Tim and I discuss music and stuff: Year end edition

This is a special year end edition where Tim AKA Alaska and I talk about our favorite videos/songs. It goes both ways. Sometimes, the best video isn’t even a really good song. Other times a great song has a somewhat shitty video. Whatever the case, you get the idea, bro.
Also, how did it take me this long to pick the grumpy muppet pic as the header? I’m falling off…

Answers for questions vol. 115


I think I complained about this last week but, I’ve been sick for like a month plus. The mixture of traveling constantly and not sleeping got me fuuuuuucked up. I got one more show this friday (At the Parish in Austin, you should come there…) then I’m home for a long time. I can’t fucking wait so I shake of this full blown AIDS I’ve been carrying around for the entire winter. Anyway, this ain’t about that…this is about questions that you asked me that i answer. If you got any, send them to me at phatfriendblog@gmail.com or leave them in the comments below. Be creative. this isn’t a job interview. Okay, let’s go.

Was your girlfriend a fan of your music prior to you two dating, do you ever ask for her opinion on tracks you’re working on?

I think I’ve gotten this question a few times. People are really interested if my girl was a groupie. Well, not to disappoint but she was sort of a fan. She had heard of me and had heard a little of my music but I doubt I was anything she was bumping on the regular. I met her through her roommate (who was a fan) so she knew of my music that way but I don’t think it was really her shit.
As for the second part of the question, I’ve never been a real “ask you opinion” kinda producer. I’ve certainly played her stuff but I tend to trust my own instincts on things of that nature. She does have a musical background though so one time, she directed me in a good direction when I was making the song “Beyond Reach”.

Other then that, the only time I really consider other people’s thoughts on my music that’s in the works is when I’m actually recording it in a studio and mixing it. Then I’m open to ideas.

Yo Block, if you had your own breakfast cereal, what prize would be included inside each box?

A used condom filled with frosting.

Has there ever been a time in your life as a music fan where you’ve written off an artist as kinda “meh” and later had a similar revelation as the one I so verbosely described? If so, could you put a finger on the cause of your indifference?
This is actually interesting. I wrote off tons of shit when I was in my super purist underground hip hop snob mode of the mid 90’s to late 90’s. I hated on anything mainstream. I’d like to think it was a reaction to puffy and his shiny suit. Well, it turns out there was actually a ton of good shit that came out then. From Queens bridge Dun rap like Capone and Noriega to southern gangster shit to some great album tracks by Mase I just totally put my nose up to is cause it wasn’t “authentic” os some other bullshit reason. I don’t know when I had the revelation but , at some point, I started to just accept music as is. It may have been when someone gave me a copy of juvenile’s “400 degreez” album. I scoffed at him when his first big single dropped but I’ll be damned if I didn’t play the shit out of that album. In particular, this song got me and taught me that rappers are more flexible than I gave them credit for.

They can make both mainstream drivel/club bangers but also are capable mc’s. At least back then, most of those rappers got in that position cause they paid dudes by actually being good rappers. Add on the emergence of Timbaland and the Neptunes and I pretty much stopped basing my opinions on music on the integrity of the artist or where it’s being played. Good music is good music and it comes in many different forms.

I check to see how many plays my stuff gets on soundcloud pretty frequently, how often do you check to see how your records are selling?
Never. There was a time when I would have cared about that shit (when I first started putting out music and people actually bought records) but, in 2012 , checking on record sales is like having a beeper. It’s futile. If there were a way to see how many people have heard the music/downloaded the album , I’d peep that but that’s not possible. I do peep how many listens views songs are getting on youtube every now and then though. Also, to read youtube comments cause I must secretly hate myself.

Does Ninja Tune make you pay for your own shit to sell at your shows, or is that on their dime?
I get a reduced price and it comes out of whatever money they eventually pay me. So, while I don’t get the records and cd’s for free, it feels like I do.

I’ve been posting up in Brooklyn for a few months now, still haven’t found a decent deli sandwich, where should I go? None of that open-faced artisan shit, I’m talking about man food. Umm…any deli? That’s a way too open question. There are like 1000 bodegas in Brooklyn and probably like half of them make a decent sandwich. The other half, however, make some disgusting shit. It’s NYC. There’s better food here per block than anywhere in america. From good sandwiches to actual restaurant food. If you can’t find good food here, you’re eating wrong.

This is totally hypothetical, but let’s just say that KRS-One has gone completely batshit crazy. He is obsessed with creating a new nation deemed the “Temple Of Hip-Hop” and plans on succeeding from the US. He has built an army of S1Ws and will use them to destroy anything that stands in his way. He begins to target rap artists everywhere that do not fit into his vision of the future. He has killed Missy Elliot in a fat-suit sumo wrestling match, sent air-to-ground missiles into one of Russell Simmons’ beach houses, and forced Cam’ron to dye his entire body pink. Now he is coming for you. He has kidnapped everyone close to you as ransom, and promises that bad things will happen if you do not complete a series of tests to prove your allegiance to Hip-Hop. You cannot explain your actions, and must hope to stay alive through each test.

