New Video by Billy Woods & Cult Favorite Remix

This is the outro track from the album “Dour Candy” that I made with Billy Woods. It drops July 2nd on Backwoodz records. Get hyped!
Also, if you missed it, here’s another song off the album called “Tinsletown”.

Here’s an extensive article about the album that just put up. Thanks to Zack Lipez for making it happen.
Also, I did a remix for Cult Favorite (Elucid and AM Breakups) for the song “Omega3” featuring Billy Woods
Free download yall!

6 thoughts on “New Video by Billy Woods & Cult Favorite Remix

  1. Awesome track man..I can’t wait until Monday to finally hear the album.Backwoodz is doing it right. Billy Woods is on point with this shit today.

  2. The question is; How hyped are you Block? Where does this record rank in your list of projects? Man, I still can’t help but notice that this album hasn’t been gwetting the hype it deserves. I mean, I know none of you guys are on some Yeezus shit, It just seems like it’s been kinda quiet. Whatever it is I hope people hear about this Billy Woods is the truth.

    • I’ve super excited for it. I can’t really rank it like that against other projects but it’s a really great album , in my opinion. Very proud of it for sure.

      • From what I’ve heard so far you should be! Although I have to front on some of the other readers of your blog because there are more comments about RifRaffs cock than about one of the best MC’s and Producers’ new project.

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