads on my face at my job.
As for porn before the internet, of course I do. I like to think I’m not a disgusting anal obsessed, overly violent sexual low life because I came up in a time when porn wasn’t THAT readily available. back in the day, we had these things called VHS tapes. Someone would acquire one (either by actually buying it from a store, getting it handed down to you by an older sibling or finding it in a bag on the street). Over time, you’d accumulate a decent amount of these tapes and that’s when you’d trade with your friends. A good porn video tape would make the rounds for years. There are still scenes I clearly remember from that era cause I watched them so many times. Variety was not the spice of life like it is now. If you found a good scene that spoke to you, that would be your girlfriend for however long you had that tape.
My girl isn’t into porn but she also not one of those lunatics that think her man jerking off is like cheating on her. She understands it’s purpose and just sort of ignores it. I’ve never dated a girl who was heavy into porn. I mean, I’ve dated a few that liked it enough but never anyone who liked it as much as any normal dude I know. But that’s fine with me. Ideally, I’d like to keep watching porn as a solo thing.

Detroit themed question.
Do you think Detroit will ever re-live its past splendor? Is it sad to hope so?
+ should dead things stay dead?

Detroit is an ill city. It’s so fucked up that when people from there talk about it, it doesn’t even sound like a real place. I’ve always wondered how real that all was and how much was just sorta “keeping up appearences”. Having been there a few times, I can say it’s certainly no joke. It’s huge, desolate, and full of crime. However, I’ve heard that good things are happening there these days. Lots of those abandoned areas are being bought up and people are actually moving back into the city. The thing about detroit is that it’s got the makings of a great city, it’s just everyone’s broke as fuck and scared to live there. I do see it turning around though. I don’t know when or how but it can only go up from where it’s been. I’d also like to add that, much like people from baltimore , pittsburgh , Philly and some more rugged parts of ohio, people from detroit tend to be pretty fucking cool. There is something about growing up in a run down shithole of a city that not only gives people an edge and deep hometown pride but it also makes some really good people. The term “salt of the earth” gets thrown around a lot but I think it should apply to those type of people, not fat sacks of shit in some suburban Walmart in the middle of North Dakota.

Sup Block, got a question for you:

I know the NYC graff game is pretty crazy, do you know any writers (I don’t expect you to mention names), or have any interaction with that at all? Any thoughts on it even?

I knew all sorts or writers when i was younger. None of them were famous or even good at it but it was impossible not to in the early/mid 90’s in NYC. I never wrote personally cause I’m artistically handicapped but a bunch of my friends did. Writing graf in NYC was a big deal in the 90’s. A lot of the gang activity in NYC was based around graf writers and all the beefs between crews often spawned from someone crossing someone else out. Like most gang violence, I never really got the allure of wanting to fuck someone up over a tag but, hey, I might think differently had I been good at it.
My only real interaction with graffiti was being mistaken for someone who did write and getting punched in the face by a crew of children (a story I’ve told on here before) and getting stepped to by some fucking clown at my school cause I had been writing “Ol’e” on desks as a joke (I thought the idea of a tag with an apostrophe in it was hilarious). This dude wrote “Oli”. I didn’t know that nor care cause, like I said, I wasn’t a writer. It was all jokes to me. So, one day he stepped to me like “Yo, you write “Ol’e” (which made me literally laugh out loud cause hearing that sentence vocalized was amazing). I said “Well, yeah…but on desks at school. It’s a joke.” He responded with “well, Cut that shit out. I write “Oli” and it’s too close to my name…” I gave him the obligatory “okaaaaaaaay guy” and that was the end of my illustrious graffiti writing career.

7 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 117

  1. Aussie Hip Hop is fucking dope, Seth Sentry, Mantra, Horrorshow have all been releasing awesome shit for years, Im from MN and still think they have a great scene. Its worth checking out, I personally think they have a way nicer sounding accent than UK mc’s,

      • Dude, Jehst was releasing quality stuff a decade ago, Nowadays Rhyme Asylumn, Phrase Mob, and Akala are putting out the best music in england. Regardless, I think Aussies scene has more diversity to it. UK has more of a gritty, “I grew up on the streets” vibe to it,

  2. My last piece just got buffed:( it ran for four years along the road to my house. And awesome gun wielding barney. It was off county property and the people who owned it liked it so much they kept it. Until the bank foreclosed and they buffed it. Going to go cry now WAH!!!!

  3. I need some advice in the love department. Im 21 and never had a girlfirend so i dont know how it really works. I know this girl that really likes me. I can tell she does because whenever we talk she gets nervous and blushes. Plus a few of her friends hinted that she liked me. I want to approach her and im not scared to but i dont know what we would do together! I dont know what shes interested in because i really barely know her. So im not sure where to take her. Im kinda a boring person so i dont do much other then work 40 hrs a week and play alot of basketball. Any ideas on how i should handle this block? Thanks

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