Answers for question vol. 119


Ahhh, it’s seemed like forever since I’ve answered questions.
I skipped last week due to an ill timed bout with food poisoning. Now that that is all cleared up, I’m back to do what I do best. SELF INDULGE.
Anyway, if you have anything you wanna ask me (the weirder the better), send me questions to or leave them in the comments below. Get inventive. I know you can do it.

Do you have any favorite words or words you cant stand? I am a fan of “sequester” and use it every chance I get. But if you say “cunt” to the wrong person, its like hitting a nerve.

I recently learned that girls hate the word “moist”. I had no idea. That one never really bothered me.
Anyway, I can’t really say I have any real words that really irk me. I’m way more offended by made up words or phrases. The terms “amazeballs” and “weaksauce” are like nails on a chalkboard to me. They also give me douche chills towards anyone who just said them. Same with the word “swag” being spoken by anyone over the age of 30.
As for words I love, I really don’t know. I love offensive words but most of them are not appropriate to say in public. It’s a shame some of the most satisfying words to actually just say always have to also be the most offensive. Like, I wish “faggot” simply meant “idiot” cause then everyone could say it freely and it would be okay. Cause, just from a speaking standpoint, it’s a fun word to say. It rolls off the tongue so nicely. It’s too bad it means what it means. I’d imagine in a different world, “faggot” would be something you could name your kids and a name like “chandler” would mean what “faggot” means. I bet then, and only then, people would stop using that word cause, really, who wants to call anyone a “chandler”? Oh to dream…

Would you ever go into the middle of the amazon and do one of those “shaman ritual” things with DMT? I seen a video of Joe Rogan’s buddy saying it was life changing… How do you feel about DMT/Shamanism/joe rogan? haha

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck no. I don’t play any of that shit. Not only am I the least spiritual person you will ever meet but I also don’t really enjoy the fruits of nature. If the recent blackout taught me anything it’s that I’m not cut out for roughing it on any level. Let alone in a seriously desolate and unpredictable place like the amazon. But beyond that, you want me to take a mind altering drugs? In a fucking forrest? In the middle of nowhere where they probably got cockroaches the size of ottomans? Never in a million, zillion years would I subject myself to that. I probably would even wanna go on a weekend fishing trip where a powerless cabin was involved, let alone that horse shit.
As for DMT/shamanism/Joe rogan. I actually like Rogan’s podcast at times EXCEPT when he get’s too deep into his spiritual/weed head bullshit. I think he’s a smart and funny dude but he’s also a dude who would look at the sky and say “man, you ever think how small we really are…”. Put the weed down, bro.

do you have any regrets about your career? do you ever wish you did more or wished you never were envolved in a paticular project? any artist you wished you worked with? do you plan on making music for the rest of your life or do you think of someday retiring?

i know this the kinda question they ask inducties at the rock n roll fame but youve been behind some really fucking good music in your career.

I don’t have any really defined regrets. I mean, sure, I woulda loved to work with Doom or other rappers I loved from the earlier days but I don’t regret not working with them.
I think my biggest regret might be not being more of one of those “go getter” type dudes. I was never one to go out, shmooze and socialize with other musicians as a means to work with new people. I opted to just hang with my real friends like a normal person. While I think not doing that benefitted my sanity , it very likely limited my scope as far as artists I coulda worked with. I don’t think I fully grasped what was going on in the late 90’s/early 2000’s while it was happening. When I sit back and see music trends pop off now, it’s clear to me what going on but being inside of one of those trends is a different feeling. You don’t really see it for what it is because you’re immersed in it. So, basically, I’m saying had I known what was going on during the indie rap explosion, I wish I woulda capitalized on it more. Worked with more people Spread myself a round more. I’m very proud of working with all the people I did during that time but it’s just unfortunate that my indifference and basic disinterest in “playing the game” probably cut me out of some really cool possibilities.
As for the future, I really don’t know. I’m not good at anything else but I’m also not delusional. I can’t be making beats in my 60’s. Honestly, I try to just not think about it cause the idea of getting a real job down the line is fucking terrifying.

