Answers for questions Vol. 127

What up everyone. I hope you’re all recovering well from being Irish yesterday.
I’m heading to europe later this week so , if you live there, peep some of these tour dates and , who knows, maybe I’m playing near you: Upcoming Shows! There are also some west coast, east coast and colorado shows listed there too so check it out.
Anywaaaaaay, this is that thing where you send me questions and I answer them. If you’d like to contribute, send me your questions. Email them to me at or leave them in the comments below. Do it.
Okay, let’s see what we got this week.

do you remember the first time you felt old? and how do feel about ageing now?

Life after 30 feels like a bunch of constant small reminders that you’re running on borrowed time. I’m not trying to be grandiose about this and pretend I’m constantly feeling like death is near, cause that’s not what I mean. I’m saying that there is rarely that one defining “Oh shit, I’m old” moment. It’s more a series of “hmmm…I’m not as young as I used to be…” moments until it dawns on you that , yes, you are in fact, no longer a teenager in your early 30’s.
Since I can’t pin down one specific occurrence , what I can do is list those little things that are normally tips
1) Being sore all the time. I don’t mean like arthritis.
I mean just a general soreness. It goes hand in hand with exercise so lazy sacks of shit out there might not relate to this one.
2)Hangovers get way worse
3)Minor injuries linger
4)Being in a bar filled with people in their early 20’s feels wrong
5)paying taxes on time
6)you sleep a lot less
7)Dairy starts to fuck with you more. In fact, random foods in general that you’ve always eaten without consequence start to react differently when placed inside your old ass body.
8)watching what you eat becomes a high priority.
This one’s important cause, for many, I feel like embracing adulthood and getting older goes hand in hand with accepting you can’t eat like a kid anymore. Never in my life did I ever imagine I’d be at a fucking health food store checking the calories on a package of dried mango but, hey, here we are.
9)you care less about everything. The emotional spectrum one has shrinks from it’s former “Outrage-Joy” to “Meh-it’s okay”.

Aging is one of those things you have to accept cause there is no way to “beat” it. It’s not like you’re gonna live forever. The best you can do is try to make the descent into full blown old as easy as possible. Take care of yourself. If you’re in you’re late 30’s , eating Mcdonalds every day, drinking 5 times and week and never exercising, that’s all gonna come fuck you in the ass down the line. But, then again, healthy people get cancer all the time so who knows?
Bottom line, getting old sucks. More than anything because , as you get older, your mind gets sharper and your body falls apart. So, it’s frustrating to never have them both on the same wavelength. I spend a small portion of any given day thinking “If i knew then what i knew now…but still was me back then…”

Here’s a few questions for answers, admittedly the last one is kinda lame by comparison, but maybe you’ve got some wisdom into the magic that is cheese. (also, clearly i’m not looking for some wikipedia type knowledge on the history of the hotdog or milk, just for you to rewrite history as you think it went down):

“Was the dude who made the first Hotdog also the first one to try a Hotdog, or did he make somebody else take that first bite?”

I like to imagine the first person who made a hot dog (or a “sausage” if you’re fancy) shared it with his/her best friend. They both started eating it as the same time from different ends and chomped down on it “Lady and the Tramp” style , ending in a passionate , sausage mouth filled make out session.

“Was the first sip of cow milk an accident, a perverted motherfucker, or the results of a lost bet?”

I’ve actually thought about this before. Like , at what point were people looking at fluids that came from animals bodies as something they would wanna put in their mouths? I mean, I get that seeing how human women used breast milk must have sparked the idea but still. Is it possible there were people in ancient times drinking the piss of as many different animals as they could wrangle just on the off chance one of them got the tasty piss they could feed their family with? Who knows.
But, to answer you questions, yeah, They must have seen how human titties worked and applied that cows.

“Why is cheese so fucking god damned good? Aside from Blue Cheeses, I’ve never met a cheese that was bad. Granted they’re not all mind blowers, but even a not-that-great cheese is still consistently better tasting than any other not-that-great option of normally good food.”

Umm…I don’t know bro. Cause good food tastes good? Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? Why did judas grab the romans while jesus slept?

Do you think that the rise in social media and networking has caused
people to become more self-important?

