Answers for questions Vol. 131

What up ladies and gentleman? Now that your heart has been eviscerated by the photo above, you’re ready.
Back again with another mystical magical trip through the minds of my readers and the burning questions they have for me.
Side note: I was sick again last week. This past year has been full of colds and flus for me, as it seems I have the immune system of a premature baby. Whatever it is, it fucking sucks and I’d like it to stop.
Anyway, if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, shoot them my way. Either email them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. I’m an open book. Just don’t ask boring questions. That’s my only rule.
Okay…let’s get into it.

Has any man ever confessed to loving you, in that way? I mean someone in your life… not on the internet (totally guilty here), so…

Can’t say that’s happened. I’ve been hit on by guys numerous times but never has it gotten to the point where someone I knew well decided they wanted to test those waters. I think that , doing that, comes with confusion and a glimmer of light in the eyes of the suitor. I’ve had plenty of gay friends over the years but I have a feeling I’ve never really put out that vibe of someone who may or may not be gay. That , or they get to know me and think I’m disgusting. Both are highly possible.
There was this one guy who used to hang around my friends and I when we were in our early 20’s. He was an older gay dude who used to date Roger Maplethorpe (famous gay photographer). Anyway, this dude would get drunk and hang on occasion. At the end of most nights, once properly sloshed, he’s inevitably try and take one of my straight male friends home with him. While some would follow him via cocaine bait, 95% of the time, people would just roll there eyes and that would be that. I should add that, as far as I know, the people who did follow him home to do coke never hooked up with him. They’d just blow lines at his crib and he’d put on porn (i guess that’s how you bag a straight dude?) but nothing would come of it. Though, I wouldn’t be shocked if he got a sneaky blow job off once or twice but that’s a whole different discussion.
Anyway, that dude hit on EVERYONE. Everyone, except me. In a way, I was kinda offended cause, you know, I was a handsome , fresh faced young man. Surely a drunk gay dude would have me?! I mean, he tried to fuck the full spectrum of my male friends to no avail and never even bothered with me. I mean, I appreciated it but I did always find myself thinking “Man, if I can’t get hit on by a drunk gay dude, what chance do I have with girls??” One time, I asked him why and he said “Cause you’re obviously not gay. You friends are all half a fag as far as I’m concerned”. Well…ok. Peace to that dude though. He was hilarious.

do you have any kind of neuroses, we should know about? (e.g. arachnophobia, acrophobia or washing your hands thirty times a day)
what is your attitude towards life in general, do you think you are a more positive or negative person?

Hmm…I feel like I’m slightly O.C.D. but nothing that anyone would ever notice without knowing me VERY VERY well. Though, partially, I think that comes from me not having a normal job and trying to create a schedule for myself. Like I have a definite set pattern of how I like to do things from when I wake up to when I eat my lunch that, if disrupted, annoys the shit out of me. But, I don’t know if I’d call that a “neuroses” though.
As for my attitude towards life, I’d like to think I’m extremely rational and never too high or too low. In fact, I’ve been called a robot , in that sense, by many people. I simply don’t get too angry or too happy about anything. I’d call that being even keeled , another may call it being “emotionally dead inside”. Apples and oranges.
I’m definitively not an optimist but I also don’t sit around thinking of all the bad things that could happen. I more just expect mediocracy at all times. That way, I’m never to disappointed when things go poorly but I get a pleasant surprise every now and then when things go well. I’d say it’s this mind set that has kept me in the field I’ve been in for as long as I’ve been in it. Side note to budding artists of all types: Prepare for constant disappointment. If you can’t handle that shit,
this is not the business for you.

How do you feel about The Birdman being on the heat? It seems like people that go by “The Birdman” just flock to that team.
First off, NEVER FORGET:

I fucking love the Birdman so it was kind of a bummer to see him join the Heat. But, at the same time, I can’t really fault the guy for going to where he’s gonna win a title. He’s played in the league long enough and been through enough shit that he can do that. In a way, considering how money driven everyone is now, there’s part of me that kinda likes when players take pay cuts to play with a team. Granted, it’s flagrantly hunting down championship rings. All that said, the Knicks could really use that motherfucker right now…

you are chosen to equip an unmanned spacecraft, that will be sent out to inform extraterrestrials about life on earth. which three objects would you choose
to describe mankind? which song would you choose?

First off, the song would have to be the theme from “Close encounters”, right?

