Yay or Nay: Dinosaur Burps


This weeks Yay or Nay is kinda special. Why, you may ask? Cause they’re literally the only demo I’ve ever received in my “Demo Reviews” column that made it’s way to my I-pod. To put things in context, I’ve done 17 volumes of demo reviews thus far. That means I’ve listened to 170 demos. They are one of 170. I don’t do math but I’d imagine that’s impressive odds. Anyway, they go by the curious name of Dinosaur Burps and they’re from west Virginia.
This is the initial demo i received:

Well, Now it’s time for you to tell me what you think of them.
Here are tow other videos to help shape your opinion. What’s the call on Dinosaur Burps? Yay or Nay?

30 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Dinosaur Burps

  1. Video was solid, shot well and amusing. Dudes rhymes never really did anything for me but the production more then made up for it.

  2. I actually liked the two YouTube songs a lot more than the demo. The demo got a little boring for me. Although maybe the nicely done videos for the other two influenced my opinion.

  3. Dinosaur burps always kill it every time I see em! Go see em live if you haven’t yet. Dude pulls out a Psp and his Dj twists it up mighty fine. Chill dudes as well, Much love Fellas!

  4. Like it. Does anyone else hear a definite Aesop influence in his voice? Not saying he’s ripping Aesop off at all – voice just sounds kind of similar.

  5. These guys are extremely dope. A throwback to what real hip hop is. They are ready for the industry right now. Reppin’ that 304 all day.

  6. the “they are awsome” looks little inflated lol. i remember not liking the demo song but after trolling on youtube i got a lot more respect for them. it isnt bad music all but when i wanna hear ginger rap, i fuck broson or despot. but i definetly see progress. solid beats and rhymes.

    • Judging from the amount of votes this one received, it’s fairly clear they did some strong campaigning. I’m not mad but no music poll I’ve ever done has gotten this many votes. Not even close.

      • These dudes have been putting in work for the longest time now. No campaign necessary the D. Burps kill it and deserve more credit.

      • nah, i get that. I like their music. I’m just saying, I’m well aware of how site traffic works around here and, specifically, how posts like this do…over 300 people voting on one of my music polls has never happened. Not even close. It’s all good, I’m just saying, the results are a little over the top. It wouldn’t shock me if they (understandably) promoted this post on social networks and their fans responded. That’s all I’m saying.

  7. Sounds like a bad Aesop Rock voice (and I hate him) and looks like Action Bronson if he couldn’t spit and came from bumblefuck

  8. I probably woulda leaned more towards mediocre, but with a name like “Dinosaur Burps”, i had to vote awesome!

  9. Saw them live once. Pretty much put me to sleep. What made the show better was my friend freestyling in my ear to their beat (and sounding better), pretty sad that was the highlight.

  10. I dig it, I’m just a viewer of the phat friend site & have no reason to be biased at all. at first I was kinda iffy but as the 1st video went along I started to really like it. The 2nd video was dope but not as cool as the 1st. They seem to be having fun & just living in the cuts doing hip hop. too bad every shithead is gonna compare him to Action Bronson, which I know will happen because I did within like 10 seconds, ‘merica. Anyway goodluck to these dudes they seem to get “it” whatever that shit is. Peace.

  11. It’s good shit. All comparisons aside. Well produced, thoughtful & funny lyrics, original yet still accessible, and entertaing as Hell. I am surpised a ginger could make such a good song!

  12. I fast forwarded the first vid, heard about 15 seconds of a verse and decided I like em. Beat and track itself was dope during that 15 second time span as well.

  13. I saw these guys perform at Skatopia in Rutland, OH somewhere back back between 07-09. Bought this mixtape Taste Like Crazy for $1.00. Best dollar I ever spent. I still have the autographed personalized copy to this day. Glad to see B.Rude still makin gnarly WV rap music. RIP Meuwl

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