Yay or Nay: Wiki of the RatKing crew

This is one of those groups/artists I heard about a while back was like “hmm…pretty good” Then accidentally forgot about. Apparently so did the internet. In this day and age , when it seems like most rappers like this might get at least 15 minutes of fame and then vanish into the abyss, Wiki somehow didn’t really even get that. He did, however, get his crew Ratking signed to XL records so the fact he hasn’t been getting pumped up on blogs recently and whatever might just be for a limited time only.
The first thing you (and everyone else) says when they hear him rap is that he sounds like a young Eminem. The similarities are definitely there. From the high pitched nasal voice to his relentless flow. However, I do feel something distinctly new york about this kid that separates them. I read that he’s from Manhattan (which is a rarity for rappers so I gotta feel a little hometown pride there). He definitely reminds me of a 2013 version of the grimy kids that would spend their days in Washington square park , smoking blunts , half assedly kicking it to any girl within ten feet of them and freestyling that I knew from my youth. Whatever the case, I think the kid can definitely rap. I may not love his beat choices but that’s more of a personal taste thing. Also, he’s a young dude. Surely he could grow and, with the skill set he’s already got, I’m curious to see where this all goes.

So, what do you think of Wiki?

31 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Wiki of the RatKing crew

  1. Dude doesn’t sound like Eminem at all to me. To me he sounds like what I always thought Agallah would sound like based on his Unsigned Hype appearance back in the day. What is XL doing with this dude, just sitting on him?

  2. I think he’s pretty dope. He can definitely flow and as for his voice….he can’t really help that. He’s just playin the cards dealt. I think he’s gonna be good later on. I didn’t like all the beats but some of them were ok. Awesome blog post!

  3. ” Also, he’s a young dude. Surely he could grow and, with the skill set he’s already got, I’m curious to see where this all goes.”

    He’s going to be a shitty artistic singer by the time he’s 30.


  4. whats the difference between ‘wack’ and ‘dope’? I thought they were both used to describe things positively.

  5. One of my 10th grade students told me about him this week, coincidentally. They went to middle school together, which makes this kid 15 or 16. I think he’s really talented, especially given his age.

  6. More than a young Eminem, he reminds me of one of the Arsonists. (D-Stroy maybe?)
    But yeah, he’s a good rapper and fits in well with this new crop of NY rappers.
    We’ll see…

  7. Yo Blockhead how come your avatar is always that blue pentagon? Shouldn’t it be a square because you’re blockhead?

  8. His impediment gets to me at times, but I can’t quit listening. Dope despite the impediment means he’s on some damn dirty shit.

  9. The exact same thing happened to me, “This is pretty good” and forgot about it completely. This is still pretty dope tho. Wonder if he/they got anything coming out in the near future..?

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