Tim and i discuss music Vol. 25

This week Tim AKA Alaska and i get into…well, you know what? It doesn’t matter cause one of the videos we talk about it that new Thicke video that has basically ruined my life. Haven’t seen it? Well, now you will. NSFW, btw. But here’s a hint, the girl in my header is up in it. God bless her angel soul.

3 thoughts on “Tim and i discuss music Vol. 25

  1. ” Once you move on from dating girls who bring nothing but drama to your life it is hard to listen to music by people who have non-stop relationship issues. At a certain point it is time to realize that you might be the problem…” Holy fuck. That is the truest statement in a blog I’ve ever reaD. EVER. Congrats Tim you on fire this week

    • also “Thicke looks like an a-hole who puts chemicals in girl’s drinks” so on point…why are the good looking bastards into that over every other type dude?

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