Answers for questions vol. 118

Hello everyone. I hope your new year is treating you well. Mine has been 7 days of wonderment. I’m actually glad the holidays are over. Now we can all get back to our normal lives and not have to deal with “plans”. That shit is exhausting.
Anyway, this is where I answer questions you sent me. If you’d like to send me questions (really, any question) send it to my email or leave it in the comment section below. Also, I know beggars can’t be choosers but more questions like the first one would be nice. This shit is only as funny/interesting as you make it. I can answer boring technical question all day but , really, who needs that shit? Jazz it up, yo.

if you could see farts, would life be better or worse. two scenarios: one where you’re the only one who can see them, the other where every person can see them.
second question: how long before it got old, if the following were true-
all body functions made sounds like their names. so every fart said fart, but the pitch, tone, length and all that shit varied. and every poop sound said “poop” but the specifics of the sounds varied as they already do (similar concept to when people say “burp” as they burp, except involuntary) personally, that shit would be hilarious, and i’m not sure if it would ever get old, but i imagine a lifetime of anything gets old eventually.

Good question. I think life would be funnier but far worse if people could see farts. Right off the bat, I fart a lot. I don’t need people knowing it was me. The great thing about farts is that you can take the truth of who did them to the grave. I’m a fairly bad liar in that respect but at least it’s an option. Being able to see them would literally blow up spots.
As far as having the power to see them when no one else does, I’d rather not. It would be like that movie with Mel gibson where he hears women’s thoughts.
On paper, it sounds awesome but after a while you’d probably just rather not know these kinda things for your own sanity’s sake. I think farts should remain as they are. They’re funny enough without all the bells and whistles.
In regards to the body functions sounding like their names, I think that would be awesome. I already often try and say “burp” when I burp so that’s covered. But , if you think about the hilarious variations of the word “fart” when spoken by a butthole…that would never get old. The poop thing might be weird but more so cause people use different words for pooping. Like one guy might take a shit that sounds like “Shiiiiiiiit”. Or a french dude would shit like “Merrrrrrddddee”. That would actually be funny. But i feel like it would get old quicker than the fart idea. Also, barfing the sound “barrrfff” would be a great improvement to what barfing sounds like currently.

Just was looking through your blog and noticed The Mighty Jones video you have up. Near the end a dude walks in by you who looks a lot like Adrian Grenier…maybe I’m just seeing shit. If I’m not, want to explain that one?

Yes. That is Adrian Grenier. It was recorded at his studio Wreckroom records. He records all types of awesome shit in there. I suggest peeping his youtube channel. As for Adrian and I, I’ve actually known him for a while now. He went to high school with a couple of my closest friends and we’ve been friendly acquaintances since were were in our late teens.

So, without asking for specifics, when it comes to drugs, what do you consider best for making beats? Excluding the herb… More down to be focused, or more down to be not giving a fuck? Very broad as I’m sure it changes, but on an average night.

Obviously, mainlining heroin into your dickhole is the only pure way to make beat. Anyone doing things differently is a fraud in my eyes.
Just kidding.
I don’t do any drugs. I don’t mean that in a straight edge kinda way (I do drink and, if the situation was right, I’d do mushrooms). I just don’t enjoy being high. The uppers make my heart feel like it’s going to explode and the downers make me wanna throw up. I can’t even take sleeping pills cause my body reacts so weirdly to them.
I used to smoke weed but stopped cause I simply wasn’t enjoying it and I kinda like having my wits about me. Even when I did smoke weed, I almost never made beats on it. The few times I did , I thought i was making some next level shit and the next day it would be some out of tune, horrific piece of shit with terrible drums.
I’m of the school of thought that if you HAVE TO be high to make music, you’re kind of a dipshit. I mean, do what feels right but , to me, it just reads as being insecure in your own brain. I understand that certain drugs take your mind to other places but that doesn’t always translate musically. You ever hear a bunch of people on shrooms jamming? it’s fucking awful to everyone except them. When I used to freestyle, I’d always get high before and it definitely expanded how I thought about shit. But when it comes to being technical and focused , like you have to be when making beats, it often just doesn’t translate.

