Song of the day 2/15/13 RIP Tim Dog Edition

Dog’s gonna getcha By Tim Dog
The first time I heard Tim Dog was on the Ultramagnetic MC’s song “A Chorus Line”.

I honestly didn’t think much of him. Little did I know I was listening to someone who’s music would become a major part of my life a few short years later.
Explaining why I love Tim Dog to , say, a rap purist isn’t easy. I mean, let’s be honest, part of the reason he was so awesome is cause of how he walked the line between being the most thugged out man on the planet and being completely ridiculous. He was hilarious both on purpose and by mistake.
My second taste of Tim Dog would be the same one most people of that era had of him. It was the NWA diss song “Fuck Compton”. It kinda came out of nowhere. Prior to that, I don’t recall anyone in NYC having an issue with NWA (and the rest of the west coast for that matter). But, I guess Tim Dog was sick of west coast gangster rap getting all the publicity when there was plenty of hardcore New York shit going on under the radar. So, he said fuck it, and made this:

I mean, how awesome was that? The video. The song. Just perfect. He was basically like a mono syllabic bully who just started wailing on his opponent. It just worked.

Now, during that time, I lived a few blocks away for a record store that always got advanced releases. In particular, they would get anything that came out on Columbia Records like 2 months before it dropped in stores. One day I was perusing their cassette section (this was back when i only bought cassettes) and saw Tim Dog’s Album “Penicillin on Wax” just sitting there. Not only had it not been released yet but it hadn’t even been reviewed by the source. It was like it didn’t even exist yet and I was discovering it. I bought it for five bucks and went home. Life was never the same.

To say this is one of the best albums of all time is a stretch. Cause, “best”, i feel, should be saved for works of genius. However, without pause , I will tell you this is one of my favorite albums ever made. It bought me so much joy for so long. To this day, if 85% of these songs pop on anywhere (which is rare), I’ll rap along like a lunatic with a deranged smile on my face. The album is the perfect blend of hilarity, fear and craziness all set over a collection of beats seemingly touched by lord baby jesus/buddah/allah. I mean, for christ sake, the dude started his whole album rocking over the same beat NWA did to start of their album just as a fuck you…So good.

While his follow up album didn’t really match up, he still put a few things out over the next 10 years or so. One of the more slept on things he did later in his career was his album with Kool Keith called “Ultra”. On the song “The industry is wack” I think his verse is legit awesome. Not even in the slightest , ironic way…he kills it. The words “You used to wear tims now your ass is in tights” still rings true to this very day. The man was a prophet.

Well, anyway, yesterday I got home to see twitter a buzz about the passing of Tim Dog due to complications with Diabetes. Honestly, I was shocked as I had no idea he was even sick. The most recent thing I had heard/seen about him was a piece on Dateline about him ripping off lonely women. While this is something that was obviously not a good thing, it did somewhat support the Tim Dog Legacy as a fairly ill , fucked up dude.
The first person I saw mentioning it was, of course, J-Zone. Zone may be the only person I’ve ever come in contact with who has more passion for “Penicillin on wax” and TIm Dog in general than myself. In fact, he wrote a piece on him that I feel is pretty much the end all of understanding the man himself, Tim Dog. So, instead of me just re-writing a version of what he wrote, just peep this link. Aside from getting your learn on, Zone is a funny ass writer with a very unique perspective.

As for the song of the day? In honor of TIm Dog, there can only be one song that exemplifies his legend. That song? “Dog’s gonna getcha”. The same song that I’m somehow quoted on Tim Dog’s Wikipedia page as calling “Quite possibly The hardest song ever made”. Btw, No clue how I got in his wiki page but , obviously, it’s a huge honor.
RIP Tim Dog.
I suggest you all cuddle up with a copy of “Penicillin on wax” as soon as you can and just let the greatness wash over you.

3 thoughts on “Song of the day 2/15/13 RIP Tim Dog Edition

  1. Probably not the place to leave this, but you can file this under Answers for Questions. What are your views on freestyling? It seems to me that sometimes when a rapper is “freestyling” their rhymes are just too tight. Like, there’s no way they are making something up this complex on the spot. I saw Del, who has been in the game forever, freestyling on tv the other day and while it was decent, it was nowhere up to par with the rest of his recorded work. You could tell he was making it up on the spot. it felt real. Now when I have seen certain people on Pitchfork selector, let’s use the El-P/Despot Selector, as a reference. Both of their verses are really tight, like so tight, it didn’t seem like it was made up on the spot. I know there was something back when their records dropped when El and Killer Mike were both on Sway’s show and they both kind of politely refused to freestyle on the spot. On Selector though, it’s supposed to be “freestyle”, but it made me wonder if they had some extra time to prepare for it and thus were not really doing it off the top of their head. Not to knock Despot/El-P, both are amazing rappers and El is up there with my favorite rappers of all time. I could care less if it wasn’t truly freestyle, dude can do no wrong in my book. I guess what I am getting at is, it possible to rap that tight off the top of your head? Can you tell when someone is freestyling and when some of it is pre-written or partially written?

    Another good example is the recent “Art of Rap” doc. Some of the dudes on there go on for a couple of minutes(Kanye and Eminem for example) and it just sounds too good to be true. What do you think, are these guys just truly that mind boggling amazing at freestyling? or is there a grey area where it is hard to tell or where because of the situation they might have a little extra time to prepare because it is not technically a battle, and they know it is coming and have time to prepare?

    I know you have mentioned that you used to freestyle back in the day. Curious to see what you think.


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