1.) Ice Cube is throwing a back yard pool party. You must enter the party uninvited and take a dump in either the pool, the grill, or on top of a keg of beer. Which one do you choose? How do you escape?

2.) You must survive 4 rounds of boxing with Freddie Foxxx, Willie D, or Melle Mel. You get a weapon handicap, either a single nunchuck, 20 throwing stars, or a pugil stick (one of those American Gladiator q-tip looking things). Who do you fight, and which weapon do you choose?

3.) Stars have aligned and the Wu-Tang miraculously play a concert with all living members present. Before the concert has ended, you must steal at least one of their shoes right off their foot. It can be a Timberland boot, Wallaby or whatever whatever. Who’s shoe do you steal, and how do you escape?

First off, I’m a hip hop encyclopedia , my dude. I could pass pretty much any “hip hop” test. Secondly, I love the enthusiasm but sometimes these questions that read like 4 part thesis papers are a bit overwhelming. but , because it’s a funny question and creative, I shall proceed…
1)The pool is the obvious choice. Get in, drop the deuce, get out. Twenty years ago I’d worry about going to an Ice cube party in this situation cause I’d imagine my white ass would stick out. Luckily, in 2012, i’d probably just get mistaken for one of his lawyers or accountants and go completely unnoticed.
2) I’d fight Melle Mel cause he’s the oldest. He’s also one of those dudes who’s so diesel that I feel like he’s somewhat immobile. For a weapon, I’d use the nunchuck. Hopefully, I could just out run him and if he got too close I’d just hit his face with the nunchuck until he relented and then keep running. Four rounds is a long time though…it wouldn’t be easy.
3)The obvious choice is Reakwon as he’s the fattest and slowest of the bunch but I’m thinking I’d get slick and just offer Cappadonna like 200 bucks and he’d probably just sell me one of his shoes. I’m sure he could use the money.

Fuck/Marry/Kill vol. 17

Awww shit…It’s about that time again. That time when I take names submitted to me by you guys and tell you if I’d rather fuck them, marry them or kill them. I certainly didn’t invent the game but I do love playing. I realize this post is often quite polarizing to to my readers. The bro types love it cause I’m talking about girls like I control weather or not they would fuck, marry or be killable. The more rational/sensitive folks think I’m being as asshole. Well, to all parties involved, you’re both wrong. I’m somewhere in the middle. This is all meant to be harmless fun and should not be taken seriously at all. While my answers are very honest, I fully realize that this game is not the kindest. So, you know, deal with it or don’t read it. No skin off my shaft.
Anyway, on with the game…

F/M/K parks and rec girls edition:aubrey plaza, rashida jones, alison becker.

Marry: Rashida Jones
I mean, that’s pretty obvious , right? I feel like everything she’s done and every role she’s ever taken has been there to portray the type of girl most guys wanna marry. She’s very cute, very nice and just seems easy going enough that it would be hard to turn down that life. While I do question that she possesses any sexuality whatsoever, I guess that’s one of those things we’d have to discover during our long journey that we call holy matrimony.

Fuck: Alison Becker
I don’t really remember her from the show (I’ve seen a few seasons but never watched it all the way through). But, thanks to my sweet friend google search, I pulled up a picture of her and was like “oh…that girl…”. She’s cute enough. But more importantly, she looks kinda Jewish (though you can never be 100%). And if life has taught me anything it’s that jewish girls are fun to have sex with. If your reading that “opinion” and getting mad, you’re obviously not jewish. For that reason alone, I choose her.

Kill: Aubrey Plaza
I actually like Aubrey Plaza and find her to be somewhat attractive. I suppose this is just a case of losing to the detail. Much like Rashida Jones, she seems to lack any sort of sexuality and , on top of that, she also seems like one of those people who’s constantly being sarcastic. That’s cool for like 15 minutes but a life of that would make me kill myself. It’s just an exhausting way to be. So, I’ll just turn the tables on that whole situation and beat her to the punch.

F/M/K: Kristin Schaal , Bridgette Bardot (now), A garbage disposal.

Kill: Bridgette Bardot (now)
You just had those throw in that “now”, didn’t you? You fucking prick.
Bridgette Bardot, in her time, was pretty much the hottest women ever. Just googling her now I’m considering putting this little write up on hold and taking a masturbation break. That is, until I see her now. Goddamnit. It’s not her fault either…she’s old. It happens to all of us. one thing I like to do with this Fuck/Marry/Kill column is a nice mercy killing. So, when people throw truly aged folk at me I have issue being their Dr. Kevorkian (Side note, Dr. Kavorkian was literally Not ‘Bout that life).
Anyway , she’s lived a great life I’m sure. Ending it now would only be sweet relief.