Whats your opinion/explanation of the phrase, “on line” when referring to people waiting in line at a grocery store? As a non-native, it baffles me. what about Brooklynite’s obsession with the word “mad” as in, “this avant-garde, 1 person stage performance is mad corny yo.”

I’ve never thought about the “on line” vs. “in line” thing. Probably cause who gives a shit? Is it really that hard to grasp? I wouldn’t bat an eye at hearing either of those things.
As for the usage of “mad”, you’re barking up the wrong tree. “Mad” is the east coasts “Hella”. I use it. My friends use it. Every one from NYC from a certain era uses it. It’s definitely not just a brooklyn thing. That’s how New Yorkers of a certain age talk. Mad>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hella

Having had many experiences, I personally believe psychedelic substances absolutely enhance a person’s thinking/understanding capacity, and generally add color to a person’s life. Are you a fan of psychedelics? And if so do you believe they are a powerful tool rather than just a fun trip?

Like I said above, Mushrooms is something I’d consider doing again. I love them under the right circumstances. Living in NYC is not at all conducive to tripping. Too many people, too busy, too many things can go terribly wrong.
Do I think they can be a powerful tool? I mean…maybe? It depends on the person. As a staunchly unspiritual person, there is a ceiling with how much my life as I know it can be effected by a trip. Sure, I might have some revelations about things here and there but my life would never be permanently altered from a trip. But I know people who claim that they have. I’m a bit too buried in reality to either have that happen or allow it to happen. So, to me, it’s more of a fun trip. It’s certainly a life experience but nothing that’s gonna change my world view cause, when it’s over, it’s over and life goes on.

When you go to Europe, how big is your fanbase? Thats something I wonder about a lot when it comes to artists going over seas. I mean shit, if you were in my town 2 years ago, I never woulda known. Are people just out to see some random show and party or do they come out for YOU?
Semi-followup question, what are your favorite places in Euro?

I honestly haven’t been to Europe THAT much. Just recently I’ve started getting shows out there again (after a very extended hiatus). So far , so good. I haven’t had a lame show there yet (aside from when my computer broke and I had to dj). The one thing I’ve noticed is that the big fans there are like my biggest fans. Maybe it just feels that way cause , at times, they can’t express themselves due to the language barrier but they seem the most hyped to meet me and take pictures after the show. The only difference between US and Euro audiences is that a lot of the rap references (be it aesop or just rap in general) that i throw in my set get lost on the euro audience. Aside from that, it’s not that different.
As for my favorite places in Europe. That’s tough cause I’ve never really been any one place for that long except London. I think Paris is up my alley. BErlin is rpetty awesome. Lithuania had the most beautiful girls. Everyone in poland is super nice. It’s hard to say.

10 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 118

  1. i gotta question, whats up with people pushing people infront of the subway in new york? you ever look over shoulder waiting for your train or you ever see anything like that being a native? you got any good subway stories and finally is rakims mic really as dangerous as the third rail?

    • For the rest of your life, which would you rather have happen… Every time you take a shit you get a little on your hand, or every time you take a piss you miss the urinal/bowl for half the stream?

  2. haha since sending these I’ve read more of your blog and realized you’re not heavy into substances…thanks for being a good sport tho, got something more interesting brewing for next time

  3. Yo Block, pleaseeeeee do a reddit AMA soon????

    this is what aesop had to say about it:

    Aesop Rock ‏@AesopRockWins

    “Man AMAs on reddit are so much better than any “normal” interview it’s crazy.”

    “Nice job @atmosphere on the AMA and thanks for the shout!”

    Id think you would enjoy and you got the humor for it.

  4. This isnt post worhty or anything, I was just wondering if you happened to have notice that they’ve brought that Joe Schmo show back with a new season on Spike? I remember you mentioning something about it in a post a while ago.

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