Yay or Nay?: This BSBD song featuring Cam’ron and N.O.R.E.

For those who don’t know, Blue Sky, Black Death is a production team from the north west (Seattle and the Bay). Aside from making cool instrumental stuff they’ve also put out a bunch of albums with mc’s (Most notably Nocho Picasso and Dinero Farrar). They’ve continued putting in work and recently dropped a new song featuring NYC ignorant rap legends Cam’ron and N.O.R.E.
The song also features some rappers from across the pond called SAS so, you know, take that all you people who say I ignore rap from all non-US countries.
Anyway, this song came out of nowhere (to me , at least) and was a pleasant surprise. I realize both Killa Cam and Nore are fairly polarizing figures in rap so i was curious to get an idea of where you, my readers, stand on such a song. It’s not often two major artists do a song with an underground production outfit so this is kinda exciting to me.
Here’s the song (you can download it for free on the bandcamp page)

Now, tell me what you think:

11 thoughts on “Yay or Nay?: This BSBD song featuring Cam’ron and N.O.R.E.

  1. have you heard the track they made with gunplay and isaiah? they kinda changed their sound but these new cloud rap beats are amazing

  2. So you actually tolerate rappers who are not from The US? Where did you drop your born-and-raised-in-NYC elitism? I know you’re just laid back and open to everything good, but at the same time you tend to continuously give out the vibe that you just don’t give a shit or care about what’s happening excluding the 100 mile radius around your home. Even if the seeds for those thoughts, 90% of the time, sprout from side-thoughts and observations and whatever you’ve delved into. Not being that serious with previous nor the following, but you do tend to alienate some of you’re most passionate fans who’d rather be categorized as international, than on your grocery store route.

    OT: I don’t usually give any feedback on songs I’ve listened to less then a half-dozen times, but anywho. The beat is solid. Otherwise not in the mood, short term nor longer term, to get kicks out of a one-line chorus, bragging, testosterone joint. I do enjoy the beat and that seminostalgic Dipset feel Cam’ron gives out, though. With such a concentrated and slow tempo, the delivery should be a lot more focused. I don’t like half-assed, and this song is simply not trying enough to get away from that definition. Simply not good enough.

    • Okay, let’s just break this down.
      I generally have no interest in hip hop made outside of the US. There are exceptions ( a few canadians and a a few UK artists). It simply doesn’t do anything for me. And if it’s rap spoken in a language i don’t speak, that’s even less interesting. I realize this is not what people from across the pond want to hear but what can i tell you? I’m not gonna lie and pretend i care about some shit I don’t care about. This blog isn’t here to improve my public relations. That said, I’m not sitting here saying all international rap is garbage like it’s a fact. I’m not the judge and jury of what you enjoy. If you like it, more power to you. No one is stopping you from enjoying what you enjoy. All I’m saying is, in general, it’s not for me. If i phrase it more harshly at times it’s cause that’s the nature of this blog. “Sweeping generalization and unicorns” is in the header for a reason.

      As for my perspective being slanted heavily toward NYC, well, yeah. I’m from here. I live here. I’m here all the time. What do you expect? I can’t speak for other people and their experiences. And, beyond that, I’ve traveled all over the world and seen more places than your average person. Still, it doesn’t change where I’m coming from. I don’t mean to alienate my fan base who are from places far, far away but my viewpoint is my viewpoint.

    • i enjoy block being a homer on everything nyc. i do it too, theres no doubt in my mine that detroit has more talent with less people than nyc, la, chi, hou. were ever YOU are, detroits better. maybe its an american thing.

      im no patriot, but to compare the uk or any where in europe to nyc, la, chi, hou, or det, is crazy to me. but i cant be mad anyone repping there shit. my point being there so much good hip hop in america, hip hop any were else is an after thought. fair? no. true? yes.

      as far as the song, beat up rhymes down.

      • The thing about me being a homer about NYC is that is doesn’t really relate to music. I listen to rap from all over the states. I like a southern shit, west coast shit, midwestern shit…always have. My homerism really on relates to real life city shit. Like how I think a city should be. but, it’s also related to my needs. I don’t drive. So, obviously, a city like NYC is gonna be perfect for me. But, keep in mind, I’ve traveled extensively so it’s not like I talk out of my ass when comparing NYC to other cities. And thinking NYC is the best city in the world, while 100% my opinion and not fact, isn’t exactly outlandish. It’s not like I’m riding for Ft. Lauderdale or Bakersfield.

  3. I almost know every work of these guys did. I remember the first time I heard a Blue Sky Black Death production. It was Holocaust’s “Twilight Zone” and blew my mind literally. Once I thought Cam’ron cool and then he started to attack everybody, he used other rappers’ lines a lot then I said screw him. About NORE; it is not possible to hate him. His last album above the mediocre works, try the track feat with Large Professor, and I liked it. About the song you shared; I don’t even argue the quality of BSBD track but both vocals are passive and stay behind the beat. I mean, you can feel the beat but you can’t feel the vocals sound like mumbling. They should have been more dominant on the track and designed their flows according to this. This is what I thought hate it or love it.

    Peace out

  4. BSBD always great. Not the biggest fan of the raps though. They don’t feel like they fit the whole melody and beat 100%.

  5. “(Most notably Nocho Picasso and Dinero Farrar)” not to be a hating rap nerd, bsbd released an album with the holocaust, i love much of their music, but that album is a masterpiece of rap (by my opinion, which makes it a fact). your show in hamburg was awesome, but then again dj cam killed it (in my divine opinion). love your albums and production almost all the time, theyre good (again in my opinoin, that means you made it). please keep writing your blog and stop presenting wack rappers new or old (havent listened to that track, i will, then i will judge it, harsh but just)

    for your consideration: https://soundcloud.com/miketappen/phibriglex-orko-tappen-merkaba

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