Yay Or Nay: Action Bronson being his own Stage security

I went to a stand up comedy show this week. It was fun but, as it sometimes tends to happen, there were a few girls in the front row who felt it was there duty to chime in throughout the whole show. They weren’t even heckling. They were just answering Rhetorical questions and saying shit like “Oh my god, my friend totally does that to!” in the middle of jokes. unacceptable. Seeing this got me thinking about how some people are just wired to be entitled assholes when going to see people perform. I’ve certainly had it happen to me. Someone walks on stage while I’m playing to literally chat with me like I was sitting alone at a bar or to request I play something else…at a show I’m headlining. So, yeah, crowd participation has it’s limits.
This morning, I was treated to a video of Action Bronson taking justice into his own hands. Some dudes jumped on stage and this happened:

Personally, I loved this. Sure, the guy was harmless and just really excited but, at the same time, get off the stage, bro. So , I wanna know what you think…This weeks “Yay or Nay” is a little different. You’re not judging a song or an artist…you’re judging an action…by Action Bronson. So, what do you think?

26 thoughts on “Yay Or Nay: Action Bronson being his own Stage security

  1. This was dope. When I first saw the title I thought it was bouta be a yay or nay on Bronsolino’s music. Thought you went nuts for a minute dunny.

  2. i had to watch before i could make a judgement call. that was kinda screwed up in the sense that he almost immediately nailed that kid, when clearly security was abreast of the situation, as the were almost immediately on the scene, meaning they were on the way. maybe a shove or something to let the kid know, but he just came out swinging with a reverse russian leg sweep. even from his standpoint, if security had handled it, that venue might lose a patron, but now he has lost a fan, albeit a hyperactive goof.

  3. The dude wasn’t doing all that much but jumping up and down, excited. He probably got shoved on stage and would have gotten down on his own after a minute, but Action Bronson seems like he’s got an axe to grind and something to prove, and I’m not buyin it. I say nay. Compose yourself on stage, maintain your cool, get ready for distractions, and don’t kid yourself about karate sweeps and headlocks like you’re Ralph Machio. Check your ego at the door.

  4. “I throw you in that arm bar with the quickeness, either you with this or on my shit list” right before he threw that fool down. Gangster as hell!!!

  5. The kid bought tickets to Action’s show, to see Action do ‘his thing’ on stage. It’s not like this was a public forum and Action Bronson was hogging all the attention and the kid just wanted to pass by; this was an acknowledged SHOW for Action Bronson to perform/make a living/whatever. There was no guarantee with the tickets that allows you to jump up on the stage next to the performer and be guaranteed a great experience. Whether the performer himself smacks you down, or a security guard breaks your knee and throws you into the crowd, I think whatever happens once you jump up on the stage unwarranted is your own damn fault.

    Also, this video takes the same concept to the next level. The dude from Tool literally chokes a fan out Jiu-jitsu style for ruining his mojo. Now THAT’S cold.

  6. while that was pretty awesome, that kid really do anything TO Action Bronson. I’m sure if he hadn’t gotten a sweep to the leg, the kid would’ve dove off the stage and the crowd would’ve had their way with him instead. On the other hand I saw Action Bronson at Bonnaroo a couple weeks ago and homie jumped down into the photo pit, hurdled the barrier and went pouncing through the crowd for a couple of songs. while THAT was pretty awesome as well, i don’t see the difference in the two. if Action can harmlessly invade the crowd’s space with his burly ass, why can’t a fan harmlessly jump up and down on the stage for a second. if he’s not out to attack the performer, it’s all in good fun.

  7. I don’t like to see my fat performers put that kind of strain on their body. Homie looks like he’s one cannoli away from his heart exploding. Although a oil wrestling match with Action vs. Bruce Vilanch might be worth cardiac arrest.

  8. LOL! that’s what i used to do in elementary school when kids were getting fresh with me.
    that needed to be done though, you don’t just fucking hop on stage…who are they paying to see?

    It was just that much better that he did it though because getting that rejection straight from the artist is just what is needed. that fellow will probably have something to laugh about the next day unless he is just a herb. Otherwise no harm done.

