Yay or Nay: 3rdiiiUth

These are some young mc’s from by way of maryland (I was originally told they were from Cali but I’ve since been corrected).
This is one of those Yay or Nay situations where I’m not sure where I stand. I suppose that’s kinda the reason I’m asking you guys.
On one hand, a few of these dudes can rap very well , they seem like they’re on their own shit and I like the beats. On the other, they did a song about weed in 2013 and , perhaps, they smoke too much weed to make songs with any focus. I dunno. I don’t think I’ve heard enough.
Also, I’m guessing the name is pronounced “Third Eye Youth” which is dangerously close to Third Eye Blind, so there’s that too.
So, peep this:

So, what do you think?

16 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: 3rdiiiUth

  1. It’s probably just all the Third Eye shit, but they remind me of a somewhat less-skilled Flatbush Zombies with unfortunately bad mixing/recording. Definitely competent, but not very exciting.

  2. Maybe it’s just me but I really am digging this. It sounds fresh enough but also accessible.The weed shit ain’t nothing new kinda got the Underacheivers vibe going with that 3rd eye blunted out spiritualism shit..I guess maybe that’s the new 5% Nation?

  3. As you said Block, beats are solid but I can’t tell the same thing for the rappers. None of them make a difference vocally. It sounds like someone mumbling. People who wanna be a rapper don’t know anything about the rap game. It’s not just spittin’ over what you found or writing decent lyrics but has no unique flow. Look at the history and name an MC who is legend but has no unique something. Another thing is I’m really tired of weed talk. I’m done with that when Wiz Khalifa appeard in the game. It existed but all lyrics about I’m high, I’m drunk and molly thing, enough is enough man! It was fun listenning Afroman and the others but now f*ck that! THE END

    • Overreact much? I get that you don’t feel the rappers but you seemed to have become unhinged halfway through writing this. did you really compare them to Afroman? I mean…come on dude. It’s okay to not feel this shit. That’s why I asked. But at least keep your criticisms in the realms of reality.

      • Hell no! Weed talk is out of this concept and there is no comparement. I’m aware of overreaction bcuz I try something new all the time and the whole fucking week all I found new rappers and their albums full of weed talks(also european club shit beats). Today seeing this fuse the bomb then I explode. Half of my critcism in general and I didn’t say all for these guys. I mean, they are not the reason of aggressiveness.

    • Download the album. That is literally the only weed song on there. There’s a lot more to 3rdiiiUth I promise you. Just download 3rdiiiTheory and give it a try.

      • I explained my reaction so I’m gonna try their album. If anyone insist this much, it means there is something I don’t know. Thanks

      • As you said my friend, album is different. Thanks again.

        -Oracle (I don’t know but this one remind me CunninLynguists )
        -Hyperbolic Time Chamber
        -Sweet Dream

        These tracks are my favorite and has style for sure. Block, I guess these tracks gonna change your mind also.

        Peace out

  4. Maryland, represent, woop woop! My biggest issue is their name though. Clearly, it’s hard to figure out and looks like it’s the result of accidently jamming your elbow on the keyboard.

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