Demo Reviews Vol. 13

It’s a new year and the demos are still being reviewed. I’m not gonna lie, I slept like shit last night and I’m a touch cranky so if these come off as harsh at times , my bad. But , then again, I mean everything I say. It’s just that on a day where I was more well rested I might find a way to word it more kindly….whatever. You sent your demos to me to review them so you knew what you were getting into.
Anyway, to all those asking, I’m not accepting submissions now. I’ll let you know when I am but please refrain from sending me demos until then. I literally don’t even open the emails.
Oh and you’ll notice that I’ve started embedding soundcloud links instead of making you click on them. Dunno why I never did that before. Durrrrrrr….
In case you’ve never seen my demo reviews, I have readers send in their music for me to critique. I do a little write up then rate the songs on a scale of 1-10 in these categories:

I’m harsh but fair…I swear I am…

Artist: Mozaic The Animated
Song: Limitless

This is one of those “organized confusion” type tracks. Not meaning it sounds like the great rap group “Organized Konfusion” but that it’s kinda all over the place but I’m assuming it’s like that for a reason. The beat is kinda cool but also kind of annoying. I can’t really hate on it though cause like, like i said, it was done that way for a reason.
As for the rapper he’s okay but kinda extending himself farther than his actual skills might let him. Flow wise, when he gets into the fast stuff, you can tell it’s a struggle. fall back into the pocket a little and it would be greatly improved.
Production:4.5 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Song:Leanin’ on a bluewall

This rapper is a great example of having “something” that sets him apart. Great voice and presence on the mike. Cause, let’s be honest, his lyrics aren’t mind blowing (not bad either…just saying) but he sounds good. Sometimes, that’s more important than the actual words.
Musically, this sounds like it was recorded in a garage or maybe even at a live show. I honestly, didn’t know people still made lo-fi shit like this any more. It also is kinda straddling the “rock/rap” line which is never good.
Production:4 out of 10
Vocals:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

Artist: Johnny Five
Song:Too large a factor

I’m no trying to be a dick but I giggled when the rapping started. That super dramatic intro really set it up too well…all of a sudden, the whitest voice of all the white voices comes booming through the speaker. I’m talking like the voice black comedians use as the voice for all white people, but rapping.
It reminded me of a far less embarrassing version this:

So, um…anyway, the beat is what it is. An overly dramatic tear jerker kinda track. I’ve never loved these types of tracks but a lot of other people do so I can’t really diss it. The rapping, outside the voice, simply isn’t there yet. He falls off beat and just doesn’t sound comfortable on the mike. Did I mention the white voice?
Production:3 out of 10
Vocals:2 out of 10
Listenability:3 out of 10
Originality:2.5 out of 10

Artist: Grasshopper
Song: A happy Medium

Hmm…this is literally someone taking another song and looping a few parts of it. I’m not saying it wouldn’t make an awesome Ghostface track but, from a creative and production standpoint, it’s too simple. I mean, he literally did NOTHING but loop up different parts. I’m all for sampling (duh…) but there’s got to be more to it than this.
Production:2 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:1 out of 10

Song:If you want

This is actually an interesting companion piece to the demo above. It’s someone doing the opposite and taking a soul sample that he built an entirely different track around. The creativity is there for sure. Can’t say I’m crazy about it but that has more to do with it leaning more towards the electro side of things that I’m simply not that into. It is kinda funny that this dude, who is no doubt more talented that the dude above, made an original track yet I can’t help but think I’d rather just listen to the dude who just looped shit. I think that speaks more about me that either of these two though.
Production:4 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

Artist: Astrological
Song:Evening out
This is pretty cool. Kinda bordering on elevator music if it was produced by Clams Casino but I like it. The changes are nice and the mood very mellow. I’m a fan of any instrumental music that progresses throughout the song in a logical manner. This song is a good example for a lot of you producers out there who try and force changes that don’t have a natural flow to them. Follow their/his/her lead and you should be okay.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:6 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Artist: Tee Why
song: Giant

This dude kinda sounds like an emo Copywrite. Cool voice and he can rap but I dunno…The beat is like an Eminem production starter kit and it’s one of those attempted gut wrencher type tracks that just doesn’t resonate with me. But, like i said, he can rap. This just isn’t really in the lane of stuff I’d bump personally.
Production:3 out of 10
Vocals:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

Artist: George Peterson
Song: November in Seattle

This intro…NEEDS TO BE SHORTER. Jesus christ. Sorry, I’m admittedly a little cranky today but a minute and a half intro to a song is never okay.
This is some pretty Amateur stuff in general. It definitely shows some potential down the line but I get the feeling this is someone in the beginning of their musical journey (or whatever). The sounds and drums are all pretty basic but that will get more refined with time.
Production:3 out of 10
Listenability:3 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

Artist: Nil
song: Train of thought

Well, isn’t today a day of lucky song placement as this is also a great companion piece for the song above. This is the type of thing I could see the above artist eventually becoming when he figures shit out a little more. This is a cool mixture of synth, samples, breaks and live instruments all working together very nicely. As always, I should preface this by saying, you know, I don’t really listen to this kinda stuff in my own time but this is undoubtedly well made.
Also, this would be very popular in Burning Man circles…just saying. Nil, look into that.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:5 out 10

Artist: Rezin Feat. Leagacy and Misk
Song:Above average

Above average indeed! Slightly.
This is dope. I like this beat a lot. The little subtle short sounds that bleep in really are a nice touch.
The rapping is solid. Nothing game changing but certainly very listenable. There’s a Wu-tangish quality to it all but that’s not exactly a bad thing…
Production:6 out of 10
Vocals:5.5 out 10
Listenability:5.5 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Now you tell me what you think…Which demo did you like the best?

19 thoughts on “Demo Reviews Vol. 13

    • Man Epic…..its like a train wreck i just cant help but stand and watch. Its really bad, Blockhead you ever thinking about posting about Epic, kind of like you did with V Nasty and Kreashawn? Its so bad its good…

  1. I tried to email blockhead saying it was a madlib beat. lol. i didnt know about the original beat rule. but thanks for the review anyway, definitly sending original stuff next time. -Insolent (NOD squad)

  2. Just linked to here from facebook. Great track on that Rezin Joint, took me back to some good chill mellow early shit. The rest were OK, NIL was dope.

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