“Dour Candy” By Billy Woods and Myself is here!

What’s up everyone. As you may know , I made an album with one of my favorite rappers Billy Woods. Well, it drops today on Backwoodz Records. It features Aesop, Open Mike Eagle, Elucid and Moko Only.
I’m extremely proud of this project and think everyone should go check it out. Here are two videos of songs from the album that have dropped thus far.

It’s available on CD, Digital download and special colored Vinyl (The vinyl won’t be dropping for about 3 weeks though but we’re taking orders)
Also, for those asking, I’ve been told there will be an instrumental version dropping as well that you can purchase digitally. keep an eye out
Also, here’s the I-tunes only track “The opposer”

Here is where you can get all that shit…

Backwoodz Website (special packages that include t-shirts and signed cd’s available here):


AMAZON Physical





5 thoughts on ““Dour Candy” By Billy Woods and Myself is here!

  1. Got my digital download (still waiting for the vinyl) last night. Listened to it about 3 times through so far and I must say it’s been worth the wait. You turned me on to Billy Woods on this blog and when I found out you were going to produce an entire record with him I was definitely excited. Usually things like this get built up too much and there is a let down but seriously, this album is a perfect follow up to HWAM. I’m not going to write a review or anything here and objectively I’m not a dick rider fan-boy gushing about this project but it really is a step forward for Billy. Yeah it’s not as incendiary as HWAM but it’s still passionate and aggressive while also a bit more mature and sharp. I definitely think you guys mesh well together and I think Woods needed an album with one producer. Especially one with an appreciation and ear for good MC’s like yourself.Also, Willie Green killed the engineering on this one..It’s clean without being slick. Well I guess I am riding a little bit but fuck it. Good is good! Dour Candy is one of the best records I’ve heard in a while..Thanks to you and everyone else involved..

    P.S. Who came up with the idea for Elucid’s chorus on Tumbleweeds? One of the best tracks for sure..

    • Thanks dude. Glad you like it.
      As for you question, I think that that was the work of Elucid and Willie Green. They workshopped a few ideas and nothing else really worked until they landed on that.

  2. You’re welcome..You know I’m the dude that’s been riding for this project for a while..It’s definitely better than I hoped for.If you remember I was puzzled as to why there wasn’t much press or hype and the overall low profile of Billy Woods. Listening to it I understand why. Beyond the blurred photographs the dude just wants to make music on his own terms. He does a good job with it for sure. I hope he has the success he deserves on this album.I heard you guys became friends wworking on this album..I so wish there was a picture of you guys splitting an Ice Cream Sunday..

    Anyway man..I can’t say enough..Great fucking work…

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