Answers for questions vol. 132


What up. Back again…Mark this day down cause I’m actually not sick! Feels good, man.
My back is fucked up though so, you know, life goes on.
Btw, I got shows in NYC, Philly and RIchmond this week. for more info, peep HERE. I’d love to see you.
Hey bro. Hey gurlll. You got any questions you wanna ask me? Well, this is your chance. Either email them to me at or leave them in the comments below. I’m game for almost anything so feel free to get weird.
Now, on to this weeks questions…

What do you think about the gun control situation in America? Cause there’s some people making guns using 3D printers. To me that just sounds absolutely ludicrous. Any dimwit who can get there hands on a 3D printer can now potential access a gun regardless of their criminal history.

Wait…what? Who’s making guns out of 3d printers? and it’s such a widespread thing that it somehow enters the conversation about gun control? If that’s true than just abandon all hope and hide in your basement until you die of starvation. I’m not up on much but that sounds kinda farfetched. It sounds like it’s as much a problem as, say, people making Macgyver-like bombs out of gum and a toilet paper roll.
As for gun control, I’m the first to admit that I’m not very schooled on the issue. All I know is that a bunch of crazy people have been going crazy lately. Does that mean all guns should be banned? I don’t think that’s realistic. The best thing we can do is to make guns extremely hard to get. Like an adoption. Then it might cut down on the crazies going nuts. But, even then, people will find a way. This is one of those problems that, while it could be helped by a new plan, is never going to just go away. When people are motivated , they can achieve a lot. Unfortunately, that goes for people who want to do bad things just as much as people with good intentions.
I’ve always liked the Chris Rock Idea of making Bullets ridiculously expensive.

So I have been playing guitar for a long time now. I got into production trying to record my guitar sounds over a MIDI drum track. Gradually over the years, I got to enjoy the process and I started to become more ambitious about music production. I spent a lot of time developing my skills in Ableton and other DAWs and VSTs. However, I feel I have forgotten the kind of musician i started out to be. With so many different production tricks to learn and so many new genres to incorporate into my production style, my shit has turned too technical. I can’t feel the groove in my music anymore. My production ambition seems to be going nowhere. I don’t make any money from my music. I am almost 27 and there is family pressure on me to start thinking about my “real” career (I have a bachelors in engineering). I don’t wanna be the 30 year old guy who is pretending to make music (Thats how I assume other people will think of me). But there is this little voice inside of me that says that I cannot quit after coming so far and so close. There are days when spending hours on my laptop producing music seems so worthless. Yet, sometimes a song will gradually develop over months into something that even surprises me in a nice way.

I have thought about DJing for quick money. Sadly, I hate DJing that is popular in my part of the world. DJing here means mixing a few local language songs with a stupid little European house beat that drunk people like to shake their asses to. It has the perfect formuliac build up, the drop and what not. It makes me wanna puke when I am not drunk. Rarely, I end up dancing to this stupid shit when I get shit faced. Then, it makes me wanna cry the next morning. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Why am I so hung up on making good music or what I think is good music. Should I lower my standards and sell out? Should I quit music altogether and just make it a thing of my past (like my dad’s long hair phase from the 70s)? Should I take the risk and try to make “good” music even though most people don’t give a shit about it? In that case, I will probably be broke eternally for the sake of not selling out as an asshole DJ. Help.

I don’t know why everything has to be so black and white. You could get a job and still make music. Whenever people ask me for advice about being a musician for their career, I always tell them to not bother.While that seems grim, the reality is it’s simply to much of a dice roll. I’m existing doing what I do for a living because of lucky circumstances and good timing. My “talent” is completely secondary. There are plenty of people out there that are far more talented than I am that will never release anything simply because they never got that break. Or their timing was wrong.
So, I’d say keep making music if that’s what you like doing. Having a creative outlet is crucial to keeping sane. But don’t put much stock in it ever becoming a thing you can live off. It’s one of those things that, if it happens, accept it with open arms but never expect it…especially at your age. That said, I was 26/27 when I quit my last job to do music full time so it’s not impossible…just HIGHLY unlikely.
As for the DJing, I’d say if you value your sanity and you desire to not kill people, avoid it. DJing is the fucking worst for any with original thoughts towards music. Unless you’re just spinning stuff you like in a tiny lounge or something, it’s a nightmare that will make you question humanity on a nightly basis. For more on that, read this:

Do you remember the stuff you dream at night ?
Are your dreams visual or are there sounds/music in your dreams as well ? what about movements and smell or taste ?
what is the most bizarre thing that ever happened in your dreams ?

I almost never remember my dreams. I don’t know if it’s cause i sleep so lightly or cause I just ignore them. When I de recall dreams, they tend to be both realistic and boring. Like I’ve literally dreamt I did my laundry. I woke up thinking “Oh cool, I don’t have to do laundry today” only to find that I hadn’t done my laundry. Mind bending stuff , I know. I’ve also dreamt of hearing some salacious gossip about a friend and woken up thinking it was real for like 5 hours. Shit like that. I certainly never have crazy, out of the ordinary things happen in my dreams. Which is too bad cause that kinda sounds like fun. Like an acid trip in your sleep.

Do you maintain a library of samples to use for songs or do you just keep it in your head and pull out records when you need them?

