Yay or Nay: Bobby Blak

Kool Keith
Kool Keith is a bugged out dude. Over the years he’s had more names and personalities than most entire crews. Just when you think he’s done, he pops up out of nowhere with yet another incarnation of himself. This time around, he’s calling himself Babby Blak and repping “Toilet Tissue music”. This is one of those things you’re either gonna love or hate. Which makes it perfect for the “Yay or Nay” treatment.

So, what do you think?

19 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Bobby Blak

  1. i don’t think cool Keith has made a good album since Black Elvis, i mean he pulled out some good verses on Ray West’ Luv Ny but his own stuff has been hot garbage

    • I hear ya. I dn’t know if he’s lazy or if he really is crazy but the joke isn’t really funny anymore. The guy is isanely talented. One of the best to ever hold a mic but the graphic sexual lyrics are boring and his beats and rhymes are half-assed. Maybe he’s just disillusioned with the whole game. I have heard him say (in person) how he doesn’t like the fact that most of his fans these days are white.I think after the Dr Octagon thing he grew resentful of that fact.Maybe he’s making intentionally bad shit to make a point about people liking things “ironicaly”. Maybe he’s just dialing it in to make a living now. Whatever his reasons are it’s just not interesting anymore. It doesn’t matter if it’s intentionally bad it’s still wack and definitely disapointing. Also maybe I’m just an asshole who refuses to move on from the Ultrasonic/Cenobites style that I loved so much…Yeah..That’s probably it.

  2. although i did hear some tracks he did with some guy called Big Sche Eastwood off this album two called Magnetic Pimp Force Field two days ago and shockingly it sounded decent

  3. I’ve collected a ton of Keith’s catalog over the years, it’s not always genius, but he’s a true MC in that he always delivers verses with different approaches and his content (ALMOST ALWAYS RIDICULOUS/IRREVERENT/COMICAL) is orignal. It’s too easy to hate on a guy who’s made so many records. SO DON”T!! To any of you BATTY BOY Keith haters I say,

    “What the fuck have you yourself done (produced, released, created, anything ETC) that is shit compared to what the man of many faces has done in his career.?!
    That’s what I thought…”

    • so i cant say that will smith movies suck, cuz lve never welcomed an alien earth with my fist? you suck, so does everything after dr octogon! but seriously if i cant take out my lack of accomplishment on other peoples accomplishments, i have no reason to live.

    • I’ve never written a novel, so I can’t think Twilight is bad?

      Block has never made an animated film, so is he not allowed to dislike Pixar?

      All people are saying is “I don’t like listening to this.” That’s it. And your ass pulls this into a “YEAH! WELL… YOU CAN’T RAP!” That’s not at all relevant to whether or not we enjoy Keith or anyone else’s music.

      You’re literally on a blog that is dedicated largely to a guy (Blockhead) who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about (on anything other than rap, I mean) giving his opinion on shit. Then you say that other people can’t do the same?

      Don’t be a fuckboy. Come off it. You like the new Keith, I’ll dislike the new Keith, and you’ll stop accusing everyone who holds a differing opinion of being a hater.

      • For the record, I do know what the fuck I’m talking about in things more than just rap. Not much else but I’m not a fucking ingrate who doesn’t know anything.

      • Sorry, Block. It would be more accurate to say that you’re not an expert on most of the things you discuss (as it is above implied that one must be in order to hold a valid opinion).

        I was making a sweeping generalization…

  4. I liked Dr. Octagon and Mr. Nogatco, haven’t liked much else by him. As wheresmygift said, some of the tracks on Magnetic Pimp Force Field are quite good.

  5. The art should be a butthole instead of a vagina because this is ass.

    Seriously, his work as a member of Ultramagnetic is groundbreaking.

    I often say “give me some of that smooth chicken” for absolutely no reason.

    But this shit is sad.

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