Answers for questions vol. 141

Good afternoon. So, today started off fun enough with me being awoken at 4 am by my girl having a conniption fit. I thought she was perhaps having a bad dream about her sky diving without a parachute but it turned out she was awoken to the feeling of a roach (or “water bug” as we white people call them) crawling on her sleeping body. Yup. That happened. So, my day (and hers) can only get better…I hope. Also, might be time to burn my entire home down.
Anyway, this is where I answer your questions. I always need more fuel so, if you got anything you’d like to ask me about, get advice on, or just be silly about..send it my way. Email the questions to me at or leave them in the comment section below. Both way work equally well.
Okay…here’s this weeks batch.

What’s your opinion on people who are really pretentious about their eating habits and outright look down on your diet/food habits to your face? For example, say you eat a lot of fast food and you get that person, “GOD that is so not good for you, do you know what’s in that?” The people that act like you don’t already know that McDonalds is basically shit food, but you don’t care because it’s fucking good (just as an example, you may despise McD’s). Said person can be anyone from a health nut, to a vegetarian, to a vegan… anyway you slice it, what do you think of them, would your opinion of said person lower, and what do you say to them in return?

I mean, obviously , anyone who does stuff like this is an annoying know it all. My biggest issue is when it breaks down into micro categories and some vegan will bitch to me about how bad something like tuna is for you. I can’t say this is something I’ll argue with people as much as just laugh off and forever mark them down as one of “those” people. Meaning, people who are fucking annoying and have issues with food. I don’t care what another person eats. If eating legumes and millet makes you feel happy, go for it. But the second you start policing the diets of other adults, you’re a fucking asshole. Even if your intentions are good. It’s like when christians try to “save” people. In their hearts, they probably really believe they’re doing gods work but everyone else is just quietly rolling their eyes at them and looking at them like their crazy. That’s how you look vegan nazis. Like crazy people. Just know that.
I don’t really fuck with fast food cause it’s terrible for you but I also know it tastes fantastic. So, I get it. However, when I see a person who lives in a place with tons of different eating options (sadly, this isn’t the case in most parts of the US), who mainly eats fast food, I do judge them. I wouldn’t tell them to stop though. I would just call them fatties behind their back and make diabetes jokes about them.

Are you a fan of cringe comedy, like Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry David) or The Office(UK)?
I’m asking you this because i’ve read on this blog some awkward moments you’ve been through and i think the way you narrate them are always quite hilarious.

Sure. I love that kinda stuff. It can sometimes reach a point where it’s too much for me but that mostly happens when a situation spirals into a debacle that could have easily been avoided by someone saying just one little thing to clear everything up. That happens on Curb your Enthusiasm a lot. But I guess that’s the point.
But, in general, awkward comedy definitely works for me and when an actor can pull that kinda thing off well, it’s always very impressive.
There have been times in my life where I was watching one of these situations unfold in front of me and I would think “This kinda sucks right now but , when it’s over, this will be hilarious…”

What are your thoughts on dancing at shows? When you play shows and check out the crowd while other artists play before/after you, what do you think of the dancers in the crowd? Where do you draw the line? Does someone standing still look uncomfortable? Do they look any worse than the shitty dancers who are trying to be really into it? Tell us your thoughts, Block

When on stage, the more people dancing , the better. I don’t care who , what or why…but peoples dancing is a sign that things are going well. This is particular better for me cause my show isn’t tailored to be watched as much as listened to. People who sit in the front row , not moving and staring at me are not going to have a good time cause, visually, I’m not doing much. I’ve never been one for bells and whistles so you won’t see me dancing around, pumping up the crowd. It’s just not my style. I’m too focused on the task at hand. I kinda wish I had that kind of crazy energy in me but I’m way too self aware to ever allow myself to do that. It’s one of those things that, if I was in the crowd for, I’d think the guy doing that was a dipshit…especially if he was playing the type of music I make.
Ideally, the music is playing and the crowd is either dancing or simply just nodding along with it. THere’s also the faction of people on drugs just kinda hovering like zombies with their eyes closed. I’d venture to guess they’re actually enjoying the show the most out of everyone.
I will say this about the types of dancing I get at my shows: the emergence of hula hoops and shit like that is a bug out. I got no issue with it , it’s just such a funny concept to me. Perhaps cause I don’t come from a rave culture and , if someone bought a hula hoop to a rap show they’d be laughed out of the venue. But that kinda stuff and other rave/burning man type shit is so foreign to me that it will never not crack me up when I see it.

You’ve mentioned in the past that you self-released Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book because you thought it didn’t represent your certain Ninja Tune persona. So two questions. 1) Why did you decide to make a record like it (upbeat, rock-ish, etc.)? Was it a conscious decision, like “I’m gonna make something different” or was it just a natural progression while you were making the album, and eventually you just realized that they wouldn’t dig it? And 2) would you ever make another album sounding like it, or is that kind of stuff not what you consciously think about when you start making an album?