Fuck:Kristin Shaal
First off, she’s funny. Big fan. Secondly, her face…well. It’s rough.QUite rough. Like cartoonishly rough. That said, I feel like she’s got a cute body (maybe?) and , beyond that, there is something strangely sexual about her. I can’t put my finger on it but it exists. I’m not saying i’d be psyched about it but, given the other options, she seems like the clear choice. The irony of all this is that, in real life, I’m pretty sure Shaal wouldn’t fuck me in a million years. It’s funny how that works.

Marry: A garbage disposal
hell yeah. I’d wife the shit out of any appliance. Not only would the wedding be hilarious but I might be able to get on one of those Learning channel shows about taboo sexual habits. I could make up a whole story about how every night I stick my dick in the garbage disposal, against all logic, simply cause I’m so deeply in love with this piece of living furniture. Then, when the cameras were off, i’d just go on living my life exactly how I live it. Newsflash though…though would be some major infidelities going on.

F/M/K: Hope Solo, Jessica Ennis, Anna Kournikova

Fuck: Anna Kournikova
Anna-Kournikova-Hot-Pics-Corner- (2)
I’ve never jocked (no pun intended) her very hard as she’s always just been a typical pretty blonde girl to me. However, i think within all men, there is an urge to have sex with girls like this. Even if, in real life, I far prefer a tan girl with darker hair, Anna Kournikova still strikes a cord with my euro mutt ancestry. I mean, to put it bluntly, she’s nothing if not fuckable. So, for that pure reason, I’d fuck.

Marry:Hope Solo
Hope Solo Latest Hot Pic 2012-2013 Profile Pic
Like I said above, I prefer brunettes. She’s hot and a FUCKING CHAMPION , BRO!
To be honest, her intensity and competitive streak might get tiresome after a while. It’s like, I don’t wanna get in screaming matches every time we go shopping cause she thinks raisin bran is better than golden grahams. But, I suppose that’s a risk one must take. Hopefully, that intensity and competitive streak would translate into something more erotic…but i feel like that’s wishful thinking. At least she didn’t fuck Enrique Iglesias.

Kill:Jessica Ennis
Straight up, she’s too buff. I find that to be completely gross and I’d want nothing to do with it. Aside from being physically repulsive to me (I mean, she basically has the body of a very fit post op transexual) I also don’t think I’d be into walking around the crib all doughy and shit while she’s there doing crunches 22 hours a day. I don’t need that kinda of pressure. She’s lady thor. I simply cannot be a part of that.
My only worry is how hard to kill she would be.

F/M/K: mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup.

Kill: Mustard
I like mustard occasionally…but over all it’s my least used condiment. Had soy sauce been a choice here, we’d have problems but, aside from pretzels, hot dogs and the occasional piece of meat, I’ve got no use for mustard. Sorry…I know some of you (and all germans) out there are bewildered by that concept but , hey, you can fucking have mustard. it’s all yours , guy. To me? DEAD.

Fuck: Ketchup
This is kinda perfect. I don’t love ketchup either. I’m not one of those wierdos who puts it on my eggs. But, with fries, corned beef hash, meat loaf and, of course, hot dogs…you can’t really go wrong. I’d fuck ketchup cause it’s very much like a cute girl with a questionable personality. While I don’t want it/her around all the time, there is a time and place for it/her. Mostly, when I’m drunk. So, I’d definitely bang out ketchup with no guilt. But I’m sure as hell not marrying it.

Marry: Mayo
FUCK YES. This may be the whitest shit I’ve ever written but, goddamn, I love Mayo. It may not be quite as versatile as ketchup but when it works, it works. I’m a guy who enjoys a lot of sandwiches and there’s not a sandwich alive that isn’t improved by mayo. I’m sure your listing all sorts of sandwiches in your head that would be gross with mayo but guess what? FUCK THOSE SANDWICHES. Chicken cutlet, Mayo, Provalone cheese, lettuce and tomato on a roll? Lights out. Also, it’s great on fries. not just for europeans…but for everyone. Oh and have you had smoked mayo? holy shit. I’m getting aroused just thinking about it all.

Song of the day 12/13/12

I’m Rhymin’ By Mr. Complex

There’s a good chance I’ve posted this before but it was song ago you’d have to be a real asshole to complain about it.
Before Cam’ron was rhyming “cake” with “cake” there was Mr. Complex. The Queens MC who was down with Organized Konfusion who was a somewhat strange fellow. Well, not really..but this song has always stuck out of me and fairly off center. “Why is that?” you may ask. Well, the entire song is him rhyming the same word. Sometimes stretching words to make them fit, others using words with dual meanings. Regardless, he gets pretty abstract and silly with it. For instance he says he says shit like
“you heat me up like that sandwich
you put me to sleep like the sandman that’s being cursed by the sand witch”
Anyway, enjoy this little piece of mid/late 90’s indie joy.

