Yay or Nay? This new Mac Miller/Jay Electronica song

Hmm…Something weird is going on with Mac miller. I’ve never been a fan of him and I don’t see that changing anytime soon…but something is evolving with him lately. First he does a drugged out song with Earl (This joint) and now he does this strange song with Jay Electronica. You can say one thing for the kid, he’s got good taste in rappers and enough money and/or connections to make songs with them happen. Wait, that’s two things. anyway…
So, the weirdness that’s going on is that Mac has been doing this thing where he raps with really good rappers and ends up trying to sound like them on the track. While this is a little corny of him, it’s also made him a much more listenable rapper. Only problems are that
a)He’s still Mac Miller
b)His flow may change (for the better) to suit whatever rapper he’s paired with but his actual rhymes are still pretty worthless.
That said, at least he’s embracing getting weird, which I always support. I don’t know the kid at all and don’t wanna speculate but it sounds like he’s doing a ton of drugs and that’s changing the way he approaches music. Honestly, it’s worked for others…might not be the worst idea for him.
Oh, did I mention the elusive Jay Electronica is on this? I’m a big fan and him killing it is not shocking. This one is right up his alley and he seems to be right where he wants to be on the track.
So, I’m curious, what do you think of this song? It definitely caught me off guard. Also, please be honest and don’t take my opinion on this song as I’m leading you. I’m actually curious if , perhaps, this song is just straight up good and I’m being too hard of Mac miller. If you like this (or him), don’t be shy. Perhaps he’s turned a corner and I refuse to admit it. It’s not impossible.

32 thoughts on “Yay or Nay? This new Mac Miller/Jay Electronica song

  1. yeah I do not like mac miller and yeah he does have good taste.especially that will be the new jay elect that we will hear in 2013 cause his new LP will be out 2024.I still dont like mac miller.track reminded a little of old school cooky eminem track a lil bit before ems songs sounded like something from armed forces commercials.The few, the proud, the marines,-I’m not a afraiiid!

  2. hes got donald trump talking shit about him on twitter that is awesome who cares about his music

    as far as the particular song goes…..cant listen… sitting in the ER waiting room

    • “Little bird in jersey said my raps are too wordy.”

      That’s not something I, personally, would ever accuse Mac of. Wordy is how people try to insult people like Busdriver, Aesop Rock, and El-P. Mac -wishes- people would accuse him of being wordy.

      But yeah; I didn’t hate his verse. Is it possible that Mac is that rare terrible rapper who made it big and is taking the opportunity to improve? At this rate, in two years, he might be actually -good- instead of where he is right now, which is just not terrible.

  3. I was looking for another voting option. “Jay kills it, and Mac Miller is actually not terrible”. That is how I felel.

  4. Also that one song from Mac miller SDS with Flying Lotus isn’t bad at all. I feel weird saying a Mac miller song isn’t bad

  5. I kinda hate Jay Electronica and have never paid any kind of attention to Mac Miller. But this isn’t terrible. Mac does a respectable Eminem. Jay Electronica is still awful. The beat is cool. What I find interesting about Mac Miller is that he seems to be doing the opposite of what other rappers do when they get popular. Something I always wonder why cats like Eminem and Jay don’t just do. It’s like, you have money, you don’t need “hit” songs, just make the record you want to make. Go pull all the dudes you like out and throw them on your record. Em could’ve made a whole record produced by Dilla on some hard shit. But he doesn’t do that. This kid is kinda sorta doing that. So whatever, props to him for that. At least he’s not doing some asinine Cheech & Chong parody with “Uncle” Snoop like his boy Wiz.

    • Can you explain to me why Jay Electronica is “awful”? I’m curious of what angle you could take with that as, as far as I can tell, he’s pretty good at every facet of rapping. I wouldn’t argue “boring” but “Awful”? Really?

      I do feel you on Mac doing what he’s doing. He’s pretty much just living out his fan boy dreams and possibly expanding the fan bases of his favorite artists.

