Yay or Nay? Spark Master Tape

Typically, When I do these “yay or nay” pieces, I tend to have my own set opinion on the artist prior to asking you about it. In this case, I literally just found out about this dude yesterday. Dunno where he’s from or who he’s affiliated with. I just know he really loves the pitch shift effect and probably drinks copious amounts of syrup.
So, really, I’m entering into this just like you, with a clean slate.
I definitely have my reservations. The pitch shift thing for whole songs is a bit odd and it’s very Spaceghost purp influenced but it can’t call it just yet. I like the beats more than the raps but, most of all, I’m curious what his real voice sounds like. But perhaps this is a new way for white (is he even white? I honestly dunno but every picture online seems to be a lighter skinned dude…I have no cue what’s going on here.) rappers to get around the whole “White voice” things. Just pitch it down a bunch and everyone sounds like James Earl Jones.
Regardless, for all it’s possible downsides, there is something intriguing about it all as well. Also, he uses clips from my video “The Music Scene” in his video “syrup Splash” so that’s kinda cool.
Anyway, Peep it…

So, what do you think?

18 thoughts on “Yay or Nay? Spark Master Tape

    • yeah except it keeps skipping a beat right before it drops….and then it can’t keep the drums going for more than 2 seconds

  1. Yeah the beats are cool but this slo-mo shit has got to go. Weren’t you just talking about how rappers with affectations are never a good look Block? I think you may be onto something with your theory that this may be the new way for white dudes to disguise their Wonder-Bread like vocals. Pitch Master Tape is the inverse of the myriad of Falsetto fast-rap white rappers out there but rap is about the voice. If yours sucks, (mine included) you can’t hide behind some gimmick or other parlour tricks. Still…I guarantee the ironic mustache set will eat this shit up like organic flax seed cruelty-free pancakes with PBR infused syrup.

    • The affectations I was talking about was more referring to when white rappers put on a fake accent to sound more hood. But this pitch shift thing is something different. I wouldn’t mind it so much if he didn’t do it every song. Also, i don’t actually know the race of this rapper. He could be asian for all I know.

    • I would appriciate it if you ended your life. I bet you listened to 30 seconds of one of his songs. I’d gag if this is 3 years ago but we need degenerates like you off this planet. Also his new mixtape is out on soundcloud so go listen to it b4 u die m8

  2. I’m going to guess he is not from Texas. Everyone’s jacking our style from 15 years ago. This isn’t too bad I guess, but those ASAP fairies can suck my dick and like it.

  3. Flylo and Tyler made the pitch shifting shit popular, but at least they mix it up a lot. This dude doing it all the time is annoying but…I like it. Everything else about his verses are pretty good, and the pitch shifting kinda adds to the general feeling of his shit. I mean, there are plenty of rappers out there who have awful voices and end up having to go the full on “holier than thou” nerd rap hipster route, but if a dude has a decent style and delivery outside of his tone of voice but sounds like Pee-Wee Herman, than I think this is an interesting way of allowing yourself to engage that type of shit rather than not even trying.

  4. 0:18 of bullet holes sounds like a fat drunken gorilla just woke up… This stuff sounds kind of original I guess, but unless you really got into this dude’s style, like really listening to all his songs repeatedly, I have a hard time differentiating one from the other, kind of because the vocal thing, and it’s hard to tell what he’s saying… I mean, if this is the first album, I feel like I kind of know what the next album is going to sound like? same voice on the next album? Is that really the album cover? With the pitch shifting I think it drowns out any affectation or nuances in the voice

  5. Man, this one is tough. When the song’s start, I want to hate them, but then they get suddenly really good. Not sure if I could listen to an entire album, but it ain’t bad.

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