Answers for questions vol. 143


Whattup. It’s hot as hell in NYc right now so I’m heading out west for a a little bit on wednesday. Not cause I’m glamorous and can just afford vacations like that but cause I got some shows. I’m playing in S.F. on thursday at Mighty and then playing a day set at the lightning in a bottle festival on friday. If you’re around those places, come see your boy.
Anywho, if you got questions for me, I’m always down to hear them. Weird ones, Short ones. Phat ones. Long ones. Send them my way: or leave them in the comment section below.
It’s always a good time, guys.

I’m a total hip-hop head, always have been, and 90s hip-hop has always been the holy grail for me. Tons of song that climbed the charts were favorites of mine back in the day. As time progresses, mainstream hip-hop doesn’t fit my taste for the most part and so I mainly listen to music on independent labels, etc, stuff you would never hear on the radio. My question is, what do you predict the future of hip-hop to look like (or the future of music in general)? As mentioned above, there is a lot of “overproduction” that happens and those same annoying bitches that say “amazeballs” are the ones posting Lil Wayne lyrics as their Twitter updates. You also mentioned how good artists get watered down by major labels. It seems to me that the 90s are untouchable and it’s only downhill from here. What do you think?

My biggest hope for hip hop is that this discussion of “where is hip hop gonna go?” will eventually end. The problem with holding onto the old values of classic hip hop is that they don’t fit into how music is made anymore. I’m an old school head. I grew up on hip hop in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I also grew up using pay phones and going to the library when I needed information. Things change. Music will never stop. Will there be shitty rap coming out? Of course. But guess what? There was shitty rap coming out back then too. You think Kid N’ Play didn’t suck? They did.
The main difference now is that there is just WAY more music and it’s endlessly easier to put it out/find it/create it.
In the internet age, the battle between major and Indie label rap is over. They both lost. Selling music isn’t making most artists any money anymore. And the people who are? Look at a dude like Macklemore. He’s an indie artist who indie music fans probably hate. He just happened to blow up and remain on an indie so now he’s a millionaire. The divide between the strata of music doesn’t really exist outside of what gets played on the radio. While that’s unfortunate, luckily, most people find their music on the internet anyway. You think Mac Miller ever had a song in heavy rotation on a major radio station? Probably not. But he’ll sell out every show he does this year.
So, my prediction for the future of hip hop is that it will remain hip hop. Good and bad artists will continue to make music that people both loath and love. A few extra terrible artists will catch the right trend waves and become famous while a few great artists will get plucked from obscurity and become blog darlings, which will lead to them having successful careers. Everything in between those two things will continue to range from inoffensive and mediocre to interesting and enjoyable.
By the way, I totally just read that entire last paragraph in a crystal ball. So, i feel pretty confidant in my answer.

Question: I know you dropped out, but are there any interesting college stories you’d like to share?

