Song of the day 5/16/13

I never knew Money By T.Shirt

I’m not even gonna lie to you. I’m hungover like a motherfucker today. Normally I’d be scouring the internet for something for you to vote “Yay or Nay” on but I simply don’t have it in me today. So, as an alternative, I figured I’d bring back the good old “Song of the day”. Why not, right?
Today’s entry is by Ny Rapper T.Shirt. I did a “Yay or Nay” with him a while back and he got a mixed response but, truth be told, he’s probably my favorite “new” artist I’ve heard in a minute. He’s got a bunch of free mixtapes available so , if you like this, I’d say you should go check the rest of his stuff out.

Okay…So, now that that’s done, I’m gonna get back in bed and sit in the dark for few hours.

My neighbor: Livin’ la vida Loca

If you follow my twitter or facebook account , you’ve probably seen me complain about my next door neighbor. I often tell tales (in 140 characters of less) of the constant barrage of loud music coming from the other side of my bedroom wall. I figure it might be fun to take a deeper look into this and really give you guys the full picture of what I’m dealing with over here.
So, I moved into the building I currently live in over ten years ago. For the most part, I pretty much keep to myself. I say hi to everyone in the hallway and I’m always cordial (I’ll hold a door for a bitch, no question bro) but I’m not exactly trying to buddy up with anyone in my building. Which is fine cause it would appear the feelings are mutual. As long as I’ve been here, I really have only had frequent interactions with two different people. My upstairs neighbor ,who is very social and actively in peoples business. I don’t even mean that in a bad way. He’s just kinda like the self appointed mayor of the building. He knows everyone and also knows what’s going on constantly. If I need info on who’s moving in or out of the building or what store is opening up next door, he’s the guy. So, while he’s a little bit nosey, he’s a good guy. No issues with him. My next door neighbor is a retired fire marshall (I think…he might have just been a fireman). He’s very much an “old new yorker”. He talks with the accent and has that nature that reminds me of the people who used to work in butcher shops on Bleeker street when I was a kid. To me, it’s a very familiar and comforting disposition. Unlike my upstairs neighbor, he was pretty much a ghost in the building…until about 5 years ago.
Five years ago. That’s when I started to notice a lot of extra traffic in the hallways scurrying by my door. Mornings, daytime, late night. I’d often come home from a night out and run into what would appear to be 6 foot tall women with terrible make up jobs in my buildings hallway. Oh wait…those aren’t women.
Turns out, my quiet neighbor had a taste for cross dressers. Not just any cross dressers. He had a type. Mostly it was black and latino dudes. This came as a shock to me cause, up until that point, I thought he had a wife/girlfriend. But, turns out he didn’t. Whatever the case, it wasn’t a big deal. I wasn’t bothered by it and the guy was entitled to enjoy his life whatever way he pleased. It was more a funny side note of “Did you know my neighbor bones drag queens?”. This behavior continued for the next few years as it appeared my neighbor was coming into his own as a gay man. I don’t know if he hadn’t been out before but there was a definitive upswing in his openness about it. Good for him.

Flash forward to about 2 years ago and I get a knock on my door. It’s my neighbor, adorned in a way too small silk robe , his chest peaking out and his deeply white thighs also making their presence known. He informs me that a friend of his is moving in with him. We both have duplexes and his new roommate would be getting free reign of the bottom floor (the room on the other side of the wall of where my girlfriend and I sleep AKA my bedroom AKA my studio). He also tells me that if he’s too noisy or anything like that, let him know and it will be taken care of. Okay. I didn’t think much about beyond “Oh, hey, my neighbor has a new boyfriend. “. But , soon, I’d realize that this was not just a new relationship being taken to the next level. This wasn’t you typical “people moving in together” situation.

From that day on, I’d see his new man in the halls. He was a young bow legged latino guy. Maybe 22 or so. He looks like one of madonna’s dancers from the late 90’s. From what I understand, he was/is a dancer. But one thing is for sure, this motherfucker LOVES music. How do I know this? Cause from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed, music is blasting. Always. Now, this is annoying on many levels. I’ve had neighbors like this before. I’ve also been the loud music neighbor. But in all those cases, there have been some limits. With this guy, it’s not only a constant flood of music, but it’s a constant flood of very particular music. Much like his older boyfriend, he’s got his taste. And it spans far and wide from 3 different Rihanna songs to the song “girls gone wild” by madonna to a Britney spears live concert.

