Yay or Nay?

Instead of doing a “song of the day”, I’m gonna switch it up a little and try something different. I’m gonna post up some youtube clips of an artist and see how you guys feel about the artist. I’ll add in my two cents but the real point of this is to get an idea of what you guys think. Aside from normal curiosity , I like getting an idea of what kinda taste my reader ship has.
This weeks artist is called Chance the rapper. He’s a young dude from chicago. I don’t know much about him beyond the videos I’ve seen but he piqued my interest so I figured I’d share him with you.

I went with two videos cause they show some different styles.
Personally, I think he shows a lot of promise. If he did that sing song style all the time it might get tiring but he can definitely rap and his voice reminds me of Kendrick Lamar mixed with the pharcyde. I think what i like about him most is that he seems like he’s got his heart in it. Particularly on “Juice”. I can appreciate when a rapper is invested in his work without being a cornball.
So, what do you think of Chance the rapper? Yay or nay?

18 thoughts on “Yay or Nay?

  1. Huge Kendrick lamar vibe from the first one, didn’t dig it so much because I think that style is going to be played out soon. The second song was better. I’d say he’s not a bad rapper but not something I’d bump…voted for decent

    • He sounds like other rappers that are obviously good but not something I prefer. Wouldn’t play his stuff or try turning others onto him but also wouldn’t talk shit or complain if someone else was playing his stuff.
      voted He’s not whack but who gives a shit

  2. I dig it. I get so tired of hearing emcees who don’t understand the value of using different tonal inflections in their vocals. Definitely hearing the Pharcyde influence too.

  3. more swaggishness that i don’t care for, nothing new. just stuff about the more clever metaphor or simile line than actually saying anything at all

  4. He’s dope. The video for Juice is dime a dozen but the song was solid. Brain Cells was great visually. The song wasn’t as catchy or whatever, but he had some great lines in there and kept my head bobbing just as much.

  5. His voice leans a bit to the nails-on-a-chalkboard side. His flow is good & his lyricism is kooky, which I like, but I can’t get past his voice. On the Pharcyde tip, Imani & Booty Brown do high pitched/borderline chipmunk right.

  6. His flow is pretty decent as well as his character. But I don’t see him getting past the background of the scene. He just meshes in really well with whats already out. Nothing new, nothing bad.

  7. i here danny brown too. not the worse thing youll hear but i find it a little boring. i do like how the songs are different. i love the second video though, anybody know if hes involved in the video process at all. overall, i give it a “meh” and a shoulder shrug.

  8. I really dig this dude, also a huge Pharcyde and Kendrick fan so…there’s that. His Brain Cell video reminded me of Cool Calm Pete’s Black Friday and had a couple of the same visuals, which I thought was interesting – they used it in such a different way that it was cool. Of course, I think Pete is a much better rapper, but I think I’ll download Chance’s mixtape and give him a solid try.

    Diggin’ the “Yay or Nay”.

  9. Not bad. Gonna check out his mixtape. I think I might grow tired of his voice quite fast, but other than that, sounds pretty good. Do you know if these are original beats or not? Definitely diggin’ ‘Brain Cells’ beat. Sounds like some late 90s Jazzy Jeff stuff.

  10. Voted “Not wack, but who gives a shit.” He’s annoying as hell and at least from a quick listen of both, if he isn’t talking about himself then he isn’t really talking about much at all. But hey, he’ll appeal to girls that are more annoying than he is and the guys that are trying to fuck those annoying bitches. Granted, I have nothing against the dude except I won’t listen to his music myself and chances are he’ll have a decent career because of everything I’ve mentioned. However, if and when he blows up and I hear anyone listening to his music, they’re dead to me.

  11. I don’t have huge emotional reaction to his raps, but he definitely is fitting into a “thing” that a lot of rappers are doing which is basically: rap a ton of syllables and cultural references and mispronounce a word at the end to make it thryme–Earl, Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar mixed with Black Thought’s “mispronounce a word to make it rhyme.”

    I’m sorry if my description above is sort of reductive, re-reading it, it comes off harsher than I want it to. But I’m afraid that in a year (or a month) this style is going to be completely played out and it will be to 2012 what Binary Star, Non-Phixion, or The Perceptionists were to 2000.

    Having said that, I would like (humbly) to suggest a new category for the poll: “flawed but has potential.”

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