Yay or Nay? Milo

So, last week, When I was writing my normal “Music and stuff” column for SYFFL.Com , my partner in that column, Tim AKA Alaska, posted a video by a new rapper named Milo. He’s down with the West Coast crew Hellfyre Club. My initial reaction was that it was interesting but not really up my alley. Since then, I’ve peeped a few more things of his and, while I’m not in love with the music, I’m definitely intrigued by it. This is one of those cases where I’m genuinely curious to see what you think (where as typically, this “yay or nay” column is me posting music with an agenda to , hopefully make you like some new shit I’m bumping).
Also, I figure Milo would be a funny follow up to last weeks Buze Brovas entry.
So, thoughts on Milo? Yay or Nay?

26 thoughts on “Yay or Nay? Milo

  1. Lyrics are decent but I hate these beats. When did this movement start? I generally name this kinda beats as Kid Cudi Thing. Shitloads of mixtapes out there and if a rapper got something to say, conscious rapper, they decide to rap over similar routine tunes. When were conscious rappers linked to this sh*t? Or rappers approach the situation like this: “f*ck that beat, it doesn’t matter whatever give me. I just wanna spit” ?

  2. He needs more distinctive beats. His lyrics are really clever and I like his wordplay but his cadence seems a tad too lackadaisical for my tastes. I hear what you’re saying about being intrigued but not in love with the music.

  3. Hipster bullshit.. Yeah I said it. There is no way this dude has actively try to cultivate himself as a hipster. Both in music and dress. Yeah ok..nerdy video game and cartoon references
    .All this shit has been done an been done better. This seems like some shit that shouldve come out on Anticon in 2003.

  4. Y’know to be honest, we’ve actually come across ALOT of guys like this before. Only it was under your demo reviews section. Usually they’d be dismissed with a “Curse Of The White Voice” as I think you’ve come to call it. This falls into the Nerd Core, Pop Culture, rap spectrum. I think the difference between Him and them though is that he’s lyrics are a bit more clever and he has more self assuredness in terms of how he presents and markets himself. He also doesn’t try nearly as hard or come off as over-pretentious as the others that came along in the demo review. Overall it seems like he just started putting his thoughts over beats just as a hobby, then people began taking a liking to it, now he’s just going with the flow and seeing where it can go. Which I can respect.

  5. I like Baths, so I actually really like the music. I think he’s got a nice rhyme style, but it just needs some refinement. I will definitely keep an eye on this guy.

  6. i like him. i’m drawn to his lyrics in a way that is reminiscent of aesop, but with a different rhythm (do the kids call that flow?). some of the beats are kinda boring but their in the same vein as what blockhead does, so i can see how he’s drawn to this kid. also, who the hell works in ‘persnickity’ into a rhyme? i like it.

  7. Another case of mediocre rap finds slightly better production. A little cliche indie. But Definite potential on both fronts (unless hes already old, i havo no clue…)

  8. I urge you to listen to his new EPs. He’s clearly developed and blossomed. His new stuff is far more polished than the “mixtape” feel some might gather from the songs featured here. Hard to knock an intelligent man.

  9. Personally, I think Milo could bring a change to hip hop. He embodies the essence of normality and produces unique, contemporary music. The songs posted above aren’t his best work in my opinion. Milo is an artist worth investigating…

  10. Ooooonnnn second inspection, I just spent the last hour listening to a lot more of his stuff…dude is incredible, he’s not just Pop culture nerd core. He’s a serious MC.

  11. I didn’t think he flowed well to be honest. His beats aren’t my style either. I think he has a good voice, less monotone and it would be a great one. I woul peep this guy again later on. I wish him the best of luck

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