That’s it. That’s all he listens to. For the last 2 fucking years. Sure, occasionally he’ll spice it up with some salsa music and he went through a brief Lady Gaga stage but, for the most part, it’s steadily been those specific songs for the entire time he’s lived there. And not just sporadic plays. I’m talking repeated plays , back to back of the same song for hours on end. Did I mention he sings along? You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a Dominican cross dresser sing “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” off key at the top of his lungs. There are feelings and emotions possessed in that performance that I will never reach in my wildest dreams.
Every hear Britney spears rendition of “I love rock and roll”? I have. Performed through a brick wall, 15 times a day for 2 years. Feel me?

Whenever I tell people about this, their immediate reaction is “have you complained?”. Of course I have. After a few incidents of 6am music blasting , new rules were made. No music before 11am or after 11 pm. This held up for a few weeks until the parties picked up again. But this has been a constant back and forth. I complain, the noise stops for a few weeks , then it starts again. Such is the cycle of life, my friends. One thing I should point out is that my neighbor (the older guy, not the kid) is nothing if not accommodating. He’s not deaf and is always willing to tell his roommate to shut the fuck up. In fact, it goes beyond that. After Hurricane Sandy, the buildings communal backyard was a mess. I was back there moving some shit around when my neighbor popped out (silk robe in full effect). He asked that ,if i needed any help he could get his “wetback boyfriend” to come do some work. Umm…okay. That’s when I started to realize that this living arrangement was not on equal ground to , say, what happened when my girlfriend moved in. Pretty sure the the young madonna dancer didn’t get to do any redecorating. These two were not taking trips to Ikea together . They were not as much a couple as they were an agreement This living situation was dependent on two things.
1)That young Madonna stays downstairs
2)Sexual favors are exchanged.
In fact, it’s safe to say it’s an open relationship. How do I know? Probably by the constant flood of loud gay latino men , who spend various nights hooting and hollering next door. Inevitably, the hooting and hollering will simmer down and all of a sudden, thinks get a little more greek up in there.
Listen. Couples have sex. It’s natural. I know this. Also, non-couples have sex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these two consenting adults enjoying each others company in a romantic manner. I just sorta wish I didn’t have to hear it. As it all takes place on the other side of my bedroom wall, I’m party to a pretty consistent and unsettling sex life between a man in his mid 60’s and his little “wetback boyfriend”. At any given moment , on any given day, I will hear the sounds of love being made. This love, however, has it’s own very particular sounds. Deep guttural moans, slapping (not sure if that’s hands or thighs colliding or both), and a soft latino whimper of “aye. Aye. AYE!!!”. Occasionally, it will simply be a head session and then I get to hear what it sounds like when a dude with a thick brooklyn accent gets orally pleased. Guess what? it sounds exactly what you might think it sounds like: UNNERVING. Unlike the music, I really can’t complain about this. It’s none of my business and it’s what couples do. But…goddamn…that shit is ROUGH to have to try to sleep though.

I recently have started combating all this noise with noise of my own. In classic passive aggressive white guy style, I’ve taken to blasting loud gangster rap right back whenever this dudes music starts blasting and , you know what? It works. No clue why but it seems whenever my music goes on, his goes off. Who knew? So, as the summer approaches and I prepare for whatever that may have in store for my neighbor and his many different sounds, things are actually looking up. Who knows? Perhaps by august they’ll be tired of fucking each other like most old couples and life will go back to normal. One can only dream…

Epilogue 5/2/14
Well, it’s almost a year to the day since I wrote this and a beautiful thing has happened. A week or two ago, my girlfriend commented “I haven’t heard our friend in a while…”. She was right. No blasting Rihanna songs, not feet clopping around and not guttural sex sounds that make balls jump back into my stomach. Nothing. It would appear his time has passed. I don’t know where he went, I don’t know why he left but he’s gone. He’s out of here and I could not be happier. So, Bon Voyage, you fucking asshole. It was fun (for you) while it lasted. I can only hope the next lonely old man you grift a home out of will be as kind and well…absent as my neighbor was. In his honer, I will dim the lights in my apartment and blast MAdonna’s “girls gone wild” by candlelight tonight. Goodbye, sweet prince.

