Yay or Nay: Shirt.

Apparently this dudes been around for a little while but he’s new to me. To be honest I haven’t had much time to fully digest his music cause I literally heard him for the first time yesterday but my attention was grabbed. He’s a NYC rapper with a style that seems brutally honest. I’ve always been drawn to rappers who , even though they may be somewhat scum baggish, they’re seemingly speaking what they believe to be truths. As opposed to most rappers either just rapping to be rapping or blindly bragging about things well out of their grasp. Shirt (formerly known as T-shirt) has the “Tell it like it is” shit down. His new video has raised a lot of eyebrows both for the song and content of the video which is a little NSFW. Apparently it a mixture of pics he’s taken and found over the last 6 months of his life that are meant to show you what kinda shit he’s been on. Well, I like it…

AUTOMATIC – SHIRT. from shirt on Vimeo.

Here’s a link to his bandcamp page where you can download an album from him for free:

So, what do you think of him?

10 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Shirt.

  1. While Shirt may not be breaking a new ground in the world of rap I gotta agree with Block about the realness factor of this guy. It’s pretty refreshing to hear especially in the current music climate. You can definitely tell how and what he rhymes about is the way he is living his life. Decent flow. The beats on the stuff I’ve heard so far haven’t blown me away. I’d like to see how he sounds with a different producer. I will keep checking for this guy and see what he does in the future. Send him some beats Block!

  2. I like his beat selection. He has an interesting voice, but I wasn’t that engaged. Ain’t gonna lie few rappers who don’t use multi-syllabic rhyme schemes keep my attention regardless of if they rap about nerdy shit, thug shit, or whatever.

  3. Do you think when he says “Fuck Pussy Bloggers!-Tweet that in all caps.” at the end of For the Record he is talking about Mero?

  4. Love these songs and Secret Paris of the 30’s. This guy has a badass beat selection and a badass delivery. Love good new music, thanks man

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