Yay or Nay: Da Buze Brovas

This is kind of a test. I know my readership. You guys , for the most part, are not into aggressive rappers. I remember when I posted a Gunplay song as a “song of the day” a while back, the reaction was mostly negative. I mean, shit, it makes sense. You’re here via me and I’m not exactly making murder muzic. Still, while I may not make Murder muzic, I’m sometimes a fan of it.
Allow me to introduce you to Da Buze Brovas. Two actual brothers from Philly. They are the definition of a local act in the sense that it’s highly unlikely many people outside of Philly has peeped them. While they do put videos on youtube, the don’t have any music available online. Instead, they opt to burn cd’s and sell them at local bodegas. Yes, this is that kinda shit. The term “street shit” gets thrown around in rap but this is that at it’s purest form. Two dudes making music for the fuck of it with no cares of whether or not you ever hear it. It’s actually kinda beautiful.
Anyway, my dude Marq Spekt is down with these guys and put me on. He showed me a few of their videos and I was immediately intrigued. I’m kinda assuming I know what your reaction will be but, hey, I’ve been wrong before. Just be clear: This is some hardcore Philly street shit. If you’re coming into this expecting anything else, don’t even bother listening. So, tell me, Da Buze Brovas- Yay or Nay?

26 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Da Buze Brovas

  1. Maybe not for most of people but it’s easy to figure out who is real or fake. Gunplay belongs the fake category. He’s just a guy act like he’s nutz. You can’t feel it. And also this is rap game. Who doesn’t love agressiveness or this style? Speaking of hardcore, I crown M.O.P. for this. While you listen to M.O.P. – for instance W.O.L.V.E.S. – you wanna tear up everything. When their lyrical and vocal abilities are combined with a tough beat, you can feel the craziness in your vein. Anyway, About Buz Brovas; you can feel their tracks and they know what to do for sure. I mean they got style and need a breaking point for an explosion in their career.

    • I’d venture to say Gunplay is actually a little crazy. Did you see the footage of him smacking the shit out of some lawyer/accountant? I mean shit…dude just beat a life sentence. But, beyond all that, he’s a dope rapper. He raps about the typical shit but he’s way more creative than he’s given credit.

      • I just saw the footage he’s smacked by 50’s entourage. I havent seen the lawyer footage.

      • Smacked by an entourage also means jumped by more than one person. In this case it was like 7 dudes. No one is going to look tough in that situation.

  2. I am an educated dude from the hood so I can be down from with shit from Kool G to Atmosphere. These little hippy pussy need to stop crying.

  3. If this is really what’s meant when the term “street shit” is used, then i’ve had a fucked definition of the term “street shit” in my head for awhile. I expected a whole lot of “imma kill you, imma rob you, im a big scary black man, raaaaaaaaaaah!” kind of shit (with a ton of references to their dicks, their bitches, and their money). But this is just two dudes going on about their skills and what they’re doing daily, but with a whole lot of wit and cleverness. Shit’s nice. But i had to vote for the “it offends my delicate white sensibilities” because that shit’s hilarious.

    • ^ Seconded. Shit’s nice, Think the comparisons with Price and M.O.P are spot on. I actually don’t understand people who don’t like this rap but can bump something like Aesop. How the fuck did you get on to liking weird alt hiphop if not through coming through all the gully shit and then realizing, ‘shit, this was grand for my teenage angry years but I actually have nothing in common with these dudes, time to expand’

    • …But I voted “I find angry black men rapping to be offensive to my delicate white sensibilites” cause it’s the funniest.

  4. I prefer people who sound this generic to at least be talking about real shit…which they are. They are hood as fuck but in the real way…not like the intimidation factor of some pop music that’s hood that just sounds played out. Much better than the five kids I run into on the bus who all rap like drake and suck while thinking they’re dope.

  5. This is super good. I have no problem with street shit. I don’t think a lot of the folks that come to your site do. Speaking for myself I DO have a problem with wack MC’s and those MC’s that try to cover up a lack of talent with violent, graphic, or outrageous lyrics.You can do that shit right like the Geto Boys did or you can fail at it like Gunplay.

    Either way,these cats have talent and and seem like the real deal. Thanks for putting me on to this Blockhead!

  6. I didn’t see the option for “Love them horses” so…
    I think they are awesome
    Good, not great. Will check for the in the future.
    I think they are mediocre
    I’m not a fan of this type of rapping but i can see they have skills
    I like this kinda shit but it’s still not that good.
    I think they suck
    I find angry black men rapping to be offensive to my delicate white sensibilites
    x Love them horses

    Seriously, that was good. You mediafire it, I’ll snag it. I just grabbed tix to your show at Cervantes in Denver and wanted to know if you were bringing merch. My copy of Interludes After Midnight was lifted by that female who I had you put your John Hancock on her disproportionately large bosom (place sad face emoticon here). Anyway, totally want to purchase again and have you sign, minus the barfly this time. I still have Chase Phoenix liner notes that need the same attention. Glad your coming back!

  7. Dudes are ok. When it comes to agressive/in your face raps I prefer stuff from Machina Muerte ie; Isaiah Toothtaker, Rapewolf, Cadalack Ron, Mestizo etc…

  8. These dudes are dope. I really like that there shit is hand to hand bodega availability and not on some corny internet hype, lots of respect for that. Philly’s got a kind of slept on hip hop scene, but there was lots of raw talent being displayed at the many open mics (medusa lounge for one) by humble cats who didnt care about blowing up. For those who dig the horse: BBC has a crime documentary on philly called law and disorder and near the end there is a interview with a dude reds who keeps it very hood with his urban livestock.

  9. ever hood has some old dudes who can spit that street shit. i know a dude whos been rhyming so long he swears mac 10 from westside connection stole HIS rhyme name. i dont know these guys but i know these guys…and gunplay sucks.

  10. Pretty decent and enjoyable. Dig the head nodding punch your face beats too. Probably not gonna wanna buy a full album from them, but i’d definitely give it a chance if the previews/snippets were good.

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