Answers for questions Vol. 135

Hello everyone!
Time once again for my version of AMA. Ask me anything. Really. Do it.
In fact, my question queue is getting kinda thin so I actually need more questions. Send them my way. Either email them to me at or leave them in the comment section below. Either one works. Just a side note, if you do send a question, get creative. I’ve answered questions for years now on here so “what’s your biggest influence?” type question will be ignored. Feel free to get weird and abstract. This column can be both informative and strange…if you let it be.
Anyway, here’s this weeks batch.

Recently (over the past year or so) multiple “microgenres” of music have been popping up; the most popular one being “vaporwave.” It’s essentially slowed down 80s music (occasionally chopped up with some added reverb), but fans of it claim it’s some kind of social commentary on our consumerist culture or some bullshit like that as a way of justifying its simple (and imo lazy) production. I’m a fan of sampling and sample-based music in general, but I think this is just a genre full of talentless people shitting out incredibly easy to “produce” tracks in order make a quick buck by selling them on limited edition cassettes. As someone that produces sample-based music, what are your thoughts on this?

It would appear you’ve made you mind up on this one, huh?
This is my first time hearing of this “genre” so it’s popularity is kinda suspect for me. Sure, it may be cool in some circles but I’m pretty sure people aren’t making money off it. Do I think it’s lazy? Well, if this song you posted is an example and it’s all just one thing looped for 7 minutes with minimal additions, then yes. it’s lazy as fuck. But what separates that from any old classic MF Doom beat? I love those tracks and the vid you posted could literally be an out take from “operation doomsday”. So, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. This genre isn’t enough of a real genre to really deserve an opinion either way.
It’s funny though cause this genre seems like the spin-off of that weird 80’s film score music renaissance that got popular when the movie “Drive” came out. This is like the boring version of that.

I hear NYC is pretty famous for it’s police corruption. Do you consider this to be true? Have you got any good examples of how New York’s finest abuse their power?

I’d say police corruption is pretty big in most major cities. NYC is no different. Outside of your basics racism and arresting people to fill quotas, I can’t say I’ve personally seen anything like that happen. That certainly doesn’t mean it’s not there though. I’m not exactly on the cutting edge of crime in the city. I spend most of my days in front of a computer listening to obscure Romanian psych rock samples. Come and get me, coppers!

Hey Blockhead, how do you pick the names for your songs? Is it totally
random, just whatever you’re feeling the day the song gets finished or
is it some super deep and meaningful shit people like me just can’t
understand….It seems like in general artists who don’t have vocals
seem to have some pretty weird song titles. Why is that? I mean grape
nuts and chalk sauce? Which one of you jerks drank my arnold palmer?
Kinda has me wondering…

It depends. More often that not, it’s one of two things. An Inside joke with myself or just the feeling the beat gave me. With the inside joke titles, it’s often just me going down a rabbit hole until I land on something that has a nice ring to it. Like, with “Which one of you jerks stole my Arnold palmer”, That started from a place of “this sounds like a song for the summer” then turned to “I’m seeing people sitting on a porch having beverages on a warm day in July” to “I’d like an Arnold Palmer (a half lemonade/half Ice tea) in that situation” to “What if someone stole my Arnold palmer?” to “Which one of you jerks stole my Arnold palmer?”.
“Grape nuts and Chalk sauce” came from me thinking the beat sounded middle eastern. That reminded me of falafel. I think falafel sucks. They taste like grape nuts and chalk sauce. Boom…a title is born.

But, more often than not, the title is based on the feeling. “Raining clouds” felt like a before, during and after of a major storm. “Expiration date” was based on the inevitable course of a relationship coming to a close. Stuff like that. I pretty much just try to either lead the listener to where I’m coming from or confuse them with inside joke nonsense. So, my advice would be to never look to deep into the song titles. It might not be worth it.

Question, when do you think you’ll call it quits with playing ball?
I think about this all the time. As my main source of exercise and one of my favorite things to do, I wonder when the ship will sail. I play ball with a few guys well into their 40’s and early 50’s so there is a little hope. When i used to go to the park, there would be some dudes in their 60’s there. I suppose the biggest challenge is just not getting badly hurt. Recovery time is a motherfucker the older you get. Even now, in my mid 30’s, I’m constantly a little injured. My ankles, my back, my groin. Something is always off. I’d imagine that just gets worse and worse. SO, to answer the question, I’m hoping I can be one of those 60 year olds that’s still functional enough to play with other 60 year olds. That’s my goal.

