Demo Reviews vol. 26

Hello. Welcome to that thing where you send me demos and I tell you what I think. I had a few people complain to me last time I did these for being too harsh of a critic. To those people, I will remind you that I’m very honest about my expectations for these demos and anyone sending me their demo should be well aware there is a 90% chance they will not be hearing a positive review. That said, I try to be fair and honest. It’s not my fault that demos, in general, kinda suck. It’s the nature of the beast yall!
Anyway, to people asking when they can submit demos, it will be soon. I’ll probably open up the floodgates sometime in the next two weeks. Please don’t submit before then. If you do, I will ignore them. Keep an eye out for my announcement on all my social networks.

Okay, slight format change this week. So I was about 3/4’s done with writing these reviews out when something happened and I lost the entire entry. Needless to say, I’m pretty annoyed cause , no offense, it’s not like listening to most of these demo’s is a great joy. Because of this, I’ll be writing all of this weeks reviews in Bullet points with no number ratings. Just to be concise. My apologies to the people I’m reviewing this week if you feel short changed but there’s simply no way I’m rewriting all the shit I just wrote. Also, my number ratings are bullshit anyway…so that shouldn’t be a big deal.

Artist: Kid Squid
Song: Hungry

1)Kept waiting for more drums to drop
2)Cool sounds that fit the mood.
3)Although it is nuanced, It goes nowhere.
4)Sounds like music that would be perfect for the background of a cinemax movie , during a scene where two people are breaking into a safe, right before they have sex in said safe.

Artist: Juicy Karkass
Song: Viking Song

1)Viking rap…who knew?
2)The beat has good elements but it’s also pretty amateurish.
3)Sounds like something a wacky student might rap in front of his high school class while studying vikings.
4)Not much desire to hear it again but I do give credit for it being weird.
5)He’s no Sir Jarlsberg when it comes to pulling off raps as a man from a different era.

Artist:Stanley Ipkuss
Song: Royal Flush

1) This sounds like a late 90’s/early 2000’s indie rap record. Like Literally like it. So much so that i think someone is fucking with me.
2)seriously, this was not recorded in the last 10 years, right?
3)Regardless the beat is like a second rate primo track but still listenable.
4)the rapper is perfectly fine but, ultimately, sounds like endless other rappers who put out 12” records in the indie rap hey day.

Artist:Seoul Technique
Song: Manipulated Dreams

1)Sounds like “Respiration”. Not that he sampled the same thing, just a similar vibe.

2)It could use a rapper on it as it doesn’t change enough to really be a song.
3)The end part is really good. I like the switch up.
4)A little more tinkering and additional parts and this would be stellar.

Artist: Blast Famous
Song: Famous Grande

1)Two parody tracks in one week! Lucky me!
2)It works cause both guys are capable rappers. That’s crucial when making rap parody.
3)It’s like a mix between “Fast life” By Nas and Az, Camp lo and Roc Marciano but way less good than all those things.

4)Pretty enjoyable , even if it does lack replay value.

Artist: The Tom Bombadil
Song:My aquarium lives…

1)If this is all samples, it’s kinda bullshit cause it’s clearly just someone looping different parts of the same song.
2)If this is something that was composed and played by the artist, it’s far more impressive. even though it sounds like a kenny G backing track at times.
3)The drums are pretty bad. considering the lush instrumentation ,some heavier drums would help this track out immensely.

Artist: Gold Metal
Song: Mosquito Spray

1)Not my cup of tea, genre wise.
2)Sounds like a mix of “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock, “Was dog a doughnut” By Cat Stevens and a really shitty synth.

3)It goes from danceable to kinda emo pool hall music. Don’t know who it’s aimed at.
4)I’ve made my share of sad yet danceable music but , due to the synth based nature, I feel like it lacks the emotion to carry both parts equally. Some tinkering would help make these two moods connect better.

Artist: A Crystal Shard
Song: Inside outside (Feat. Average G)

2)I like the rapper at points. He has a few rough parts though. Not off beat or anything, just lazy.
3)I can’t help but think the blending of genre’s like this has not only been done to death but it’s kinda corny.
4)Still, well executed for what it is. I could see this being huge in Amsterdam.

Artist: Cornelius The Third
Song:Big Bad Wolf

1)Even though he’s got issues, I kinda like the rapper. He’s got a cool personality and voice, as flawed as he may be technically.
2)The beat and how it’s mixed is pretty sloppy.
3)Very demo-ish…but I suppose why we’re here, right?
4)This dude could be REALLY good with some refining and better beats. Scum bag rapz done well.

Artist: Digitalfel
Song: 128 feat. Abraham Dankin

1)I like the beat. Dope loops. Great vibe.
2)The drums are a little weak but it may just be the mix.
3)The vocals are mixed too low. That makes me feel like the rappers are super forgettable but, honestly, it may just be the mix. It makes them sound weaker than they are.
4)Well put together song, mixing issues aside.

Which Demo do you like the most?

26 thoughts on “Demo Reviews vol. 26

  1. Were you aware of the sexual euphemism of UNICORN when you started this blog? It’s a “rarest of all rarities” sort of thing haha

  2. Greatest demo revies I’ve ever listened. Stanley and Digitalfel are remarkable for sure. I couldn’t decide which one is better? πŸ™‚

    p.s. = I voted for Digitalfel :s

    • But he clearly knows the Trojan Horse is a product of the Greek, and he is just likening his “attacks” to one of the most famous military coups of all time.

      Gotta give the guy credit for rhyming “Don’t call it a Norse myth, verily am I a skilled swordsmith, you get cleft in twain forthwith” I never heard someone use the word “twain” in a rap before.

  3. Hey block.. I have a problem with my bf that I can sum up..he simply doesn’t trust me and I really have no idea why or what is it that I do exactly. Ive never lied to him before, but im quite an introverted person which he views as being mysterious and shady.he always tells me that trust should be earned and it isnt something that exists just like that. But I often find myself explaining myself on stupid things like why I didn’t answer the phone in the same minute I got a phone call from him or why my surrounding is quite when im out with friends..I constantly try to earn, try to explain and try to do what he wants. But no luck, this same cycle is repeating itself over and over. I know trust is the basis to any relationship. But is there any hope in here? Why is he doing that? I often mess with my own mind and cant believe hes actually like this and start thinking maybe I am the problem and dont even realize it. Would loce your feedback. Thanx πŸ™‚

  4. best beat = digitalfel
    best rapping/song = blast famous

    the beat for that Ipkus is the same sample as Onyx Pursesnatchers Part 2, so maybe thats where you recognized it. I couldn’t get past it sounding like the same beat so i didn’t listen to the rapping.

    That Cornelius the Third sounds a bit like a white Thurston Howl The Third, imo.

    • Ohh so that’s where that Ipkuss sample is from, thank you! Makes sense, the rapping is really good though sucks you’re sleeping.

  5. so this guy is actually serious, I couldn’t help but check out an interview with him.. anyway what do you think of someone like this? is it entertaining having him alive roaming around the world spreading his art

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