  6. I’m not a Mac Miller fan. I think he’s a mediocre rapper who got extremely lucky and because of that, he’s been working with all these people and trying to imitate what makes them great since he’s not-so-great himself. He’s gotta a huge fan base though, so I can’t diss him. I just can’t get on board with him as a rapper. A friend of mine recently produced his song “CPR”, which is yet a different direction Mac is going in. My friend isn’t even impressed by him but he’s becoming a big name, so he definitely didn’t mind producing for him…I’m sure you would probably feel the same if Mac asked you to produce for him. Surprised to see this on your “Yay or Nay” post. Usually you’re on some thugged out shit like Gunplay or something more indie like Milo.

      • Also Danny brown has pretty worthless lyrics. Before he adopted the vocals he has now no one would have cared I don’t think.
        I like Danny brown. He’s got that presence. Not that Mac has presence.

        But I don’t know where I was going with this haha.

  7. I think Mac has talent. And he’s young. So who know what will come out. He’s just having fun right now. He seems like a genuine person and likes to keep his real friends around too.

    This track is nice. The beat is perfect. I like th pauses in the rhyme and he hits it perfect with the whole track melody. I like it

  8. this is kinda random but as it’s about rappers, etc.. and I know you are a big danny brown supporter… do you guys know this? man, can’t wait for OLD

    • It’s a funny idea, but it’s really, really poorly executed. Like I’m sure that, in person, this guy’s Danny Brown impression is hilarious. But with him holding the phone up to read the words off, squeezing some of the lines with noticeable discomfort, and lacking any lines even approaching Danny’s hilarity, it just ends up being annoying.

      That’s just me; I get that others might think this is more entertaining than I do, and I even like the concept (and he hits the voice pretty well), it just really could have been executed better.

  9. I can’t say that I like the new “Gay Porn Sundays” section of your blog. I didn’t listen, and voted TERRIBLE.

    • That kinda defeats the entire reason I posted it though, doesn’t it? Perhaps there is a reason behind things.Don’t be an asshole on the internet, bro.

      • You’re right. I was way out of line. My internet license should be revoked. I felt bad, and listened to it twice. I would change my vote, but there is not even an option for “Beat is annoying, Mac Miller is garbage, Jay Swedish-Hardcore-Dub-House was listenable”.

        Please forgive me Blockhead. I know people died for my right to vote, and I will never take it for granted again.

      • People who think Jay Electronica is “garbage” or “unlistenable” confuse me. He certainly isn’t perfect and can be a little corny and boring but the dude can flat out rap extremely well. I don’t really fuck with much new Nas music but I liken them to each other in the sense that, even if you do’t like them, you gotta at last admit they have talent. It make me think either people are judging him by his shitty last name of just have shitty taste themselves.

      • I still sound like an asshole… I’m just going to shut up and stick to what I’m good at… Asking stupid questions.

      • This was literally maybe the 4th time I have even heard Jay Electonica rap. I know there has been some blog hype for him over the last few years, but I just can’t bring myself to care until he at least has a solo album. I just don’t have the patience to collect guest verses from all over the internet on some Pokemon shit for some rapper that is not on my top 10 list already. I’m just too lazy. It would be too much work to tag all that shit for my Ipod, so I could even listen to it more than once..

        From the ~4 songs I’ve heard, he sounds good rapping, and has good lyrics. I just can’t fuck with this beat, and Mac Miller is gross.

      • That’s cool but you realize you said he was “unlistenable”, right?
        He’s got some mixtapes what work as albums I’d recommend. Dude is VERY good at rapping.

  10. I was never a Mac Miller fan,especially when I first heard Donald Trump. That was when he first came into the limelight. After that he just kind of disappeared for a little bit and then a friend of mine showed me this song ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qraNVK4e5U ) It’s and Odd Future beat but the production of the whole song (beat/lyrics/the things he says behind the lyrics) made me think that maybe he finally grew into his hype. He’s trying to shake the ‘Frat rap’ and ‘Pop rap’ titles that people gave him. With his new album he definitely dismantles those. He actually gets pretty deep into theology in a lot of his tracks,and he shares a little bit of philosophy that is pretty interesting to hear. I wouldn’t say I’m a full on fan,there’s a lot he still needs to work on,but I like the direction he’s heading.

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