So after going to Coachella and seeing Aesop perform, my boyfriend and I who both read your Facebook/Blog were wondering how you would fare at such an event? I don’t know if you’ve performed there before, but is it the epitome of everything you hate in the world? i.e. hot, sweaty, drugged up, bare-foot, pretentious hipster indie kids who don’t know half the music they’re rolling balls to? Would you be in and out of there after your set, or would you stick around to people watch/drink/enjoy the show?

I’ve played my fair share of festivals but never anything remotely as huge as Coachella. But, the point is, I’ve seen that world on some level. My whole M.O. with festivals is typically to get in, do my show and get out. Not cause I hate everything about the festivals but cause I don’t wanna get stranded in nature. Typically, i stay at a hotel near the festival site but lots of these things are in the middle of nowhere so it’s real easy to be forgotten and left to your own devices. Speaking of devices, phones pretty much never work at these things either so that’s another issue.
There have been a few that I’ve hung out at a little afterwards. It really just depends on the accommodations. but, I’m also not really a drug guy and booze is hard to find sometimes at these events so there is rarely much for me to do at them.
But the people? I don’t have that much of an issue. Sure, many of the festival folk are not the typical type of people I hang with but they’re usually pretty nice and friendly. I’ve never had an issue with them and , really, they’re no different from people at my shows in a lot of ways. Just with way more hula hoops, glowsticks and less shoes.
For more on my festival life, here are some pieces I’ve written in the past about them. Some of these are pretty old and you can kinda see how my viewpoint evolves as I go…so don’t be put off by any harshness in the earlier entries. Of, if you’re more like me, enjoy the harshness. Either or.

A)Have you ever successfully worked a sample from music in a genre not typically sampled in hiphop (emo, indie rock, avant garde stuff, etc) into one of your tracks?

B)Which track off Interludes After Midnight took the longest to finish?

A) Sure. all the time. I actually go out of my way to find that kind of stuff. The problem with some of it (in particular emo and indie rock) is that I don’t like sampling current music (anything made before the early 80’s is usually my cut off). Partially cause it just doesn’t feel right (Part of sampling is taking something old and making it new. The way things were recorded in those older eras has a lot to do with what makes the sample good) but also cause I’m more likely to get caught sampling some newer shit. I’ve sampled tons of weird avant-garde music over the years as well as any genre you can think of. I’ve tried it all at some point.

b)I’d say the toughest track on “Interludes After Midnight” was “Beyond Reach”.

Mostly cause i was working around vocals and the original song was in a strange key. At least one that I must not typically work with cause finding parts to match with it was way harder than it typically is. Also, the breakdown in the middle went through many different incarnations until I felt I got it right where I wanted it to be. I typically work with lots of fluidity and rarely go back and questions choices but , with this song, I went back a bunch of times cause it felt off.

Yay or Nay?: This BSBD song featuring Cam’ron and N.O.R.E.

For those who don’t know, Blue Sky, Black Death is a production team from the north west (Seattle and the Bay). Aside from making cool instrumental stuff they’ve also put out a bunch of albums with mc’s (Most notably Nocho Picasso and Dinero Farrar). They’ve continued putting in work and recently dropped a new song featuring NYC ignorant rap legends Cam’ron and N.O.R.E.
The song also features some rappers from across the pond called SAS so, you know, take that all you people who say I ignore rap from all non-US countries.
Anyway, this song came out of nowhere (to me , at least) and was a pleasant surprise. I realize both Killa Cam and Nore are fairly polarizing figures in rap so i was curious to get an idea of where you, my readers, stand on such a song. It’s not often two major artists do a song with an underground production outfit so this is kinda exciting to me.
Here’s the song (you can download it for free on the bandcamp page)

Now, tell me what you think:

Demo Reviews Vol. 22

Oh boy! More demos!
yup, it’s that time again. you sent me your demos and I told you I’d review them. Well, I’m a man of my word. This is a wacky bunch this week. Including a few pretty decent demos, a rock song and something that I hope was sent to me by mistake.
If you’re a person reading this , wondering if and how you can send me a demo to review, I’m afraid I have bad news for you, bro. I’m not accepting submissions for the time being. I got a decent amount still piled up that I have to get through before I can do that. So, hold your head. It still baffles me that anyone would want me to review their demos at this point but, hey, do you. When the time comes, I’ll let you know.
Anyway, the reviews are done like so:
I do a little write up on them and then rate them on a scale of 1-10 in the following categories:




That’s about it…let’s get it started.