Simply cause that would be hilarious to actually do. And I’m not about to be the asshole that picks some shit like “Thriller” or “Let’s get it started in here” to greet a bunch of aliens who probably makes music with crazy tubed instruments that are seemingly always wet (that’s just how I imagine alien instruments)
As for the three object, that’s tough. If we’re trying to teach them about life on earth as it is now, I guess you’d send them an I-pad, a 32 oz. soft drink and a gun. That about covers it.

Have you ever been stuck in a shitty situation that you felt there was no way out of? Like after going through your options you came to the conclusion that it was just your lot in life to be miserable indefinitely?

I’ve been on the verge of those situations but I can’t say I’ve ever been in one. To be honest, most of the ones I’ve been in have been related to dealing with girls so, in actuality, they weren’t that big a deal. So, it sounds to me like you’re fucked…but I can say that , 99% of the time, there is a way out of the shit. I think once you accept you gotta crawl through some shit to get out of it, doors will open up. Unless you’re in jail for life, you’ve always got options.

Yo Block, if you had small children of your own that were acting up in a public place like a restaurant or grocery store, how would you discipline them?

Obviously , I’d beat them death right there on the spot. PROBLEM SOLVED.
Nah, I have no idea. I don’t have kids and have never taken care of other peoples kids in my life. I could spew all sorts of ideals of how I’d discipline my children to you but, like i said, I have no idea what I’d do. I’m a fairly passive guy who doesn’t get mad easily but I also have a short fuse for annoyance when it comes to people acting like assholes in public. So, I could imagine my plan of attack would be to simply remove us all from the equation. I don’t mean a group suicide. I mean, literally, get out. My kids are acting up in a restaurant? Pay the bill and bounce. Anything to just lessen the burden on the people around me. Once we’d be out of that situation, then I suppose it would be time to discipline them. But, like I said, this is all theoretical. I have no idea what I’d actually do. Also, kids are the worst.

I was wondering what your opinion on the TV Show ‘Girls’ is? Is it a
programme about self entitled 20 somethings? Or do you think Lena
Dunham is on to something?

I sit somewhere in the middle. I watch it and find it entertaining. I also find it pretty heavily flawed. I actually think this second season was a bit of a regression cause Dunham seemed to be so focused on herself that lots of the better characters fell to the side.
One of the common criticisms of the show is “but I hate all the characters”. To me, that’s why it’s good. These are excellently portrayed entitled , self involved girls in their early 20’s. They’re unlikable cause, in reality, the girls they’re representing suck. So, in that sense, I give Dunham major props for nailing that demographic.
The other major criticism is that Dunham needs to put some clothes on. Again, in the first season, she made her point. I got it. We all got it. This season she seemed hell bent on just grossing people out. Every outfit she chose seemed more and more baffling. Like any insecure girl of her size would EVER wear an entire wardrobe that makes her look like a a wet grocery bag filled with marbles. It was just over the top, in my opinion. I get why she did it/does it but there isn’t a person who watched that show that didn’t turn away from the camera multiple times during each episode cause she felt it necessary to show her already hamburgler like physique in it’s most unflattering form. I respect her want to challenge social norms and all but , this season, she seemed obsessed with it.
i think the show has many good things about it and could be great if she could just find a way to not bring her ego and agendas into it. She’s a talented writer. I imagine she’ll grow up a little with every coming season and that can only be a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 131

  1. I’ve got a question: why the hell are you sick all the time? You say you’re sick at the start of so many blogs. Is it because your diet is unhealthy or do you lick the toilet bowl or what? I’m guessing maybe you walk around in a t-shirt and shorts during winter.

    • Trust me, this year has been brutal…but , to answer your question…
      I have terrible allergies. Anytime seasons change, i get fucked up. The thing is, these allergy attacks tend to always just turn into me getting a head cold/flu. I dunno if I have AIDS but my immune system is pretty weak…that may be because: I travel a lot , I’m on planes way too much and , often this traveling leads to me not sleeping well. But, beyond all that, I sleep badly in general.
      So, between the allergies, travel and poor sleeping , I’m guessing that’s the culprit.
      The fucked up thing is I eat pretty healthy, I exercise regularly and I don’t do any drugs or smoke cigarettes (I drink alcohol maybe once a week tops). I’d imagine if i did any of those things with regularity I’d never get out of bed again.

  2. Block I know this question is kinda ridiculous, as this might not be one of your songs, but it’s been eating away at me heavily. Does one of your tracks have a line sampled that says, “It’s that time again..” It may not be in your music at all but it’s been on my mind for weeks, so I’m asking. I know I should probably just listen to a bunch of songs but…time.

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