Ask Dr. Tony Vol 21

The Doc is back again, in it to win it. what is “it”? That nobel peace prize they give out to people who dole out love advice on the internet. That exists, right?
Anyway, this is that thing where you send me questions about your fucked up love lives and I attempt to answer them with brutal honesty and an even hand.
As always, I’m not trained in this, I have no degrees and I am almost a robot on the inside but I am pretty level headed and honest. That’s all you really need to give good advice. But , still, take all this with a tiny grain of salt. I’d hate for any of you to ruin your life on account of anything I’d write on this fucking blog.
That said, if you have any questions like this you’d like me to help you through, send them to me at phatfriendblog@gmail.com. The doctor is always in…

Yo Block, this is gonna be a weird and probably long one, but I hope you’ll take it as a “challenge”. So, last year I went to spend one year studying abroad and out there I met a lot of people from everywhere. The thing is that, after three or four months, when I already had my group of friends defined and so on, I started to feel something weird about this girl (important note, I AM a girl). At the beginning I didn’t pay too much attention to this, but after Christmas holidays I was feeling the same so I started to think I could like her (which was weird because I like boys, but well, I’ve suspected for a long time that I was not 100% straight). I finally accepted that I did but that I had no chance so I had to be patient. The thing is, a few weeks later a friend of mine told me something that happenned one night that basically made clear that this girl was not completely straight either, and that was awful in the sense that it gave me hope and so on. From this point I started to figure a way to let her suspect about my feelings but always in a sutil way because she was one of my best friends there. Well, I started to notice some actions from her towards me that got me confused, they were like signs that she liked me but I wasn’t sure and there were A LOT (I explained these signs to some friends and they wanted to hit me for not doing anything). When the year was coming to an end the signs were clearer both from her part and mine, but nothing happened, probably because I froze and I was a coward. So the year ended and we all got back to out countries. We messaged thorugh fb sometimes but she was never online so it was hard to communicate. However when she writed me she was really nice and lovely in every sense, even invited me to go to visit (our countries are neighbours) but I didn’t have money enough and no way to get more so it was unfortunately impossible. Thing is, now it’s been like one month or more since the last time she wrote me something or I saw her online. I’m kinda frustrated because it could be for one thousand good reasons but the uncertainty is a really bad friend. It happened already once (she not writing in a “long” time) but it was for something reasonable. So I’ve been upset about this though now I’m starting to give less of a fuck, I mean, I still care about this and I still have these feelings, but… I’m just thinking maybe there’s no good reason and she just doesn’t give a fuck and doesn’t reply my messages because she just doesn’t want to. I shouldn’t really worry because even if she were answering me this would be a dead end, I’m not even sure that I want something (serious) and even if I wanted that, she is a fucking mess and kinda crazy so it would be hard, even more with the distance. I mean, if we lived close and had something it would already be kinda hard to handle (I guess, maybe not), so in different countries… no, it’s not what I’m looking for.

My question is… What should I do? Keep waiting for an answer that could bring me some hope? Contact her (I know I have other ways to do it but it would hurt my pride or put me in a weird/embarrasing situation maybe) and tell her how I felt/feel? (maybe I win something doing this) Or maybe I should just stop giving a shit and have patience until these feelings go away due to the fact that I don’t even know whem I’m gonna see her again? It’s just that it’s really hard for me to have strong feelings for someone and my instinct is telling me not to give up on this even if the situation is fucked up.

First off, as well all know, homosexuality is a choice. So, in order to deal with this, just go to that little button everyone has behind their ear and flick it to “Not queer”. I’ve accidentally flicked that switch a few times and ended up on month long gay boat cruises. At the time it was great but , since I switched that button back, I’ve been mortified. (I feel obliged to throw in a “Juuuuuuuust kidding” for all you truly dense people out there).

These problems of the heart that involve distance AND internet interaction are always tricky. Add on that you don’t really know if this girl is even trying to go down that path and I can’t imagine the confusion you’re feeling. I think it’s one of those situations that can’t be solved with coyness and feeling things out. You either got to put it all on the table for her or just leave it alone. The scary thing is that her sexuality might be such a touchy subject that even that may send her running cause she’s not ready to deal with it yet.
It sounds to me she’s one of those “off the grid” type motherfuckers who isn’t obsessed with facebook and emails like you and I. In 2012, those people are really hard to deal with. Especially when they don’t live in your town/city. I dated an “off the grid” girl when i was young and contacting her (after we broke up) was the worst. She wouldn’t check her email for weeks and I’d just be sitting on my hands like a dipshit. If that’s what you feel like you’re going through then just accept that this may be an all or nothing situation. Granted, you’ll probably have to contact her through the internet regardless but, whatever…If this is weighing on you like you say it is, you need to find out.
Look at it this way, if she rejects you, at least you know for sure and you can move on. If she does’t, you guys can totes bump clams for the rest of your lives. It’s a win/win.

