Answers for questions vol. 137

Whattup everyone,
I hope your memorial day was as good as mine. I watched the entire new season of Arrested Development and barely left the couch. Good times.
As always, if you got questions, send them my way. My mailbox is always open. Either email them to at or leave them in the comments below. Keep them interesting.
this is a day later than usual but, surely, you don’t give a shit either way. So, let’s get into it.

What do you think about a person if you find out that they don’t drink?… Like if you realize it just from some passing comment during conversation… Do you find them suspicious and instantly try to distance yourself? Do you automatically assume anything good or bad about them? Do you instantly ask them “How can you not drink?”, or publicly berate them until they explain themselves? Why do so many drinkers react this way?

I don’t really react either way. While i’m curious of why they don’t, as long as they’re not judging me for drinking, I don’t really give a shit. It’s a little strange to ask someone straight up “Why don’t you drink?” cause, assuming you don’t know them that well, they might not want to tell a stranger that unless they are one of those rare people who was never into it. But , I’d imagine most passing acquaintances don’t really wanna get into their addiction history with anyone as small talk.

hey block

this question may not be applicable to your current creative process as some of the posts i’ve read seem to indicate you’ve streamlined things quite a bit (also the very nature of the problem just seems like something you’d have solved before becoming a professional musician), but i’ll give it a shot anyways as it’s not really something you’ve talked about explicitly.

how many beats are you working on at any given time and how do you go about managing all of your creative scraps and half-made songs? not really looking for step by step instructions or anything, just your overall take on this. i feel like it can become a problem more easily for people who do everything on a computer as all you have to do is press save as opposed to transcribing or recording an instrumental passage you just came up with.

I’m actually the type of guy who finishes what I started. I rarely make half a beat, leave it and move on to the next thing. This might be cause I know myself well enough to know that I’m not gonna touch it again once I’ve moved on. I’d sooner just start over then make half a beat. The only time I go back to a track is if I stopped making it cause of time constraints. But, keep in mind, my “finished beat” isn’t really finished. It’s just a beat that is complete in the sense that it’s got all the parts I think it needs for that time. Once it’s “done”, I throw it in the pile and move on but ,when it’s time to make a new album or work with mc’s, it gets a second life.

Whats your favourite line from Macgruber?
Oh man, there are so many…one that always cracks me up is when he’s talking to ryan phillippe by the fire about how he met his wife and spirals into the awful story of what a piece of sociopathic shit he is (but it’s being told by him as if he was a victim).

I live in a third world country (Australia), and you never come here, which is understandable, since it’s in the middle of fucking nowhere. This isn’t a plea begging you to please come over here to do some shows just for me or any of that pathetic “I’m your #1 fan dude, gimme some love” type wack shit, but I’m just curious as to what makes you go to places like st. petersburg or bucharest (not even sure if you went there or not)? Did enough people request you there or some peeps had loads of cash to book a tour for you or anything like that?

I’ve actually played in Australia before and I loved it. It was about 6 years ago though.
I have a simple answer for your question: I got where the offers are. If I don’t get offers from a certain place, I don’t go. Money is definitely an aspect of it, especially when traveling abroad. The flights to places have to be paid for and I’m not trying to lose money when I go on the road so, you know, the farther the place, the more they promoter has to be willing to spend. Or, at least, I have to have enough shows lined up at that destination that I come home with a decent amount of money. So, a place like australia is tough cause the flight is so expensive and booking a tour there longer than three gigs is rare. But, trust, I LOVED it there and would love to go back.

Hey Block, do you have any crazy/funny/weird stories about run-ins with the one-time???

I haven’t heard the term “one time” in forever. That means “police” , for anyone who was born after 1990 and before 1975.
As for cop run in’s, I can’t say I have. I’ve always been a very law abiding citizen. Outside of getting caught pissing in public, drinking in public and smoking weed in public, I’ve avoided their wrath. And all those instances just led to tickets or warnings.
I did get approached once for Jaywalking when I was in europe. Once he realized I was american the ticket turned into a warning though. But still, if your city gives tickets for jaywalking, they are both extremely safe and also very corny.