what goes through your mind when people post the same variation of the same question for the 8734th time? Does it make you worry about the future or does it make you wish you never made the beat for ‘Daylight; at all?

hahaha…I expect it. I don’t think most people who ask questions to me have read all the other volumes. That would be insane. Still, I do scratch my head when someone takes their time out to write me a question that is so dull and typical that it just seems like they did it hear themselves type.
Honestly, it’s way worse in real interviews than on this blog. With blog/magazine/video interviews they ask the same questions everytime and that shit is truly mind numbing.
“What inspires you?”
“Where’d you get the name blockhead?”
“What are you listening to right now?”
or questions asking about why I named something something. Ughh…The worst.

Have you ever seen a porno with narration? I did and at first was all “wtf…” But it actually kind of worked afte a while. Thoughts?

Wait…like a voice off camera saying “And then he placed his hard cock betwixt her thighs…”? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Like I needs the assist from Hans Christian Anderson every time I jerk off. I don’t even like it when the dude in the scene (or the fucking guy holding the camera) are too vocal , let alone some dude reading a play by play. The secret to a good porn, for me, is simplicity. One girl, one guy, indoors having sex. Anything added beyond that is just not needed. At least for me.

How many samples do you usually use in one track? Also, what is the highest number of samples you’ve used and the least for a single track? Comparing all your LP’s which one would you say had the most amount of samples? Is there a big difference between them sample quantity on each album?

Wow, lot’s of questions…this ones kinda asperger’s-ish.
I don’t have a specific amount of samples I use per track. I just keep adding shit until I feel it’s done. Basically, I’m trying to fill in the dots.
I don’t know a specific number but I’d say one of the songs off my album “The music scene” would have the most samples per song. Perhaps “Daily routine”. I’m just guessing that one cause it’s the longest song on the album…

I’d venture to guess that, as I’ve progressed, I’ve added more samples per song. My last two albums have WAY more bits and pieces per song than the previous three albums. That’s cause I started really using ableton on those albums and it allowed me to go nuts with layering like I never had before. So, it’s safe to say that the amount of samples I use per album has gone up with each new album.
Also, I appreciate this question but, holy shit, it was probably boring to 99% of the people who read this blog..

Ethical dilemma coming at ya! What do you do when you enter a bathroom stall only to discover that the guy who used it before you absolutely plastered the toilet bowl with shit. Not the seat itself, mind you, just the inside of the bowl.

However, do you clean his shit using the toilet brush, knowing that you are effectively spending your time cleaning another mans shit, or do you chance it: do your thing and leave, knowing that if you meet someone you know as you exit, who are about to go in, this person is going to think that you’re the kind of guy who’ll shit all over and just not give a shit… No pun intended…

I mean, if I’m just there to pee, I’m just doing my thing and getting out as quick as possible. I’m not even thinking about cleaning up some other dudes mess. I might give it a second flush to see if it loosens anything up but that’s about it.
If I gotta take a deuce than I’m assuming it’s a high stake emergency. I’m not the type who just shits anywhere so if I’m faced with this issue, chances are, the shit is already halfway out my body. So, I’d probably just do my thing and keep it moving. Cleaning another mans shit of anything is not on my “to do” list ever so, as long as that shit is directly effecting me, then I’ll just ignore it. But, on the real, if I saw a plastered toilet and I could hold it until I found a more appealing bowl, I would.

15 thoughts on “Answers for question vol. 119

  1. Say you were given the chance to be in the first group of humans to colonise a new planet, would you? Catch is you can never return to earth, but you never have to work again. Also who would you bring (anyone).

  2. I gotta question, Alaska said he didnt like stevie wonder, the beatles, bob marley, and others during your ” tim and I look at shit” thing recenly. everyones entitled to a opinon and i actually agree with a couple of his dislikes. is there any legendary artist you dont like or dont get the appeal? what about hip hop artist?

  3. I feel ya. If I would have known what was going on during the Silk, Shai, and Jodeci days, I would have bought some black boots and a leather vest and formed a sexxxed up R&B super group. My one regret. My one and only.

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