Answers for questions Vol. 138

I don’t know where you live but it’s muggy and rainy in NYC right now. Not exactly weather that motivates you to do anything other than loaf around like a total piece of shit. Luckily for me, I love loafing so it’s a match made in heaven.
Just a heads up, I got some shows this weekend. I’m playing Knoxville (for the first time ever!) on friday at the NV nightclub and then I’m playing ATl the following night at Terminal West at King Plow. If you live in the area, come througgghhhhh. Also, should I bring Merch to these shows? You buyin’? Lemme know.

If you would like to become a part of this wonderful blog process, send me your questions. Ask me anything. Either leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at Phatfriendblog@gmail. Get on that, guy.
Okay, let’s peep this weeks selections…

You may have answered some questions like these before but whatever. Have you always been motivated to make art? I find myself always fluctuating with being completely enamored with the idea and then thinking its not worth my time. Did you ever feel the same way? Like just thinking, what can I possibly do that hasn’t been done better, saying what’s already been said? Or did making art just always feel right to you?

I’d say it’s one of two things. Firstly, I’ve never questioned the concept of making art for a living. Probably cause my dad was an artist so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Now that I’m older and have seen more in life, it’s pretty crazy to step back and consider that, thus far, this whole thing has worked out for me. The odds of success are never in your favor when you’re creating music, fine art or writing. Still, I don’t sit around thinking about trying to reinvent the wheel. I mean, shit, I sample for a living. That would be ridiculous of me. I simply try to not be influenced by everything else around me. When I make music, I’m generally the only one who hears it until it’s ready to be heard. Other than sending beats to rappers, I’m not the type to “run thing by” anyone for a second opinion. I just go with my gut and keep the work internal.
Secondly, I do this cause it’s one of the few things on this planet I actually like doing. If your read this blog or follow my twitter, my interests can seemingly be boiled down to TV, Basketball, movies and music. And , I hate to say it, but that’s not far off. I make music cause I love doing it and happened to be lucky to stumble into a career in it. If this shit hadn’t worked out, I have no clue what I’d be doing with my life. So, that thought also motivates me. A much as I love it, it’s also my job. If it’s not inspiration, the will to keep doing this as a job in general and not get a real job is motivation enough.

Yo Block,
As an avid reader of your blog, I know you’re a pretty thick-skinned person. But I’ve just gotta know, are there any words that just irk you? Like I mean the word “moisture” sends shivers down my spine. And, honest to God, “geese” pisses me off. So yeah, any words?

I’m not bothered by words with no context. Sure, when I hear a 45 year old say “swag” or a new yorker say “hella” it annoys me, but there’s not word that I hate just hearing it arbitrarily. Phrases however…

Excessive use of the word “Bro” is really getting on my nerves. It especially turns me off when i hear other girls call each other bro. Are there any hackneyed words or phrases that just make you sick every time you hear it (especially from girls)?

This question is very similar to the one above but I just wanted to say I think “bro” has come full circle twice over now in the sense that people who were using it ironically are now just using it with no irony. I feel like “dude” has done the same thing.
as for annoying things girls say “Amazeballs” is a fucking travesty of a phrase and anyone who speaks in emoticons (like saying “O.M.G.”) should kill themselves.

Hey Block, Ive heard of music being called “over produced”. I have an idea of what they mean, an artist lets their music be overly worked and hense becomes generic, but i could be wrong. What would that mean to you? Also is that something youre conscious of during your process or do you generally know when somethings done and to leave it alone?

To me, “over produced” can mean different things. I can be when an artist just won’t let go and sit with a song or album forever, endlessly tinkering with it. These types tend to overlook the big picture for the minutia. I’ve seen producers literally spend days on mixing a kick drum. It’s insanity.
Another meaning can be something like Kanye’s last album. He’s a great producer. Without question. But , at times, I felt like he was just adding shit on for the sake of adding it on. Like , no Kanye song with Rick Ross needs a 24 bar synth solo breakdown. As ambitious as it is/was, it also just was unnecessary.
The type of over produced you’re speaking of is when you take a rough around the edges group and make everything about them shiny. This generally fucks everything up cause part of their appeal was that they weren’t shiny. I referred to this when I wrote about working with Lana Del ray (before she was Lana Del Ray) and how the beat I had given her had been “shined down to a dull glow”. This is a common occurrence when some hip new low-fi band signs with a major label and the label doesn’t just let them be. Also, this kind of over production always sucks cause it contradicts what made the music god in the first place.

I’m not a fan of your rapperless music(I don’t dislike it, I just don’t really listen to instrumental shit, much like yourself) but am a huge fan of your writing and blog. Is this something you encounter very often?

It works both ways. I’ve met tons of people who never listen to anything I do if it has any sort of vocalist on it. I’d say I’m more familiar with people in your shoes though as, after all, I’m one of you. I don’t listen to any instrumental music and I never really did (outside of a few loose songs here and there). So, I’d be an asshole to be annoyed by that. As for people who love my blog but don’t like my music, I have no idea. I’m always psyched when I meet people at shows who are like “I love you blog!” but I can’t think of a situation where I’d meet someone and they’d be like “Awesome blog! I hate your music though!” outside of the internet.

Have you ever been relieved to smell your own shit smell in a public restroom to cover up the other random shit smell?

Maybe it’s some OCD thing but I hold my nose when I go into a public bathroom. I always have. I don’t even think about it, my sense of smell just shuts down. It’s kinda nice though cause smelling other peoples shit and piss isn’t exactly the jump off. Neither if breathing in the vapors but it’s not like I can actually taste it or anything.
I will say this though, I do feel relieved when I cover up the smell of someones fart wit my own. It’s like winning an arm wrestling match…with your asshole.

17 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 138

  1. I’m a total hip-hop head, always have been, and 90s hip-hop has always been the holy grail for me. Tons of song that climbed the charts were favorites of mine back in the day. As time progresses, mainstream hip-hop doesn’t fit my taste for the most part and so I mainly listen to music on independent labels, etc, stuff you would never hear on the radio. My question is, what do you predict the future of hip-hop to look like (or the future of music in general)? As mentioned above, there is a lot of “overproduction” that happens and those same annoying bitches that say “amazeballs” are the ones posting Lil Wayne lyrics as their Twitter updates. You also mentioned how good artists get watered down by major labels. It seems to me that the 90s are untouchable and it’s only downhill from here. What do you think?

  2. that lana del rey storys is a good read.

    i gotta question, most and least financially lucrative thing youve done? most and least critically acclaimed thing youve ever done? most satisfying?

  3. What’s up Block…Please tell me you have a Dour Candy entry coming soon.. It’s June now and the album is supossed to be dropping this month but it still seems shrouded in mystery…Is it still on schedule for release? I’ll refrain from asking about the vinyl again because I don’t want to jinx it. At this point I just want to hear the tracks! What’s the score man?

  4. I passed out drunk once, while some people were over at my house. I woke up with the taste of hotdog in my mouth, and about 10 Polaroid pictures taped all over my body. Photographic evidence showed 2 high school girls with hotdogs hanging out of their zippers, taking turns slapping them on my forehead.

    Here’s a lot of other stupid shit that might happen if you pass out at the party:

    What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? Have you gotten off easy with the classic sharpie-wiener-forehead, or anything more creative?

  5. What are you thoughts on texting vs. calling girls? I’ve had a few instances recently when girls have taken hours or days to respond to a text and there end up being a lot of mixed signals. Isn’t texting kind of a step back technologically? I find a lot of the confusion that arises during a text conversation could be cleared up by a quick phone call. Should young people try picking up the damn phone for once instead of using it like a telegram?

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