Illogic/Blockhead Round-up

So, as you may know, I’ve been working with my homeboy Illogic for a while now. We released two free ep’s , a ton of videos and in April we will be dropping our full length together called “Capture the Sun” on Man bites dog Records.
I just wanted to use this post to pretty much cover everything we’ve done and let you all know that we’re both really excited to be putting this full length out.
Let’s take a little walk down memory lane…

This was the first song I ever did with Illogic. We made it around 2000. I had had an idea to make an album with various rappers over my beats but it never got finished due to me now knowing enough good rappers at the time.
But this song is what got the ball rolling

During that same trip, Illogic made another song with Aesop over one of my tracks

From there, it was years until Illogic and I would work together. One day he hit me up randomly and was like “hey, you wanna make an album?” I was like “Sure!” and that’s how music gets made! What ended up happening was I sent him tons of beats. He ended up picking like 30 of them and making songs. Because we no longer live in a era of double albums, we decided it might be best to release a few eps. The hope was these ep’s would not only announce that Illogic and I were working together but also seek out interest from record labels. Before any of the ep’s came out, we leaked this song…

You can download that here:

If you’re one of those know-it-all nerds, you might recognize that track from a despot remix I did. Oops!
There is also this track got released on a the compilation “Collaboration is the key”

Shortly after that we put together our first EP called “Preparing for capture”. This is still available for free download

This spawned a few videos:

After that, we put together the second free ep, “Preparing for capture 2”

This had a video as well:

So, that brings us to where we are currently. “Capture the sun” drops April 16th.
Here’s A video of Illogic and I discussing the album

Also, here are two videos of what we got in store for that album.
The first single “Capture the sun” Featuring Slug of Atmosphere on the hook.

And another joint of the album “Neva Heard”

Got it? Good. I hope you like all this stuff. If you do, please cop the album when it drops. also, keep an eye out for Illogic performing at SXSW as well as some shows we’ll be doing together in the midwest come the release date.

Also, I’d just to send shout out to Blueprint for helping with the photo’s and interview video, Ryan from Man Bites dog for putting the album out and Eric Anello and Laura Green for all the videos they made. You guyz are da best.

7 thoughts on “Illogic/Blockhead Round-up

  1. Definitely excited for this release..Where can one cop the album when it drops? Any chance of vinyl? Not to over shawdow Capture the Sun but any chance of hearing some details on Dour Candy soon? I hope both releases are on vinyl..

    Not to sound like a vinyl nerd but I really cant get behind buying anything but. It’s just so much a better experience having a large format that sounds superior with big artwork to look at. I will buy a CD if that’s the only format avaialble but I will avoid, at all costs, buying a digital only copy. It really me that you are only buying a liscense to play the music. A liscense with all sorts of limits and regualtions attached.Regulations that don’t benefit artists as much as the music providers.

    What are your thoughts on people like me? Am I a spoiled music nerd that expects too much? I know vinyl is expensive and no one wants to be stuck with crates of unused merchandise but is it too much to ask for a least some limited release wax? Does it make me an entitled asshole to want something more than a limited license to download and transfer music in exchange for my hard earned money. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on music over the years and I will spend thousands more but I will not pay for a download.

    • I threw the second part of the question in the “answers for questions” file. I’ll get to it eventually. As for Dour Candy, It’s looking like a may release. There has been talk of a small vinyl run but nothing is 100% yet. I’ll heads know as i find out myself.

  2. Thanks for rounding this up Blockhead. I’ll be downloading the free EP’s over the weekend and will definitely pick up a copy of the album when it drops. Only recently got back into hiphop after being a big fan between 87-93 – it was your production with Aesop that did it. With regards to vinyl, I could be in a position to offer very short runs (1-100 copies) at the end of the month when I return from Germany with the necessary skills and equipment to cut vinyl. I’ll give you full details at the end of the month if your interested.
    Anyway, thanks again fella. And keep killing it with the wind instruments man! Class!

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