Recently a new girl got hired where I work, and I really like her. A lot. It seems she’s into me too, she’ll come up with any reason to come up and talk to me, you know how people do that when they like someone? Anyway, we hung out after work one night drinking and smoking. It was cool and we seem to pretty compatible. We exchanged phone numbers and almost immediately started texting each other back and forth. Now, let me mention that this is the first girl I’ve been interested in even remotely since I ended a four-year relationship over a year ago. So, my problem? This girl has never been with a dude! She said she has nothing against dating a guy, she’s just never done it. Block, how the fuck do I approach this?

Do you mean she’s a virgin or a lesbian? Either way, the fact that she’s open about that and seemingly interested in you would almost make it easier. With that on the table, you can openly discuss these things and possibly segue right into hooking up with her. My only fear is that she’s telling you that cause she’s not into men and it’s a way to get you to back down sexually.
Honestly, I’d be more worried about hooking up with a virgin than a possible lesbian. That’s a lot of responsibility.
Regardless, you approach this sensitively. Be vocal about things and , hopefully, she’ll respond. She’s admitted the “I’ve never dated a guy” part so that’s a start. Get in a comfortable yet open convo about it and say corny shit like “But would it be weird if we kissed?”. Open yet direct questions like that will show you exactly where her head is at and you can act accordingly. Who knows? Maybe she just looks at you as her bro who she smokes weed with. You won’t really know until you go there.

Didnt really know if this question should be directed toward Dr. Tony or answers for questions, but here goes. I am 25 years old and after a series of 3 long relationships, I find myself single for the first time since high school. So to occupy my free time, I’ve been going to a lot of concerts and shows. (You should come play philly soon, by the way). Most of these are by local acts in small clubs, so socializing with the bands is really common. Recently, I’ve met a bass player in a local band, we exchanged numbers and seemed to hit it off. We have a lot in common, same tastes in music, movies, sports, etc. We flirt but right now its a friendly vibe. I’ve put it out there that we should hang out and get to know each other and we made plans to do that when he’s back from tour later this month. Even though he’s never said it (he’s actually been really nice and appreciative that my friends and i come to the shows), I can’t help but feel like I’m some groupie.(Maybe i’m making something out of nothing, but the feeling is still there regardless). But to be honest, if he had been just a random guy at the show and not the talent, I still would have approached him. The fact that he’s a musician just makes his life interesting and something for us to talk about. I figured i’d take a chance with this kid, what the fuck right? So here’s my question, as a artist yourself, what’s your take on dating/ being friends with your fans?

First off, as nice as this dude is, if he’s single, he’s angling to fuck. There’s nothing wrong with that but let’s just be honest here…that’s how this works. I’m in no way saying he’s not a good dude and that he won’t treat you with all the respect in the world but if you think , for a moment, that he’s just eyeing you as his new non-sexual buddy in philly, you’re being delusional.
As far as dating/being friends with fans, it’s a slippery slope. The problem is that there seems to always be a lack of equality in the relationship. It’s hard to both be on the level when one person is quietly obsessed with the other. Granted, this can change over time but the initial dynamic between the two people is going to be off balance. But, honestly, this is more about “new” friendships between men and women cause I’m guessing this dude isn’t really famous. He’s just some guy in a band. I know this is well worn territory and women hate to hear it but there are not many guys out there in the market for new , platonic female friends. Only dudes with girlfriends/wives and gay guys would ever seek that out. Single guys will accept them but they also will always have designs on that girl. They will sit on these feelings as long as they feel they have to. It could be years. But, eventually, they’ll try and hit it. It’s just how things work in the male brain. This isn’t a 100% science but it’s pretty damn close.
So, take that mind set, add on the guy is in a band and doesn’t live where you live…do you really think for a moment, he’s trying to forge a lifelong friendship? I’m not saying you’re a groupie but if you remove your earnest intentions, this is EXACTLY what groupies do.
But, back to the question, as an artist (I hate that word), ideally I’d wanna date a person who likes my music but isn’t a fan of it. I’m sure there are musicians out there who want to be worshipped by their girlfriends. But those guys are insecure assholes. A relationship has to be as much of an even playing field as possible. If one side has a shrine dedicated to the other’s talents, it’ll never last for a long time.

got a dr. tony question.
so this chick that i’ve wanted to bang since high school (i’m 23), hits me up that she’s in town. we get drinks, and she ends up back at mine- with her vagina in my mouth. well after looking like i just had rubbed vaseline on my face with my elbows, she decides to tell me “she can’t do this, she has a boyfriend”. cool, I know. however, the thing is she continues to send me messages basically asking to be fucked, y’know things like, “i want you to fuck me”, but then she’s too tired when i hit her up. Do you think I’ll eventually get to stuff her, or is she just a sociopathic, cunnilingus stealing tease?

