Answers for questions vol. 134

What’s up everyone, I took a travel day off monday cause I was doing shows out west so your normally scheduled “answers for questions” got pushed to today (clearly, this is very important news to all of you). Thanks to all the people who came out in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco this past weekend. I had a great time. Shout out to Quantic as well. He killed it.
Anyway, I’m back now for a few weeks so it’s business as usual. Which means a whole lotta loafing. I can’t wait. I may also start working on a new album but the thought terrifies me so we’ll see what happens with that.
Oh, of course, if you have anything you’d like to ask me, send it my way. Either leave it in the comments below of email it to me at There are no dumb questions. Well, that’s not true at all. Most of these questions are dumb. Just try and be less dumb , if possible.
So, without further ado, let’s get into this weeks questions.

Obviously you were there for 9/11, but do you ever think about a major catastrophe hitting New York (be it natural disaster/some man-made catastrophe) where an insanely large amount of people would need to leave the area? I’m talking a mass-evacuation over a short period of time where the potential for massive delays/pure chaos over many days could ensue. I know you’re a “don’t worry about things you can’t control” kind of situation, but I’m just curious if it’s something you’ve considered.

It would be impossible for that to not cross my mind here and here. Especially with all the crap that NYC has been through over the last 10 or so years. So, while the thought has crossed my mind and the idea of leaving here for good might one day become a reality, I’d be a dip shit to be sitting around worrying about it. The deepest I’ve delved into that line of thought is thinking where I’d move if Manhattan was washed off the map. My first choice would be San francisco (I got family and friends there) and if not there, I’d try to maybe go to Montreal or Toronto. I like both those cities a lot. Outside of that, I’m more just expecting to be one of the many bodies what gets washed away when that tidal wave eventually does come and devour the city.

Has your laptop/sequencer ever failed during a live set? What did/would you do if that situation were to occur? Did Pearl Jam the band, or pearl jam the slang for jerk off juice originate first?

Two very different questions…
1)Yup. I had my shit die on me a couple of times. In both cases, I just had to restart it and it worked okay. Still, that dead air when performing live is never awesome. Turns out crowds aren’t into it.
Worse than that though is when my computer totally shit the bed when I went to europe. I was mid way through a tour in eastern europe and I couldn’t even turn it on. I ended up doing “Dj sets” which means I played my own songs in their entirety with a touch of terrible mixing but I had no other choice. I was lucky to even be able to do that. I’m hoping I get to go back to those places (Moscow and St. Petersburg) to do real shows at some point cause those people definitely saw some bullshit.
2)The slang came first. They’re named after it. Come on, bro. You’re better than that question.

I’m from the D.C. area and from what I’ve gathered, your girl has family in Bethesda. I live in Silver Spring and I’m around the Bethesda/NW D.C./Silver Spring pretty much 100% of the time. I’m curious as to what your general thought are about that specific area of Maryland/D.C. suburbs.

Hmm…it’s just some typical suburban shit to me. Bethesda is a very nice place. I can say that. Very Clean. Surprisingly good food. Nice people. It’s tough to call cause I haven’t been around enough suburbs in my life time to really be able to tell them apart. I mean, sure, Bethesda is definitely cleaner and nicer than , say, some spots i’ve been to in long island where dudes have filthy couches on their lawns but it’s all under the same umbrella to me. Houses with lawns, lined up for miles and everyone in cars. The nuances of different suburbs is definitely lost on me. It’s like comparing women’s purses.

the year is 2013 and there are a lot of musicians making music with electronic devices…your asr-10 dies or whatever and there are no parts to fix it, irreplaceable, no more left on the planet…so you think, i still want to make music, i don’t know completely what piece of equipment to get, but i’m only going to get one piece, it’s can’t be an asr-10, because no more exist, so, you’re going to have to get a new piece of equipment, just one, where you can make music similar to what you make now, though it might be a little different, because you are getting a new piece of equipment, it could be something you know how to use or something you’ve never used before and have to learn…… what do you get??? do you continue making music or do something else???

Well, that’s easy. I’d just use Abelton entirely. I already have shifted over to it more than my sampler in recent years so the process would be pretty simple. All I’d need to get was a midi controller and I’d be good to go. I bet you were expecting a way more complicated answer, huh? Ha! Sorry dude! I’m already livin’ in 2013, bout that lyfe and shit.

Hey Block, I grew up going in an out of the city on Metro North for as long as I can remember. Ever since I left the area people seem to often ask me if New Yorkers are as bad as their reputation, especially when they go there for their first visit, and ask me for “advice.” I’ve resorted to tell them New Yorkers are just hardcore beleivers in equally reciprocating attitude. If you’re nice, they will be nice back. You push them, they push you back, etc.