Artist: Metropolis
Song: Narcotic emissions

These “wall of noise” beats are typically not my thing. It seemed headed into one direction then flipped into something that sounds like sirens over drums that had no musical relation to the opening sequence (which was the best part). Big flip ups are fine but they have to, in some way, connect. This didn’t do that.
 3.5 out of 10
2.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Socrates
Song: Love Lost

This was a pretty creative way to use the “scratching a sample” effect(That’s all I can think to call it…it’s really just someone fucking with a fader). It all layers well and the song keeps evolving nicely. My only critique would be to drop out the scratching out a tiny bit earlier. But this is pretty solid all around.
5.5 out of 10
5.5 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Artist:Paradox & Sean p
Song: Last time

This is one of those rap song’s that is far from bad but not something that interests me personally. The beat is cool. The rapping is fine (maybe even above average). But, i dunno…this type of song and rapping has been done endlessly at this point (it’s got a very early rhymesayers-ish vibe to it). So, I can definitely see people digging this but it’s just not grabbing me.
4.5 out of 10
4.5 out of 10
4.5 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

Artist: Space age hippie
Song: 24K

This beat is pretty dope. I woulda wanted some harder drums but the loops are catchy and it’s got enough changes throughout that it stays interesting. The raps , while nothing special on any level, are kinda fun. It’s a situation where the whole of the song is better than it’s parts.
5 out of 10
4 out of 10
6 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist:The Young Maths

Oh wow…the rare rock song submission! Well..shit. I don’t know what to do with this. This is way out of my wheelhouse of what I enjoy or would ever listen to. It’s cool? I have no idea. People who send me stuff like this gotta understand, I simply have no frame of reference for this kinda shit. I mean, I know I don’t like it but it’s not really fair for me to grade this review stuff. It would be like a vegan reviewing roast beef. So, rock guys, don’t feel dissuaded by this review. I’m simply not your audience.
2 out 10

Song: Whatever’s in the way

This sounds like what happens when you mix Frank Ocean and Copywrite. It’s pretty bizarre. The beat is one of those that would never stand alone but it makes sense in the context of the song. The rapper/singer isn’t bad. He’s got a better rap style than he does singing style. But his voice (from both a rapping and singing perspective) is fairly strong. I feel like girls will like this. Which is a good thing for any artist hoping to have a career.
4.5 out of 10
5 out of 10
5 out of 10
Originality:5.5 out of 10

Artist: Sour Patch
Song: Sour Lemon

WAT?!?!?! Come on , bro. Don’t be an asshole.
1 out of 10
-7 out of 10

Song: Roots

*sigh* There is nothing wrong with this song. It’s perfectly palatable and inoffensive but it also doesn’t really need to exist either. I could pick apart nuances of ths but it’s not really about that. This is that middling kinda instrumental music whose purpose i just can’t really wrap my head around. Like I said, it’s not bad or offensive…i just wonder who is gonna sit around and listen to it and under what circumstances. I’m not trying to be a dick either. I think the majority of instrumental music fits under that umbrella. This is like the musical equivalent to a microwave Macaroni and cheese TV dinner. I’ll eat that shit if I have to but I’d rather not.
3 out of 10
3.5 out of 10
Originality:2.5 out of 10

Artist: Simple Devin
Song:Serious angels 2

This is pretty much exactly like the song above but worse. Is there a drug that exists that this kinda music is tailored towards? There has to be cause so many people make stuff like this. On the critical tip, the instrument and drum sounds are pretty low budget. i think some people think that if you put a vocal sample on something it gives it depth and importance when, really, you’re just putting a dude talking over a very mediocre backing track.
2.5 out 10
2.5 out of 10
Originality:2 out of 10

Artist:The Bins
Song: Hold on

This is very well made. After a week of submissions of some fairly low quality bedroom recordings, this one seems professionally mixed. The vocal samples are really dope. The transitions are all really smooth. Beyond all the technical aspect, this is a successful feel good song. While that can also be seen as being a little corny, pulling that off is no small feat. Definitely feels like an Avalances song.
6.5 out 10
6 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Now, Tell me what you think:

Answers for questions vol. 134

What’s up everyone, I took a travel day off monday cause I was doing shows out west so your normally scheduled “answers for questions” got pushed to today (clearly, this is very important news to all of you). Thanks to all the people who came out in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco this past weekend. I had a great time. Shout out to Quantic as well. He killed it.
Anyway, I’m back now for a few weeks so it’s business as usual. Which means a whole lotta loafing. I can’t wait. I may also start working on a new album but the thought terrifies me so we’ll see what happens with that.
Oh, of course, if you have anything you’d like to ask me, send it my way. Either leave it in the comments below of email it to me at There are no dumb questions. Well, that’s not true at all. Most of these questions are dumb. Just try and be less dumb , if possible.
So, without further ado, let’s get into this weeks questions.

Obviously you were there for 9/11, but do you ever think about a major catastrophe hitting New York (be it natural disaster/some man-made catastrophe) where an insanely large amount of people would need to leave the area? I’m talking a mass-evacuation over a short period of time where the potential for massive delays/pure chaos over many days could ensue. I know you’re a “don’t worry about things you can’t control” kind of situation, but I’m just curious if it’s something you’ve considered.

It would be impossible for that to not cross my mind here and here. Especially with all the crap that NYC has been through over the last 10 or so years. So, while the thought has crossed my mind and the idea of leaving here for good might one day become a reality, I’d be a dip shit to be sitting around worrying about it. The deepest I’ve delved into that line of thought is thinking where I’d move if Manhattan was washed off the map. My first choice would be San francisco (I got family and friends there) and if not there, I’d try to maybe go to Montreal or Toronto. I like both those cities a lot. Outside of that, I’m more just expecting to be one of the many bodies what gets washed away when that tidal wave eventually does come and devour the city.

Has your laptop/sequencer ever failed during a live set? What did/would you do if that situation were to occur? Did Pearl Jam the band, or pearl jam the slang for jerk off juice originate first?

Two very different questions…
1)Yup. I had my shit die on me a couple of times. In both cases, I just had to restart it and it worked okay. Still, that dead air when performing live is never awesome. Turns out crowds aren’t into it.
Worse than that though is when my computer totally shit the bed when I went to europe. I was mid way through a tour in eastern europe and I couldn’t even turn it on. I ended up doing “Dj sets” which means I played my own songs in their entirety with a touch of terrible mixing but I had no other choice. I was lucky to even be able to do that. I’m hoping I get to go back to those places (Moscow and St. Petersburg) to do real shows at some point cause those people definitely saw some bullshit.
2)The slang came first. They’re named after it. Come on, bro. You’re better than that question.

I’m from the D.C. area and from what I’ve gathered, your girl has family in Bethesda. I live in Silver Spring and I’m around the Bethesda/NW D.C./Silver Spring pretty much 100% of the time. I’m curious as to what your general thought are about that specific area of Maryland/D.C. suburbs.

Hmm…it’s just some typical suburban shit to me. Bethesda is a very nice place. I can say that. Very Clean. Surprisingly good food. Nice people. It’s tough to call cause I haven’t been around enough suburbs in my life time to really be able to tell them apart. I mean, sure, Bethesda is definitely cleaner and nicer than , say, some spots i’ve been to in long island where dudes have filthy couches on their lawns but it’s all under the same umbrella to me. Houses with lawns, lined up for miles and everyone in cars. The nuances of different suburbs is definitely lost on me. It’s like comparing women’s purses.

the year is 2013 and there are a lot of musicians making music with electronic devices…your asr-10 dies or whatever and there are no parts to fix it, irreplaceable, no more left on the planet…so you think, i still want to make music, i don’t know completely what piece of equipment to get, but i’m only going to get one piece, it’s can’t be an asr-10, because no more exist, so, you’re going to have to get a new piece of equipment, just one, where you can make music similar to what you make now, though it might be a little different, because you are getting a new piece of equipment, it could be something you know how to use or something you’ve never used before and have to learn…… what do you get??? do you continue making music or do something else???

Well, that’s easy. I’d just use Abelton entirely. I already have shifted over to it more than my sampler in recent years so the process would be pretty simple. All I’d need to get was a midi controller and I’d be good to go. I bet you were expecting a way more complicated answer, huh? Ha! Sorry dude! I’m already livin’ in 2013, bout that lyfe and shit.

