Song of the day 5/16/13

I never knew Money By T.Shirt

I’m not even gonna lie to you. I’m hungover like a motherfucker today. Normally I’d be scouring the internet for something for you to vote “Yay or Nay” on but I simply don’t have it in me today. So, as an alternative, I figured I’d bring back the good old “Song of the day”. Why not, right?
Today’s entry is by Ny Rapper T.Shirt. I did a “Yay or Nay” with him a while back and he got a mixed response but, truth be told, he’s probably my favorite “new” artist I’ve heard in a minute. He’s got a bunch of free mixtapes available so , if you like this, I’d say you should go check the rest of his stuff out.

Okay…So, now that that’s done, I’m gonna get back in bed and sit in the dark for few hours.

6 thoughts on “Song of the day 5/16/13

  1. Yo Block, I heard an unreleased track off of Capture the Sun. I thought i heard the Insomniac Olympics sample at the beginning and it has a lot of sick change ups. Thought it was tight. Boom.

  2. I knew I had heard of this guy before when I was listening. He sounded so familiar. Then I remembered that an ex boyfriend of mine while I was dating him would always complain about how I played rap music all the time because he didn’t like rap. Then one day he said, “There is one rap song I like.” And he played a random song by this guy. It just seemed pretty obscure since T. Shirt is not really widely known, and it’s not even like that guy was into the rap scene anyway. But he was a pretty obscure guy himself, so I guess that works.

    A little anecdote for you.

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