A free song from Aesop Rock and I. It’s old. So are we. Happy New year.

Aesop and I figured it would be cool to start the new year out with a gift for all you fine people who like our music. Here’s a song we made around 2000 that didn’t make the cut on Labor Days. Until right now, you’ve never heard this song. So, in a way, it’s brand new even though it’s actually nearing the age that we might consider throwing it a Bar mitzvah.
It’s aes on the raps and me on the beat. Enjoy and don’t ever ay we never gave you anything.

12 thoughts on “A free song from Aesop Rock and I. It’s old. So are we. Happy New year.

  1. I have heard this before, actually! It was featured in Aes’s Skelethon RSE Radio special, after Cycles to Gehena. When I heard it I loved it so much and tried to ask RSE about it on FB, but that went over without an answer and I searched everywhere for it. This is like a second Christmas.

    Thanks for this!

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  3. Which song are you writing about here? The link is taken down, sadly. Was it “Bad Karma?”

    Love the pic, I think it’s in Northampton, MA which is my neck of the woods. I very briefly met you there, in the used CD store “Turn It Up!” with Aes and Rob on the None Shall Pass tour, and that was one of the highlights of my teenage years.

    Love the blog man, discovered it last year and it’s fun reading insights to some of my favorite records, as well as anecdotes about your new stuff. Quar And Peace slaps BTW!!!

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