You have any sage advice you would give to anyone going to NYC for the first time? As a New Yorker for life I’m interested in your take on this.

The whole misconception of NYer’s being these relentless rude assholes is crazy. I’ve found that, in general, we’re actually pretty friendly and helpful. I think the misconception comes from people not understanding that, in NY, you just kinda handle your own business. Everyone has their own deal and we’re all just going from point A to point B. So, that means if we bump shoulders sometimes, it’s nothing personal. however, 9 out of 10 times , you ask someone on the street a non-ridiculous question, they will answer it. Sure, there are exceptions and a fair amount of crazy people roaming the streets but those are just the chances you gotta take when you go to any city.
I think the main advice I’d give people visiting NYC is don’t get caught up in things you’ve heard. The fact of the matter is , at this point, NYC is pretty safe (at least anywhere tourists would be) and , beyond that, it’s a city full of people who are either not from here or just visiting. So, you should fit right in. Just whatever you do, avoid the puerto ricans. They will knife you and take your children. Just kidding. They don’t want your stupid kids.

So, you get to create a super group of which you are a part of. Five members. You as a producer who produces half the songs, and another producer who does the other half. And then two emcees and a DJ.

Make two different groups:

1) You have to pick people you know personally as the members.

2) You can pick anyone, alive or dead.

God I hate these types of questions. It’s like dungeons and dragons for rap nerds.
But, I will abide…
1) Aesop rock and Billy Woods are the rappers, Kid Koala is the DJ and the other producer would be Hot Sugar. That would be a bugged out fucking group

2)Kool g rap circa 1991 and Willie D circa 1990 would be the rappers, I’d keep Kid Koala as the dj for this group and my co-producer would be Diamond D circa 1991.

Hey Blockhead, what do you think of 808? It’s everywhere now. Sometimes it’s used really well, but I hate the sounds and often it just sucks (In my opinion).

You hate the 808 drum? I hope you’re confusing the entire 808 kit with the one sound it’s known for (the deep bass kick drum) cause then I might kinda understand. Lots of those sounds are dated but, the kick drum 808? I use that all the time. It’s my favorite low-end bass kick available. Perfect for layering under other kicks or break beats.
Also, it’s nothing new…it’s been around since the 80’s. Some people who use may make shitty music but don’t blame that on the drum sound. That’s like hating on an MPC cause some asshole makes trance hop house music on it.

12 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 134

  1. everything i listen to today is gonna sound disappointing after considering the possibilities of the you/aes/billy woods/hot sugar/kid koala group

  2. Pearl Jam trivia. When they were first starting Eddie Vedder’s Aunt would make jam for him and he loved it. Her Name……Pearl Vedder….Aunt Pearl’s Jam…..Pearl Jam

    True Strory

  3. Blockhead! When are you going to do an entry on Dour Candy? Yeah I’m asking about this again.Besides what you’ve told me all that is known about this album is that it exists. It’s so shrouded in mystery I’m beginging to think that it’s just a schizophrenic delusion that exists only in mind. Am I actually typing this on a computer? Or am I in a padded cell drooling as I frantically tap at an imaginary keyboard?

    Woe is me. I’m havin problems. Help me out now.

    • I don’t know what to tell you. It’s finished and we’re ironing out details right now of when it’s gonna come out. I’d guess early summer. There’s discussion of a small vinyl run but nothing for sure yet. That’s about all i can tell you.

  4. Yo, I asked the 808 question. The deep kick is awesome, I love that. The clap is alright too, but I find the other sounds kinda lame. It delivers on the sweet bass, that’s for sure, but I need some sweet, crisp snares and some nice full crashes. Maybe I just would rather have a break than midi drums. Or maybe I just suck at producing them.

    • So you were talking about the kit, not the 808 sound in particular. Like most kits from that era, it’s hit and miss. But some of the TR 808 kit sounds are timeless classics.

  5. oh no, i wasn’t really expecting a more complicated answer about the 2013 thing… i was just typing off the top of my head… actually i was really just wondering what pieces of equipment are popular nowadays with electronic music, it was really long question with simple answer

  6. What do you think about a person if you find out that they don’t drink?… Like if you realize it just from some passing comment during conversation… Do you find them suspicious and instantly try to distance yourself? Do you automatically assume anything good or bad about them? Do you instantly ask them “How can you not drink?”, or publicly berate them until they explain themselves? Why do so many drinkers react this way?

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