Uh. Yeah. Big time. People have always been self important but never before have they had a platform like social media. You read their thoughts, look at their pictures, see their jobs and relationship status. I joked on twitter the other day that “Twitter bios are the new resume” cause , at this point , why not? People not only have gotten so self involved that they think their lives are actually important/interesting but they’ve learned to do so in as few words as possible. A picture and caption.
I think the biggest problem with all of this is that all this social media really effects peoples egos. People take this shit WAY too Seriously. You ever joke around and fuck with someones facebook page when they’re not in the room? while some will laugh it off, some will lose their fucking minds. As if there are any repercussions from a single facebook update. Or how bout on instagram when people get salty about “likes”, follows and unfollows. That shit makes people legit sad. People get deeply hurt feelings over something that could not matter less in the large scheme of things. All those type of things are partially related to people thinking they’re more important online that they actually are. The second you stop just being a person using the internet and start acting like a brand, it’s all downhill from there.
It’s funny cause I’m no different. I love social media. I mean, shit, you’re reading my personal “Blog” right now. I’d probably be doing a blog if I was a dude that worked in a coffee shop. That’s no less self important than the endless pictures of girls making a duck face at the club on your facebook wall. I think that’s one of the major downsides of the social media. It’s great and it’s fun but , if you actually do use it with any regularity, it’s almost impossible to not be self important on some level. The only way to not do that is to either be a full time lurker or just be one of those off the grid motherfuckers. And, honestly, I don’t know how they even live life. But props to them regardless.

How do you feel about new artists who use the same magic in their music as Michael Jackson? Any clip or sample from any MJ song seems to give the new artist an instant hit.
The new hit by Bruno Mars really jacked the “HOO”(song:”locked out of heaven”) from “Beat It”….Why don’t these artists give credit to MJ for using key components from obvious number 1 hits? How does it make you feel overall?

I really don’t feel any bit of wonder or frustration when I hear a DJ incorporate MJ songs in his or her set, it’s a totally different thing to me.
I am a peaceful music lover and serious fan of MJ since 1981, and always seem to cringe when I hear these new artists borrowing lyrics and samples from the King, even more so now that he has passed. It’s like, “yeah no fuckin wonder this shits a hit-sounds just like BEAT IT”.

Is this a reoccurring issue? I haven’t noticed. This is one of those “it is what it is” kinda problems. People love familiarity. There’s a reason why, in the late 90’s, puffy changed the game but saying “fuck it…” and sampling only wildly famous songs. It’s cause he knew that people would be drawn to it. Now, I don’t know the Bruno Mars song and I can’t think of many recent MJ nods in pop music but who gives a shit? I’d be willing to bet they artists are doing it as a tip of the hat to MJ. His music is so engrained in pop culture it’s a reference point for pretty much anyone over the age of 20.
I realize he’s one of the greatest and all that shit but I’m not one for the sacred cow mindsets towards pop artists. He’s one of thousands talented artists that have been sampled, referenced, and reworked. I’m afraid that’s just music in 2013.

What was your first impression of cold vein?

Secondly, everyone has those go to albums they absolutely love. However you sit in somewhat of a different seat being in the industry and having a large amount of friends who make music. So has any of your friends made one of those classic albums that you inevitably go back to and give it a relisten?

Cold vein was one of those albums I heard that , right away, I knew it was special. Anytime you hear something and your first thought is “Man, this sounds like nothing else” (and you mean that in a positive way) that’s a good sign. Honestly, of all the albums in that entire era, I feel as if that one i gonna stand the test of time the best and will be looked back upon as classic by more than just a bunch of white dudes in their 30’s who used to love backpacks.

As for friends making classics, it’s hard to call. I certainly can’t say that about any Aesop album cause of my close involvement to them. I’m way too inside the bubble to have any idea where those albums would stand.
But, of people I know, I think El-P has made a classic album. I think Cold Vein is a definitive classic. I think , as time goes on, Billy Woods album “History will absolve me” may be spoken of in that light. Granted, by a much smaller group of people but it deserves to be looked at in that same type of high regard. I think the first RJd2/Blueprint album is up there. Shit…there are tons of great albums from people I know from that era. It’s hard to even remember them all. But i do occasionally go back and peep that stuff. Maybe not the whole albums (Ipods have ruined how i listen to music , in that sense) but choice album tracks? For sure.

19 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 127

    • i always dug that album for being weird and different, but i don’t think i could take it seriously as a “classic”

      • Yeah, i’m a big fan of that album but way too many people hate it for it to ever be considered a classic in a larger sense.

  1. On the subject of feeling old references in rap have started making me feel old. Like kids these days have no reference point of what 100 spokes are or meant in the 90’s. Also references to movies like Menace To Society, and just other slang. On a completely separate note I hate the New Jersey Nets and all the people wearing their stupid gear. It is the antithesis of cool.

