Tim and I discuss music and stuff Vol. 29

sweet friends
This week, Tim AKA Alaska and I discuss the music/videos of Iggy Azalea , The Bens and a comedy rapper named Lil Dicky who somehow manages to be kinda awesome.
This is also a week where i think Tim and I agree on maybe 33% of the vids…but one thing is for sure. Iggy Azalea , while boner inducing, is fucking terrible.

4 thoughts on “Tim and I discuss music and stuff Vol. 29

  1. i’m going to have to disagree with the Iggy situation but Bounce is deff. not a good representation of her music and i’ll agree to that. Her songs Work, My World, Murda Bizness and Beat Down better show case her and if you listened to the song Work you’d know more about her life – she doesn’t have mommy/daddy issues they in fact did everything to get her into the U.S. to start her musical career and she raps with a ‘ghetto’ accent b/c from the age of 16 she was grinding on the streets in Miami and was obviously very impressionable and picked up the slang of ‘the rap game’. She takes chances with her beats but her skill is raw.

    • I’ve heard plenty of her music. I’ve been up o her since her first videos dropped a few eyars ago. She can technically rap (in the sense that she has an on beat flow and controls her voice well)but she’s extremely corny and that accent…not even the australian accent. The “rap talk” accent is truly embarrassing. I don’t care where she’s from or where she lived for a year and “picked up an accent”…it’s still her putting on a front.

  2. sounds like Emily has been reading a lot of Iggy press releases. Another rapper who once grinded it out on the streets of Miami was rob van winkle. she is equally as corny.

  3. the lil dicky shit just kept getting better as it went on. “his dick was too big to comprehend/ i had to turn my head to see it from start to end” jesus!

    whens pfac 2 coming out block?

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