Love the visuals.
Umm..yeah…i think you’ll eventually hit it. I think she’s just in total control though so all you can do is wait for your window. The more you press her to fuck, the less it’ll probably happen. I dealt with a girl like this a long time ago. My thirst to hit it was immense but every time I acted on that thirst, she’d play me out. It was only when she felt like it that we’d hook up. In fact, the less I jocked her, the easier it got. So, I’d say just play it cool. If you see her out, and you’re both drunk, don’t lay it on too thick. Just playfully acknowledge that , if she’s into it, you’re down.
I gotta say, the fact she stopped you mid-cunnilingus is pretty cold blooded though. Also, she kinda sounds like a piece of shit.

Answers for questions vol. 114

Whattup everyone…
Just got back from an awesome show in L.A. and wanted to thank all of you who came out. I’ve been sick off and on for like a month now and the crowd definitely kept me in that one when all I really wanted to do was blow my nose for an hour and go to bed for a week straight.
Anyway, if you got questions for me, send them my way…make them interesting. please…I beg you. you can email them to me at phatfriendblog@gmail.com or leave them in the comments below. Whatever makes you happy, bro.
Let’s get into it…

Do you listen to based god? Opinions on his music? Or if you believe he’s just a giant troll or if it’s serious, if he’s really all love or just putting out crap to see how popular he gets? His nyu lecture?

I do not. I tried and just couldn’t get into it. I’ve heard both sides of his music, the chanting retard songs and the ones where he actually raps and it just wasn’t that interesting to me. I recognize that , when he wants to, he can actually rap decently but that fact alone isn’t enough to make me want to actually listen to the music. That said, what he did was pretty impressive and I’m not mad at him.

I’m torn as to how self aware he is about the music he makes but I’m leaning more towards him being way more calculated than people give him credit for. At least nowadays. I remember, back in the Myspace days, he had like 30 music pages and every song sucked. I don’t know how that caught on but it did. Sometime, between then and now, i think he figured his lane out and just went with it. I think his music is one of those cases where I think “Why would i listen to this when there is all this other shit to listen to?”. That can be applied to most things in life involving art , tv , music and film. It’s a great way to filter out all that mediocre shit in the middle and save your time for only truly great stuff, or mind numbingly terrible things that , are so bad, they become good again.

Yo Block, have you ever been mistaken for a gay person?

Hmm…that’s tough. I don’t think so but I’ve also been hit on by mad gay dudes so I’d imagine that counts. That reminds me of this story I wrote once on here.
This old thing

Lets talk fans and approachability. You have mentioned before that you don’t get recognized often, even at an Aesop show where you didn’t play but went to support i remember you saying in one interview how even in the crowd you weren’t really approached. To me, if i was in the music business, that would be amazing. I would hate to not have any privacy and people stalking me everywhere i go ex. bieber fever.

So, do you think you have reached the sweet spot? You are known and respected but you still have your privacy intact and can go to restaurants and bars without being annoyed constantly?

Do you wish you were recognized more often? Or less?

Lastly, if your walking down the street, whats your preference of how a fan acknowledges you? Just a quick “hey block, ima big fan keep doing what your doing” as they walk with a head nod? Do you care for the hand shakes and pounds, or are you the type to prefer that nothing is said and just keep moving?

I think my “sweet spot” has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a behind the scenes guy. I make beats. I do shows but I’m not a rapper. Unless you follow my career closely, you have no idea what I look like. I can walk through the crowd at my very own shows and 85% of the people will have no idea I’m me. I ca’t tell you how many times I’ve been working a merch booth before the show and a person has asked me “hey dude, you know when blockhead goes on?” or, even better “Can i check my coat here?”. Add to that that I make a fairly niche genre of music that certainly has a ceiling to it, fame-wise, and I’d say I’m in a pretty good spot. Sure, I’d like to make more money but, as it is now, I’m cool with the amount of notoriety I have. Which is little to none.
As for how I like to be approached by fans, the ideal way is to say hi and give me a pound. Pretty much just acknowledge it and keep it moving. I’m pretty friendly and someone who will talk to a fan but , sometimes, it’s just not the right time. Like if I’m sitting at the merch booth after a show and there’s a line up of people behind you who want to say hello/buy things, that is not the time for you to give me your dissertation on why you think my second album isn’t as good as my first album. It’s really more of a case of a person being the tiniest bit self aware. Like, if I were a single dude in my position, I’d HATE dudes that come up to me at after a show and corner me to talk about what kind of equipment i use while boxing out potential girl prospects. Luckily, I’m spoken for so those dudes actually come in handy sometimes.
But I digress, the correct way to greet someone you are a fan of it to shake their hand/give them a pound , tell them you’re a fan and keep it moving.