Hey Block, I grew up going in an out of the city on Metro North for as long as I can remember. Ever since I left the area people seem to often ask me if New Yorkers are as bad as their reputation, especially when they go there for their first visit, and ask me for “advice.” I’ve resorted to tell them New Yorkers are just hardcore beleivers in equally reciprocating attitude. If you’re nice, they will be nice back. You push them, they push you back, etc.

You have any sage advice you would give to anyone going to NYC for the first time? As a New Yorker for life I’m interested in your take on this.

The whole misconception of NYer’s being these relentless rude assholes is crazy. I’ve found that, in general, we’re actually pretty friendly and helpful. I think the misconception comes from people not understanding that, in NY, you just kinda handle your own business. Everyone has their own deal and we’re all just going from point A to point B. So, that means if we bump shoulders sometimes, it’s nothing personal. however, 9 out of 10 times , you ask someone on the street a non-ridiculous question, they will answer it. Sure, there are exceptions and a fair amount of crazy people roaming the streets but those are just the chances you gotta take when you go to any city.
I think the main advice I’d give people visiting NYC is don’t get caught up in things you’ve heard. The fact of the matter is , at this point, NYC is pretty safe (at least anywhere tourists would be) and , beyond that, it’s a city full of people who are either not from here or just visiting. So, you should fit right in. Just whatever you do, avoid the puerto ricans. They will knife you and take your children. Just kidding. They don’t want your stupid kids.

So, you get to create a super group of which you are a part of. Five members. You as a producer who produces half the songs, and another producer who does the other half. And then two emcees and a DJ.

Make two different groups:

1) You have to pick people you know personally as the members.

2) You can pick anyone, alive or dead.

God I hate these types of questions. It’s like dungeons and dragons for rap nerds.
But, I will abide…
1) Aesop rock and Billy Woods are the rappers, Kid Koala is the DJ and the other producer would be Hot Sugar. That would be a bugged out fucking group

2)Kool g rap circa 1991 and Willie D circa 1990 would be the rappers, I’d keep Kid Koala as the dj for this group and my co-producer would be Diamond D circa 1991.

Hey Blockhead, what do you think of 808? It’s everywhere now. Sometimes it’s used really well, but I hate the sounds and often it just sucks (In my opinion).

You hate the 808 drum? I hope you’re confusing the entire 808 kit with the one sound it’s known for (the deep bass kick drum) cause then I might kinda understand. Lots of those sounds are dated but, the kick drum 808? I use that all the time. It’s my favorite low-end bass kick available. Perfect for layering under other kicks or break beats.
Also, it’s nothing new…it’s been around since the 80’s. Some people who use may make shitty music but don’t blame that on the drum sound. That’s like hating on an MPC cause some asshole makes trance hop house music on it.

Tim and I discuss music and stuff Vol. 29

sweet friends
This week, Tim AKA Alaska and I discuss the music/videos of Iggy Azalea , The Bens and a comedy rapper named Lil Dicky who somehow manages to be kinda awesome.
This is also a week where i think Tim and I agree on maybe 33% of the vids…but one thing is for sure. Iggy Azalea , while boner inducing, is fucking terrible.

My “Photos with fans” Initiative

Whenever I do shows, I take a bunch of pics with people who come to those shows. 10 out of 10 times I make an asshole face and the other person is kinda drunk. In other words, it’s a good time. So, I was thinking, it would be fun to have an album of all those pics on my facebook page
So, if you’ve got a pic with me from a show at any time in our lives, lemme have it. Either post it on my facebook wall or send it to me ( Be immortalized in the least impressive way possible…by standing next to my dumb ass at a show. Lemme have ’em…

Yay or nay? This new Earl/Riff Raff song

Typically, this column is dedicated to new artists but, you know what? It’s not easy finding a new artist I like/one who peaks my interest (let alone don’t loath) every week. So, instead, let’s try something different this week.
Here was have a new song. It’s Produced by Harry Fraud and features the vocal stylings of Earl sweatshirt and Riff Raff. Now, here’s where I’d give my brief synopsis and clue you into my thoughts but I think I’m gonna skip all that. I’m very curious of what your response to this song is. I will say, I’m a big fan of Earl, I like Frauds beats and Riff Raff is a funny clown I don’t dislike. So, with that, here’s the song:
Because there are tons of ways to hear/evaluate this song, I’m giving you as many voting options as I can.
Now, tell me what you think?