Song of the day 2/1/13

Give’em Hell By Prodigy and The Alchemist
I won’t lie. There are very few old rappers out there still making music effectively. All my heroes have, for the most part, stopped delivering over a decade ago. So, when one of them beats the odds, it feels good.
In the case of Prodigy, he fought off irrelevance simply by not giving a fuck. It also doesn’t hurt that he linked up with The Alchemist, who also seems to be having a career renaissance.
This song is from their up coming album “Albert Einstein” and it succeeds cause they simply just did what they do. Nothing wrong with that at all.

4 thoughts on “Song of the day 2/1/13

  1. Yeah, Alchemist seems to be coming back, stronger than ever I would argue. That Russian Roulette album was strong as fuck.

  2. Can’t lie. Sounds dope. Only wish it was Rakim on this beat instead of a dude whose voice sounds like him. LOLzers on psychic vampires. Glad to see parts of his Illuminati prison rants finding their way to song.

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