How low are your sexual standards?

Listen, I’m not judging anyone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it’s a fact that every one works with their own code of ethics when it comes to who we are willing to engage with sexually. Some are extremely picky while some will literally put their dicks in anything that has a wet hole attached to it (this includes a sapping maple tree). So, I’m curious…what’s your deal?

Before getting into the polls, I’d like to explain where this comes from. To speak for myself, I’ve always been fairly picky. We all have our low moments but, overall, I’d like to think every girl I’ve slept with had something attractive about her. That said, I have tons of friends who would gladly take a lady troll from beneath a bridge and give her the business if no one else was looking. I’ve always been fascinated by these types who , it would seem, live life with no personal restrictions. It could be both fulfilling and absolutely depressing. When your dick is a anarchist, I’d imagine other aspects of your life follow suit. Like the way you eat. Or the amount of drugs you partake in. I have no scientific proof of this (never do!) but I feel that these hedonistic leanings are connected.
Now, I’m only talking about men and their habits right now. Women are a different thing altogether. When women go below their means, it could be cause the guy was really cool, really smart or just someone with a lovable personality…or they’re rich/famous/have high social status. As men, we somehow we given that gift…the gift that, in general, women are more willing to bend on looks if the insides of you are halfway decent. Don’t believe me? Walk around montreal for a day and count how many dimes you see with absolute shlubs wearing flip flops and block socks. I’m not saying that’s always the case but, compared to how dudes go, it definitely is more common. No guy has ever fucked a disgusting looking girl cause he liked her soul. Well, maybe some hippies have but they don’t count in this due to the “Free love clause of 1967”. Also, very few men fuck gross women of high status simply because they’re famous/rich/etc…Not that they wouldn’t, it just seems like society isn’t set up to work like that. While there is power in a penis (pause?), it’s not that kind of power.

All this said, I’d guess a girl regretting her hook up with a guy is way more common. This partially has to do with fucked up gender roles and things like slut shaming but also cause, if you’re a girl, many guys will often reveal themselves to be truly awful human being after you let them have sex with you. Meanwhile, the guy who fucked the bridge troll may not be proud of his actions, but he’s certainly not losing any sleep over it. Even after being berated by his friends for doing it, it’s still all “Oh, bob! You’re crazy for that one!” while a group of girls will make their friend who fucked a disgusting guy feel like she betrayed them personally with her actions.

So, I got two polls. One for the bros and one for hoes. Keep in mind, I just whipped these up so , surely, i’m missing some point of views. Just vote for the one closest to your own. Also, it’s anonymous so lying kinda defeats the purpose. Also, because this isn’t a black and white thing, there is a option of picking multiple things. You can pick up to 3 different choices in each poll.
How low do you go?
For the fellas!

For the ladies!

20 thoughts on “How low are your sexual standards?

    • Cause every time I’ve ever been there I see nothing but beautiful women walking around with terrible looking guys. More there than anywhere I’ve ever been on the planet.

      • You can see the same fact in Serbia man.. Top models girls and guys wearing shiting sportswear jogging stuff!

      • – “(…)I see nothing but beautiful women walking around(…)” complains Blockhead.

  1. I guess I’ have pretty low standards but I still have to find something attractive about the person. It doesn’t take much with me, to be honest. I’d like to think its because I can find something good in a lot of people, and I believe in that to an extent, but I’m sure a lot of it stems from insecurity, haha.

    Still, the two girls I’ve been with have not been the most attractive, but I enjoy(ed) my time with them regardless and it was awesome, so no regrets I reckon.

    Some say low standards, but I prefer ‘casting with a wide net’

  2. Put me in the only fuck stunningly beautiful women category. But i have some friends who could as well too but purposely choose to sleep with substandard wilderbeasts because they feel alot of beautiful women are a hassle. Whereas ugly women are more loyal and easier to tame. I guess for some its a matter of convenience.

    • Stunningly beautiful? Really? I put that option there as a joke. So, either you’re rich, a male model or famous…or you’re full of shit/have naturally low standards that make you think a solid 7 is a 10. Just saying. On fantasy island, we’re all that guy. At a bar at closing, 7 drinks in? Come on bro. This is a safe place. You can be honest.

      • I knew my original comment would garner skepticism but im not fronting. (I am neither rich or famous). Ive just been extremely lucky with my game i guess. Most of the chicks i bone are generally seen as tens (while ive seen plenty of closecalls) theres no such thing as a ten to me. i see myself as having extremely high standards that has turned down perceived actual tens just cause i felt like it.

  3. Male version: ” I only sleep with stunningly beautiful women.”
    Female version: ” I’m shallow and it mostly depends on his looks.”
    Spot the difference.

    • Well, the male version was kind of a joke. Any guy who makes that claim is full of shit.
      Also, men being shallow about looks is a given so I figured it wasn’t even worth being mentioned.

  4. I only sleep with someone I’m dating and I’m pretty picky about who I date. Above average in looks and brains.

  5. I really wish you could get booked and visit this summer! The tens seem to be all about the half-assed short trend this summer (bottom parts of cheeks peeking out of short-shorts)

  6. My view is I never know what I wouldn’t fuck until she’s naked and I’m not interested. For example, I can easily look at Sheryl Underwood and say I wouldn’t fuck. But I also know if she was naked with a clean looking vagina or some pretty areolas and grabbing my dick, I’m fucking. It’s like pizza for me. If I have to go get it, I probably won’t eat it. If it’s there in my face, I’ll take a bite.

  7. Word to the eight douchebags who claim to only fuck models, you guys certainly aren’t delusional pieces of shit.

  8. What about a fatjew-esque male option? In his interview he’ll say things like… I’m not really into fucking hot girls, they aren’t really my type….what about THAT?

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