Yay or nay? This new Earl/Riff Raff song

Typically, this column is dedicated to new artists but, you know what? It’s not easy finding a new artist I like/one who peaks my interest (let alone don’t loath) every week. So, instead, let’s try something different this week.
Here was have a new song. It’s Produced by Harry Fraud and features the vocal stylings of Earl sweatshirt and Riff Raff. Now, here’s where I’d give my brief synopsis and clue you into my thoughts but I think I’m gonna skip all that. I’m very curious of what your response to this song is. I will say, I’m a big fan of Earl, I like Frauds beats and Riff Raff is a funny clown I don’t dislike. So, with that, here’s the song:

Because there are tons of ways to hear/evaluate this song, I’m giving you as many voting options as I can.
Now, tell me what you think?

28 thoughts on “Yay or nay? This new Earl/Riff Raff song

  1. i don’t get why any rappers release with scion when they bleep out all the swears…unless you’re a rapper who does not swear (i.e. not earl) also this beat is like almost there but def misses the mark

  2. At first, that Riff Raff verse was really annoying, but as he continued it got more and more absurd and hilarious. I like it.

  3. Not Harry Frauds best, but still pretty dope. Even tho I am opening for Riff Raff in two weeks, I just can’t get down with him, I have tried on several occasions, can’t do it.

    Also in an unrelated note, in that context, it is piqued, not peaked.

  4. the beat could be good- but its more like background noise and has annoying off-beat parts. it earl sounds like hes just reading his rhymes- pretty monotone and no spacing of words or phrases. sounds shitty to me personally- think i could do a better job. riff raff, while he isnt totally awesome here, does make the whole thing sound better. he should rap first, then maybe id continue to listen to the song.

  5. Block, you can give a chance to “Chance The Rapper” for your next yay/nay episode. I listened his mixtape yesterday and I think he deserves to be here. Maybe, you won’t like his style, I don’t know just give him a chance 🙂

    Peace out

  6. Kinda snoozed through earls first verse, second was better, but i can’t get in to riff-raff, his stuff always comes across as dumb-clumsy, not dumb-funny. Beat is kinda half-assed, too.

  7. RiFF RaFF is a prayer that was answered for Canadians who like music made by the blacks, w/o the blacks.


  8. Why isn’t “Earl mails it in, Riff Raff sucks and the beat is mediocre” an option. I would pick that one.

  9. Earl has potential if he would just stop surrounding himself with rappers that smell like doo doo.

    • I agree. The kid could be one of the best if he’ d drop his wack ass crew and maybe mature a bit. Of course that could be like asking a zebra to change his stripes.

  10. I would like to see a yay or nay on WAX ..he’s been around for a bit now got signed to def jam and left them which was a great idea..dude spits fire but I want to see your opinion on him

  11. First play was through my phone and it sounded awful. Now plugged in, I could at least hear the base, but man Riff Raff can’t keep with a beat for shit, I’ve heard some of his other stuff and it’s way better than what he has done here. Earl does kill it, and the track is pretty dope.

  12. Ugh, maybe it’s just me but they should have named this track Shit Smash or Wack Trash instead of Yacht Lash. Instrumental is all over the place, raps are uninteresting and uninspiring. I know these dudes are killing it right now, HOW is beyond me… W3@k S@uZ

    • Now, that BSBD track you posted above is actually dope, I feel like there has to be something wrong with you (proverbial) to like this trash, to each his own!

      • This really warranted two posts?
        Also, the point of this whole part of my blog is somewhat of a litmus test for my readers. My opinion doesn’t really matter. There’s reason i didn’t get into it on this one.

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