    • You mean the Brooklyn nets, right? And i agree. The only people who should be allowed to root for the BK nets are children and people from BK who have always hated the knicks.

  2. Complaining about sampling Michael Jackson is like farting into the wind. There are certainly people out there who consider Illmatic to be a certified classic and possibly hiphop’s GOAT record; It Ain’t Hard to Tell contains a clear and obvious sample of Human Nature (as did that SWV song around the same time). So, who cares? If the sample works in context and leads to a great song, there’s nothing to complain about (at least from the listener’s perspective). Of course, failing to clear the sample is something entirely different…

  3. If you had the opportunity to become the new host for a reboot of any of these formerly popular TV shows, which one would you choose?

    1.) The Man Show
    2.) The Jerry Springer Show
    3.) Fear Factor

  4. How do you feel about The Birdman being on the heat? It seems like people that go by “The Birdman” just flock to that team.

  5. I definitely agree on the HWAM thing. With time and future releases I think this will go down as a classic album. Definitely one of the best I’ve heard in a long time. I’m cautiously optimistic that Dour Candy will be a proper follow up..No pressure or anything Tony.

      • Not at all my man…I’m definitely excited. One of my most anticipated albums of the year. I am amazed at how many people are sleeping on Billy Woods still. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to see things get overhyped, but the album is (hopefully) only a couple of months away and there is next to nothing mentioned about Dour Candy around. I would think that at least the label would be starting to get people hyped for this important follow up. In my mind, I have no doubt that both of you are more than capable of making something amazing that can stand on it’s own without much media hype, but what about the people that never even heard of Billy Woods? I can’t believe that in 2013 no one is taking advantage of the plethora of options for exposure out there. If it’s intentional than I totally respect it. I know Billy is kind of a low-key guy but if the guy really wants to make a living doing music ( maybe he doesn’t) then it seems like he’d be trying to get the word out there a little more

        .I’m kind of rambling here really I just think the world needs more music like you all make and the world needs to hear it. I try to hype people on Billy Woods every chance I get but I am just some dude in San Diego.

        Kind of related question: Do/Did you feel any pressure to make something big after History Will Absolve Me? I know that Dour Candy is a whole different thing but do you feel any pressure or partial responsibility to make, what essentially is a follow up, a masterpiece?

      • Not really. i don’t put pressure on myself like that and , to be honest, HWAM was a fantastic record that a lot of people didn’t hear. Woods is still fairly low key in the game. It’s one of those albums that, the people who have heard it, ride for it hard and the rest are simply unaware.
        so, because of that, I don’ feel overwhelming pressure about following it up. Also, the two albums are EXTREMELY different. They sound nothing a like in both beats and the way Woods rhymes. But i suppose that could work both for and against it.

      • I definitely think that’s a good way to approach it. Putting that kind of pressure on you has got to be detremental to making good music.Still I am baffled by the lack of press or publicity Billy Woods gets. I mean, the guy doesn’t even have a wikipedia page. Do you think it’s intentional on Billy’s & Backwoodz’s part?

      • I understand that and respect that especiallly in this day and age. . I listened to an interview with him on a podcast yesterday and he actually makes reference to the fact that he wants to maintain an aura of mystery and also leave room for change and growth as an artist. Not over-exposing himself keeps Billy Woods from being pigeon-holed as a particular type of rapper.Which I think is the best thing about him. He is really diverse as an artist. He can be political, intellectual, and deep, and also can make light hearted songs about weed and strippers.I just hope that more people start to listen. Word of mouth is important but without accessibilty he runs the risk of fading into obscurity. I think that would be a loss for music and us all.

  6. I used to work at a restaurant called the Old Spaghetti Factory. We served shitty pasta and all kinds of bland shit, thus white people loved us. Over my tenure I noticed a disgusting/weird trend (or what I thought was gross). White people would very often order a glass of milk to go along with their Spaghetti, Chicken Parm, Fetuccini Alfredo etc…This is nauseating as fuck to me. What are your thoughts on this? Are there any other weird culinary pairings you partake in?

  7. Why do so many rappers and even your boy Alaska hate on Vast Aire? Yeah, he’s had some wack verses and there’s that beef with Cage (I think?) but, shit man, Cold Vein.

      • Definitely..I don’t what happened with that guy. I’m speaking as a big CANOX fan that jrecently saw their “reunion” show and…well..uh..Let’s just say that they failed to recapture whatever magic that the Cold Vein had..

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