1)I did consciously make an upbeat album. What happened was , I had all these upbeat tracks that I wasn’t using. No rapper was gonna use them and they might not work as well in the structure of an album full of downtempo shit. So, I thought, “what the fuck?”. Why not put these all together in a collection. At first, I was planning on putting the album out myself. I wasn’t even going to ask ninja tune but I figured I might as well let them hear it , in case they had any interest. They heard it , liked it and wanted to put it out. Then the list of samples came back to them and they no longer wanted to put it out (understandably). So, we came up with a compromise where they would distribute it but it wouldn’t be an official “ninja tune” album. Also, it would only be released in the states and it’s entire release would be done as 5000 cd’s. That’s it. The digital release was even small as a few of the tracks got taken off the album so , on things like I-tunes and amazon, the digital release was just an EP.
But to get back to the question, I wanted to try something different. I definitely was worried that people would think this is how every album I’d make from there on out would sound (which was justifiable cause music fans are nothing if not fickle and presumptive when it come to artists they like). SO, it was a “side project”. I actually even considered putting it out under an alias.
2) Eh…I don’t think so. I think that album served me well in the sense that it opened up peoples minds a little to the idea that I can make music that isn’t just sad and slow. So, from here on out (starting with “The music scene”) , if I wanna dabble in something more dancey, I can do that. That album gave me a license to be more versatile on future albums. But I can’t imagine a time when I’m gonna want to make an entire album like that again.

I don’t live in the states, and every time I see another huge budget Hollywood movie based heavily on American Patriotism i wonder if the government actually commissioning these things. What we need is another Team America to take the piss out of all that. Maybe I think that just cuz most people I’ve met (including me) find American nationalism hilarious. That’s people outside the states, though. What’s it like living there? Does anyone make fun of patriotism?

It’s hard for me to say cause living in NYC can be kinda like living in a bubble. I’m not around people who are all about america and how it’s the land of the free blah blah blah. That’s some fly over state shit. It’s possible to love your country but also not be blindly faithful to it. I’m far more “New york, love it or leave!” than anything cause, really, most of the rest of this country is pretty awful.
This country does some extremely fucked up things on a fairly regular basis. So many things, in fact, that I don’t even try to keep up with them. It’s just how it is. I think part of being a live now if kind of accepting that everything is fucked up. It sounds defeatist but , in relaity, there is very little we can do to off set the path we’re on. So, for a passive yet selfish guy like myself, I just kinda shrug my shoulders and hope it doesn’t fly off the rails while I’m still alive.
I will say this though, regarding how people from europe view people in the states. I’ve noticed that, sometimes, I’ll post something on my facebook wall making a joke about something stupid (fast food is actually a great example) i saw and tons of euro people will come out the woodworks like “That’s so american! Silly americans! LOL!”. That kinda shit is annoying and does actually awaken a weird sense of patriotism in me. Cause, you know you motherfuckers don’t live here. You THINK you know what goes on here but you’re no less aware of it than we are of what goes on in your neck of the woods. No matter how many newspapers or websites you check, it’s still not your topic to feel the need to vocalize on unless you’re inside of it. I would never say snarky shit about a country I’ve never been to. Well…I would…but I’d be joking and not pulling some “holier than thou” shit like it seems lots of european people like to do when addressing how dumb americans are. Yes…many of us are morons. But I’m fairly certain that works both ways as stupidity as a world wide problem , not just limited to the red states in the US.

13 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 141

  1. When I saw Aesop Rock last year, there was some girl with a hula hoop doing a routine in the back of the venue. Pretty much everyone ignored her though…

  2. I love how those elitist European types tell Americans how stupid we are like any of us GIVE A FLYING FUCK what they think. You think we’re uncultured? Yeah whatever, I ate like 5 Doritos Locos Tacos earlier today dip shit when’s the last time you ate Mexican food?

  3. What is your favorite Kevin Smith movie?

    Chasing Amy
    Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
    Jersey Girl
    Clerks 2
    Zack and Miri Make a Porno
    Red State

  4. How left or right dominant is your entire body??? Get into detail with it – how right or left handed you are in respect to writing, daily tasks, making music… Also, how right or left sided you are with sports like basketball or physical activities where you use and position your legs a lot, like skateboarding or snowboarding.

    Such a specific, odd question, I know. But I’m very interested in the unusual interaction between left and right brain activity, especially with creative types (aka lateralization of brain function). In my opinion, modern psychology has a loooong way to go with this concept (I’m no scientist). Thank you!

  5. Also…..
    The Canadians (at least me) wanna know, do you have any thoughts to share on Rob Ford (the character. the situation. whatever)? If you have not at least reacted to one of the stories or don’t care at all, my apologies in advance (Canadian styles)!
    Second part, say if Michael Bloomberg and Rob Ford freaky fridayed and Ford was actually YOUR major this entire time…what do you think you’d be seeing right now when you look out your hypothetical ny-window?

  6. Two Mr. Show related questions;
    1.) Who did you find funnier, Bob or David? (yes, they’re both funny but you must choose one)
    My friend and I were divided on the issue, but over time he changed his mind and agreed with me.

    2.) What are your 3 favorite sketches from the show?

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