If you had to spend the next year of your life method actor style, without breaking character or costume, would you rather be Ali G, Borat, or Bruno? Please explain why.
I’d imagine the second I started doing that Borat voice, someone would kill me out of sheer sickness of hearing people do that fucking voice. And Bruno would be hard to commit to. So, I guess I’d go with Ali G. Being a dumb british wigger would be a lot easier and that character is the least famous of the three (at least at this point) so i’d feel like I could slip under the radar more. Also, maybe Madonna would just give me a ton of money to be in one of her stupid fucking videos.

Have you ever eatin your own boogers, and do you still? Do you think everyone has? If you caught your girl poking her nose and trying to secretly eat it, would you say anything?
Sure. When I was a kid I loved eating my own boogers. Who needs a tissue when you have your mouth? Nowadays, I opt for the more civilized route but eating your own boogers isn’t that appalling to me. It’s just a hard version of the snot in your throat and mouth. Like, for instance, I have a head cold right now…I’m a snot factory. I just hocked up two yellowish phlegm balls that were literally boogers in their liquid form. That was in my mouth. So what’s the big deal?
Now, if i caught a girl (who i’m assuming is an adult) eating her own boogers, I would be kinda grossed out. I could be logical about it (like i just was in the previous paragraph) but it would speak more to what a slob she was. It’s kinda like catching a girl scratch her vagina and smell her finger. Even if she’s doing it for maintenance, it’s still kinda suspect.

You might have noticed that in recent years southern rap has taken a big influence on rappers/producers across the nation. Conventions like slowed down vocals, rolling 808s, and rhymes about drinking codeine have kind of become big normative features. These conventions were established way back in the early 90’s and they obviously gained some footing in the national sphere. I grew up listening to these early sounds. I’m posted in GA so this makes sense, but my cousins in NJ and Philly don’t have any history with it, so they more or less dismiss it. In contrast, myself along with others I know listened to a lot of NE underground hip-hop at the same time as local flavors. That seems to kind of be a thing with heads that grew up with underground hip hop in the northeast — underground shit from the south kind of gets this bastard-child status (I’m generalizing). Maybe you just got be in it…

My question is, what’s your relationship with and thoughts surrounding southern underground rap. If anything, I know you’re familiar with No Limit and early Outkast, but I am hoping to deviate from the obvious (but if that’s what you got, then go ahead). Has that relationship evolved from your first impressions? Why do you think the elements that were mentioned above have gained such prominence recently?

I’m aware the question is kind of vague considering that Houston, Memphis, Atlanta, etc are pretty spaced apart, but it still stands.

It depends what you mean by “underground rap”. The south, more than anywhere else, has seriously regional music that’s only popular there. A dude like “Lil boosie” could be considered underground on a larger scale but he’s like the biggest thing ever where he’s from. When I think of underground, I think of a sound. Even though it literally means below the surface, there are plenty of dudes down south making rap for the masses that no one has heard yet.
Basically, I like it if I think it’s good. If it’s some southern dudes with an accent so thick I can’t understand him rapping over cheap synths and 808’s, I’m not gonna feel that. the same way I’m not gonna feel some boring east coast thug shit with no personality. It’s really on a song to song and artist to artist basis. But, personally, I need some sort of skill set or originality to enjoy a rapper nowadays. I don’t really care where it’s from. I love tons of southern rap. Young bleed’s album “My own” is one of my top albums of this decade. It simply all depends.

Demo Reviews Vol. 12

Well, it’s been a few weeks and I’m back with more demo reviews. I gotta say, this week may be the most solid batch yet. Only a few real duds. So, kudos for that.
To all those who constantly ask and/or send me unsolicited demo’s, I’m not accepting submissions right now. It’ll be a while so just hold your horse. You will all get a chance to be berated by me. Why anyone would want that is beyond me but , hey, do you.
People seem to like it so I don’t see why I don’t just keep going with this.