Over the last few years I’ve been sampling way more mp3’s (cause buying the records I’d need to sample would cost way too much so I download from rare music sites). Because of this, I’ve been able to come up with a highly organized system for possible samples I might use. Everything is in I-tunes. I organize them by type of sample (drum, something I’d use as a layer, or a main part ) and by what instrument they are. But that I mean I mark off the sample as “Piano” or , if it’s got multiple sounds I’d write “Horn/percussion/bass”. That way, when I’m making a beat, if i need a certain sound, I can just go through that section of my files and hopefully find something that works. This also helps with keep track of what I’ve sampled in the past so I don’t resample the same thing.
Before I did this whole I-tunes thing, I used to stick post it notes on records saying what songs on the record were good and what instruments they were. This is just a much more organized and upgraded version of that.

Seeing how women have decided to own the word “Bitch” (“I’m the baddest bitch in the room”), and calling someone a “Ho” doesn’t quite have the same impact it did 20 years ago (I blame this entirely on the Rap music), what is the most offensive word you could call a female in 2013?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate women. I’m talking about a completely hypothetical scenario like if your girlfriend of 3 years had sex with your best friend, gave you crabs, went AWOL, maxed out your credit card, huffed some dust cleaner, then wrapped your car around a light pole.

Do you just add a “hard r” to “Ho”? Do you get all English, and say the “C word”? Is there something entirely more offensive that I have never heard off?

What if you really want to insult a dude? Do you call them a “Douche Bag”, “Asshole”, “Fag” or “Cock Sucker”?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate gay people either… but those last two are hard to give up if you’ve used them once. (no homo?)

“Cunt” is clearly the winner of the offensive woman word(unless you’re in the UK where they use it like we use “Jerk”). I’d imagine they don’t wanna be called “twat” either. But, really, it’s more how you say it than what you say. I could playfully call a girl a cunt and get away with it but if I stress the word “Bitch” right , it will cut deep. Honestly, I think, more than any of those words, calling a girl “fat” will get the biggest rise out of them. Even worse “Fat cunt”. Hell, some girls lose their shits over being called “thick” and that’s typically a compliment. Any time you attack someones insecurities, that’s what’s gonna set them off. I do think it’s funny to call a really skinny girl a “fat bitch” though cause it’s such a curveball. Same with calling a group of guys “dykes”.

As for dudes, it’s the same thing. If someone calls me a “fag” or a “cock sucker” or “asshole” I can’t really say it’ll get much anger out of me. It’s just a word. It’s all about context and what the person is saying. I’m a straight white male so it’s basically impossible to offend me. I’m only offended by some shit where the persons attack either has merit or is so off base it’s makes me think the person is slow. But no single word is gonna set me off ever.

So what great rappers do you think have fallen the farthest from grace? Either from making one great album and never matching it or having a reign of greatness and then just slowly becoming a pathetic shell of their former self.

I mean, it’s gotta be KRS-One , right? In a world full of formerly great old school rappers who are now totally mediocre, he seems to take the cake. Not only did his rapping wear thin but he just seems like a crazy old cult leader now. Anytime I see a current interview with him he’s just rambling on about some bullshit that only norwegian break dancers would ever care about.
The thing is, old school rap dudes love to talk. They have some crazy stories and,if you’re a fan, that kinda shit is awesome to listen to. But once the stories end and the life lessons begin, you realize that lots of these dudes are just bitter old assholes trying to stay relevant. I con’t even blame them as the nature of life as a musician can be pretty brutal. But, the fact of the matter is, we all fall off eventually.

5 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 132

  1. I definitely agree the KRS has fallen far, but lately I’ve thought a lot about how far CAGE has fallen. I know you know em personally and have even worked with him. It’s just heart breaking that he went from grimey rugged lyrics to screamo garbage as of late. I know dude had some super serious drug problems that he’s handled but it’s too much to bear how AWEFUL his shit sounds now.

  2. LL Cool J has probably fallen further than KRS, but part of that is due to commercial success (both as a rapper and as an umm… actor, if you can really call it that).

  3. Just wanted to chime in a little on the whole music as a career business.

    I’m in almost exactly the same situation as the dude in the e-mail, though I’m 25. But yeah.. I don’t think things need to be that bleak. I don’t know if this is something you’ve already considered, but in the last decade or so the number of possible routes you can take in order to make music your profession are almost endless. One thing that have always bugged me when the question of being a career musician comes up, is that the “big break” is always present. But that’s really only relevant if what you’re aiming for is success within the boundaries of what’s popular, getting to go on tour, making a living from selling records etc. But there’s music everywhere and in everything. Talent, originality and the disciplin to be able to finish things on time is always going to be in demand. So one idea could be (as I intend on doing when my “portfolio” meets my mentally disturbed standards) to get in touch with people who are doing things that you’d like to be a part of and set up meetings where you can introduce yourself and what you’re doing. If you like what you’re doing chances are that other people will as well. I guess all this is only really relevant if you’re comfortable with being a studio-cat though.. I think that Blockhead’s right in that if you’re hoping for that big break in terms of being discovered or signed by some nice label, that it’s highly unlikely. From what I’ve seen a lot of labels are even asking people to not send them demos, because they’re already drowning in the amount that gets sent in. But if you take it upon yourself to get a career going and spend some time discovering all the possible ways to make that happen, and try them out, I think your odds of making a living from your music are a lot better.

  4. idk if canibus was ON long enough to fall off but i remember thinking he was to damn good to fall off.

    and block, ice t is the west coast verison of krs one. preaching bullshit.

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