Yay or Nay: The Niyat

This weeks “Yay or Nay” comes from a reader submission. Special shout out to Kasey Kharma for that. Now, don’t get excited and start sending me links to you or your boys shitty youtube videos (that’s what demo reviews are for). This is a one time thing and this column is normally reserved for shit I pick out.
I was fully ready to peep one video and roll my eyes at this but, hey, it turns but this is pretty good. They’re a 4 man group from Houston and have worked with everyone from Bushwick Bill to FLying Lotus. From what I can gather , they do solo songs and do group cuts/ Kinda like on some Wu-tang shit.
Anyway, here’s some music from them. Lemme know what you think…

8 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: The Niyat

  1. I’m from Houston, and I aint heard of these cats yet… You’re right, southern rappers don’t rap, this is kind of refreshing to hear and will be checkin ’em out… Hopefully live… Nice find…

  2. I was naming all the rappers from the south that could rap and then i realized those rappers call themselvs the dungeon fam, machina muerte is cool though and if you consider kentucky the south you got cunning. Even haystack has one good cd.

  3. is kinda “wutangy”, at least masta killas not on it.

    CYNE is my favorite south shit and big krits dope. i love old outkast too.

  4. I like it. Love the beat and track on the first song, also like the mc’ing on that track, less so in the other one, but i’d have to hear more to say definitively. Pretty dope on first listen to couple songs though. Sort of in my range of preference.

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