Always wondered…when you are performing, have you ever had to go to the bathroom really bad, like you want to run off the stage for a minute just to get it out of your system. I wonder this because I drink at a lot of shows and sometimes I can’t make it through a set without running to take a piss(usually after “breaking the seal”). Probably not as much of an issue since you are not a big drinker, but I know “artists” that drink before shows and sometime are tanked on stage. Any interesting stories you have or have heard from others? I know Action Bronson has been well documented pissing during his sets. Seems like it would be more of an issue for bands like The Cure of Bruce Springsteen who put on 3 hour+ sets. Are breaks planned for when a set is more than 45 minutes long? Thoughts?

I’ve had some close calls…but more with needing to shit than needing to pee.
The pee thing happened once when I was playing in San francisco. I had been drinking and was drunk enough to forget to empty myself before getting on stage. Normally, if it’s available , I’ll try and get any issues I have with my body fluids out of the way right before I go on. I’d say this practice is pretty typical of most musicians. In fact, the pre-show shit is an oft spoken of topic amongst performers. It’s part nerves and part lightening the load.
Anyway, halfway through the show, I had to piss like a mad man and was considering just peeing into a bottle on stage (I was actually in a booth that night so I could have technically gotten away with it). But, I held out and just bolted to a bathroom after the set was over. The only problem was that people wanted to talk to me as I got off stage. So, if you were one of those people and you’ve been telling your friends that I’m an asshole to my fans for the last 4 years, now you know. I had to pee WAY more than I had to meet you.
As for shit stories, I think I’ve told this one on here before. It was literally my first show ever. I was unbelievably nervous and playing in London in front of like 2000 people. Well, let me amend that. The venue would eventually have 2000 people but I was the opener to the opener and went on when the doors opened. so, it was more like 50 people. Still, it was my first show. I wasn’t aware of the pre-shit show standard so I just went on. typically, if you miss out on the pre show shit, the feeling will go away once you’re on stage. But, this was different. This was not just a pre-show shit ignored, this was also a natural cycle of life shit that would have happened if I was in my house watching TV. So, I’m up there, struggling through an awkward dj set (that’s what my first gigs were) while trying not to shit in my pants. I’m literally turtle heading for the entire second half of the show. I barely made it through and took the most glorious crap of my life.

8 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 137

  1. First time commenter, long time reader. Love your blog. On the subject of the nondrinker, I have a friend (no addiction issues) that just doesn’t. I asked her “why” straight up and she wasn’t offended. She just doesn’t like it. I felt awkward drinking in front of her at first but it is totally normal now. Plus she loves to hear my drinking stories. My ten cents of advise is not to write of nondrinkers. They are cool fun people too who can always give you a safe ride home.

    • Agreed with this but the question was phrased as if it was alluding to a person you weren’t friends with. An acquaintance. So, it’s a little trickier.
      I’ve found most people I’ve met who don’t drink , stopped for a reason.

      • I used to get squirmy when people asked me why I don’t drink but I haven’t for so long now that it doesn’t bug me out any more. I just tell people that I used to and I don’t anymore because it was causing me and everyone I knew way too many problems and to be glad you know me now…
        Turns out that with about 99.9% of people drinking, some of us get addicted and fucked up and others don’t. And then there are those that maybe need to have a look at themselves. I ,for one, am a fucking disaster when I drink alcohol and absolutely shouldn’t so I quit for good.

  2. Man…I forgot how terrible of an MC Sir Mix-A-Lot is. “I hear em on the radi-O, with a scanner I bought from the store, Cause a brother like me gotta know” ?! Holy shit he sounds like when your parents would do the make-fun-of rap- rap.

  3. Is it okay in your opinion to, say, walk to the corner store in the open toed shoes? Walk your roommates dog because he never walks it and you feel bad but are too lazy to put shoes on for said act of walking the dog til it shits and you pick up the open toed shoes? Picture like gym shorts an excuse for a wearable shirt and said open toed shoes whether birkenstocks or plastic ‘thongs’…or in your neighborhood in a thriving metropolis is that just something you wouldn’t do?

    • Well obviously you wouldnt do it…but is it something that would be unacceptable in your mind/hatred of opened toed shoes?

    What would you do if your blog died? (not hoping it will, I love it) but what if everyone just stopped commenting/sending questions. What would you do in it’s place? Is there something you would turn to? Another website?

  5. I know you like Earl Sweatshirt, but I was curious, have you listened to Tyler, The Creator’s newest album ‘WOLF’ or could you careless about Tyler?

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