  9. totally unwarranted. definite nay. way over the top bitch move… guess it fits in kinda well with action bronson’s dirtbag persona, but now i gotta see a video of action kicking someone (of equal or greater strength)’s ass in a fair fight. cuz otherwise just begs the questions of is he over overcompensating, whys he gotta take out such rage? either the dudes just enjoyin the music too much drunkenly in which case grab him and drag him off stage, or hes doin it to mock action, in which case the faults on action cuz hes prolly doin somethin shitty. seemed like action automatically assumed the latter and flipped his shit or something

  10. He’s named himself after a violent psychopath who was notorious for busting heads while still in jail.
    Matter fact I was starting to think he was soft until this. Brought him back around for me.

  11. Mixed feelings. He flipped that skinny kid over so quickly, made me cringe. Had Bronson used his force under a slightly different approach (speed and angle) he could have sent that kid straight to a hospital bed. People have been paralyzed from the shoulders down under similar freak circumstances, no doubt. At the same time though, I think our collective fear of bringing about a freak disaster when confronting stupidity is what makes these assholes continue to think it’s okay to do this.
    Kind of like when the entitled/self-involved/vapid twat opens her mouth and everyone just slowly nods their head in agreement rather than tell her what they reeeallly think…. because they’re afraid they’ll be responsible for her going home and killing herself…

  12. He could warn him at least. Or the next level is kicked that guy’s ass outta your perform. But this was too much. Seriously, what are you doing? He didn’t even touch him. That could be an dumb move to jump on the stage but we can’t guess how much exited he was. That guy or kid I couldn’t recognize but he didn’t even resist because he shouldha thought Action is gonna tell something or something else. People drop comments like Action won a big fight. This is really too much for a Ghostface Killa rip-off.

  13. I remember my then fiance throwing some drunk off the stage during a performance. Hard as he hit his head against a table on the way down, who needs security?

  14. Reminds me of a more intense version of the time I watched Rob Sonic push some kid off the stage at a HMM show. It was just a light push, but dude fell off the stage. I think this was a little uncalled-for and excessive, but I support performers doing what they have to do while performing.

  15. can’t say i’ve ever been on stage when anyone has jumped up on a stage…but is this any different than someone jumping next to you in real life? like the dude was only jumping, at least wait for him to hit you or come at you before you randomly attack him…

  16. what about those indie rock shows where the whole audience jumps up on the stage? akron family, dismemberment plan… those are pretty big name acts I think… not just like a random band playing in the basement… if those guys can keep things under control in that situation… this vid just seems a little absurd…

  17. I have 2 Mr. Show queries for your next answers to questions installment, I posted this also in the comments from your last one, but it was like a week ago so you may have missed them.

    before that this was recommended to me on youtube and I found it hilarious. Bob Odenkirk interviewed recently by Paul F Thompkins.

    Hopefully the link works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VA5tslcgOo

    Here are my two Mr. Show related questions;
    1.) Who did you find funnier, Bob or David? (yes, they’re both funny but you must choose one)
    My friend and I were divided on the issue, but over time he changed his mind and now agrees with me on this.

    2.) What are your 3 favorite sketches from the show?

    I voted Awesome but kinda fucked up btw. Leaning moreso on the fucked up side of things, though I suppose the kid should know better, it isn’t his stage and you can’t have fans just deciding to breach the performance space of a guy trying to do his thing up there. People don’t pay money come to watch some kid bouncing up and down on the stage.

  18. As a performer, your stage is sacred. Could Action have waited for security, or just put a word in dude’s ear like, “Yo, shit ain’t cool, fuck off my stage”? Yes, he absolutely could have. But, by the same token, if you break into my house, I can call the police, loudly insist that you leave, etc. But I won’t. I’ll just shoot you. If some clown chooses to come up onstage uninvited and the artist lets it ride, well and good. That’s his prerogative. But said clown is still in violation unless it’s an artist that explicitly welcomes that type of behavior. So if that clown gets dealt with, it is what it is. That option was always on the table.

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