As for the reviews themselves, I do a little write up then rate the songs on a 1 to 10 scale in these categories:

So simple. So effective.
Let’s go…

Artist:Dirty Ninjas
Song:Nail Polish Remover

This is pretty good. The rapping is very solid and the beat is just weird enough to not fall into that “amateur” area where one can often mistake minimalism for lack of talent. I didn’t love the beat but I think I get where they were going with it. That said, the hook is kind of a mess (and it didn’t have to be) and the song structure wasn’t great but those are minor complaints, all things considered.
Production:5 out of 10
Vocals:6.5 out of 10
Listenability:6 out of 10
Originality:5.5 out of 10

Song:Crystalline rhyme


This dude is one of those rappers who have a lot o things going for him but is being held back by a less than awesome voice. The flow is a bit emotionless but the lyrics and ideas are there. Still, it’s stuff like that the separates people who should be rapping and people who shouldn’t (It’s why I stopped rapping!). The beat is very “Meh”. No terrible but nothing about it particularly good either.
Production:3.5 out of 10
Vocals:4 out 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist:Uncle Nei-Nii
Song:Parallel Arrangement


Is that a real voice? I’m confused. Between it’s general lowness and accent I can’t quite put my finger on what’s going on here. While I’m having trouble understanding what the rapper is saying , i gotta admit, the voice itself is pretty awesome. Perhaps work on pronunciation or something cause there something there. It’s half Project Blowed and half Kardinal Offishall. Kinda like this wit an accent:

The beat is fine. It’s not a standout but it’s plays a good backdrop.
Production:4 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out 10
Originality:5.5 out 10

Song:Radio in the sad

There is something very Coldplay-ish about this to me. Like I half kept waiting for Chris Martin to pop in and start singing about angles (not to be confused with angels) and oceans.
This is some of that good old non-offensive instrumental shit that makes for good back ground music or maybe a film score. Not much else though.
Production:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

song:Destroy and rebuild

First off, I like this beat. When the layered vocal sample came in, I got happy to hear it. The first rapper isn’t bad either. I can’t help but think it’s one of those put on “rapper” voices but it works and the flow of everything feels very natural. The second rapper is less interesting but also not bad. He just feels more typical both voice wise, flow wise and lyrically.
Also, the hook is a bit muddled. Perhaps take off the vocal effects when using more than one voice.
Production:6 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:5.5 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

Artist: Kamutao
Song:Limbo Romance A+B

Bro, we’ve spoken before and I know you know this..but that name…It just can’t be. You’re making hip hop related music and there has already been a Camu Tao. If you’re sending me music, you gotta know that. I worked with him! Come on, son…Let it go.

Now, as for the music…
This is a cool beat. I dunno how well that change works but at least there was a change. I was listening to the first past like “is this it?!”. So props for expanding on it even if it didn’t exactly knock it out the park.
Production:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: R. Rhodes
song: Green Groove

This is that thing where someone sends me a loop they made with a subtle variation and calls it a song. Nothing wrong with that in general but I’d prefer if people only sent me real songs. This isn’t “beat reviews”. What can you really say about a loop and a break? It is what it is. Someone coulda rapped on it and it would be a song…but they didn’t. So, it’s just a beat.
Production:3.5 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:2.5 out of 10

Song:Rock A Fella

Before even listening to this, I will plead with you guys to change that terrible name. I mean jesus christ… “Anthrapologetics”? Just typing that again pissed me off.
But this isn’t about that…let’s talk about the music.
This isn’t good. The beat is extremely amateur. Like they just got a new keyboard and recorded the first shit they came up with. The rapping is also pretty bad. The last guy is obviously the star of the group but that’s not saying much. This is just a case of not being ready for prime time. The good news is that , while these guys hone their craft and figure out a direction, they can also come up with a MUCH MUCH better name.
Production:2 out of 10
Vocals:3 out of 10
Listenability:3 out of 10
Originality:2 out of 10

Artist: Thesis43 and Digerati
song:2013 (feat 4nzix/the grouch/matt rusin)

Oh shit. A song with the Grouch? That’s kinda like cheating.
Anyway, this is very solid. At first, before the drums dropped, I thought I was about to hear some house music rapping. Glad that wasn’t the case. The beat is a head nodder, though it’s nothing too original. The hook is either great or terrible depending on your stance on singing on rap hooks. I think it works but I don’t love it.
The non-Grouch rappers are passably decent. They can all flow and shit. Nothing else about them jumped out to me but they certainly weren’t bad.
Production:5 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:5.5 out of 10

Artist:Black and friendly
Song:Young Heavy soul food

This is one of those beats that’s really well made from how it’s mixed to the sounds that were used yet, I’m not crazy about it. Personal preference really. But it’s well done. The rapping is okay. The lower voiced guy is the better of the two by a hair. There’s something lacking in the fluidity of the other rapper. He can rap , but it’s just not super natural sounding. With a name like “Black and friendly” , I’ll assume the rapper I’m talking about is named “friendly”. Just kidding guys!
Production:5.5 out of 10
Vocals:4.5 out 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

Now, you tell me…