I honestly don’t have many stories cause I was only there for a year. Things that pop into my mind:
1)Walking back to my dorm after a party one night, a car of frat dudes drove by a yelled “Hey Faggots!” at my roommate and I. I dunno why but there was something so funny to us about those guys doing that with such vitriol towards two random dudes walking on a street together. It’s not like we were holding hands or kissing. It also led to a joke that would evolve into us yelling “Dykes!” at groups of men on their way to the club when we drove by them in a cab. The confusion alone was priceless.
2)I had a booger wall. I was disgusting. I would wipe my horrific boogers over the entrance to our room. So, if you looked up, it was a collage of greens, yellows and reds. It was truly awful. The funny thing is, no one noticed it. EVER. I have clear memories of girls standing in my doorway, flirting while a foot above there head was something so disgusting it would make their vaginas implode if they saw it.
3)My freshman year in college was a year of missed sexual opportunities that still haunt me to this day. I met tons of girls and had plenty of options. Blew it with pretty much every one of them simply by being a pussy. There was this one girl on my floor in my dorm who I legit liked. She liked me. We could ahve spent the last semester in a bed learning things about each other but no…It would have been as easy as getting drunk and just going for it…but I never did. Until the literal last day of school, we made out. But, even that was a struggle (she pretty much had to attack me). I have no clue what was wrong with me (I was shook, obviously) but…man, thinking about it now makes me wish I could go back to college again and have so much sex I’d die of unchecked STD’s before I graduated.
4)I got a 27% on a science final that was multiple choice. I was never a person who studied.I can honestly say , in my entire life, I don’t think I studied for more than 5 minutes for anything. I simply couldn’t focus that long on things I didn’t care about. So, the night before the final (that was at 8 am), I set out to really buckle down and try. I took a vivarin to stay awake. That was a bad idea. I was high as a motherfucker. I couldn’t even look at the page. Instead, I went to a floor in my dorm where all the asian girls lived and played minesweeper on one of their computers until dawn. I didn’t go to bed at all. I walked to the classroom like a zombie and took a test that I would have failed anyway on no sleep while truly not giving a fuck. I actually hung the test on my dorm room fridge. Looking back, I’m still pretty proud of that 27%. I bet if I took it again I couldn’t do that bad if I just randomly guessed the answers.

I passed out drunk once, while some people were over at my house. I woke up with the taste of hotdog in my mouth, and about 10 Polaroid pictures taped all over my body. Photographic evidence showed 2 high school girls with hotdogs hanging out of their zippers, taking turns slapping them on my forehead.

Here’s a lot of other stupid shit that might happen if you pass out at the party:

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? Have you gotten off easy with the classic sharpie-wiener-forehead, or anything more creative?

I’ve never been a passer-outer. I will vomit way before that happens and after i vomit, I would go home. My body simply doesn’t allow it to happen.I think I also have a keen survival sense that removes me from any possible situation like that before it happens. So I’ve literally never been the victim of one of these pranks. I have given a few though. Mostly harmless drawing of dicks on peoples faces with sharpies or piling as much shit on them as possible. I really do wish things like vine and instagram were around when I was a teenager cause there would have been some epic pics of these type of things floating around the internet right now. Instead, they’re just sitting in someone’s dusty old photo albums.

i gotta question, most and least financially lucrative thing youve done? most and least critically acclaimed thing youve ever done? most satisfying?

Financially Lucrative: Working with Aesop. I still get checks for that every now and then. It was also because those early records were made back when people still bought cd’s. So there was money to be made on the back end. Outside of that, I’ve had a few lucrative licensing deals. One with a video game and another with a commercial.

Most critically acclaimed: Probably my first solo album. It was pretty much loved across the board (except for

Least critically acclaimed: Party Fun action Committee by a landslide. If you don’t know, that’s the comedy record I did with my buddy jer on Def Jux.

Most Satisfying: Party Fun action Committee.
Yup. I think I say this because , more than anything, I’m not a serious guy. I , for some reason, tend to make serious music but the PFAC album was the best reflection on what I’m actually like as a person. It was both the most satisfying and most difficult thing I’ve ever worked on.

Hey man! Been a fan of yours for a minute. Old co-worker turned me on to your music. I had heard Uncle Tom’s Coloring Book before, but never gave your music a full chance until Kendall (co-worker) was playing some of Downtown Science while we were working at one of my bars before I moved down to the Whale’s Vagina.

I moved down to pursue dance. Initially, it was to go to school and eventually teach at a University. Then it was for a career, and now I’m in flux. Either way, dance will be how I make a living. Just when and how is the flux part.

I guess my question was, if you had the chance, would you ever try and make an album that ties itself visually with dance and set an entire show based around the idea that you and said dancer(s) came up with?

I’m not pitching anything because I’m not where I need to be body-wise to be able to take on something like that. Yet. I move to music every day and to be able to collaborate with a musician eventually will be a huge accomplishment for me. Just thought I’d see if I could get an initial response and read what your reaction would be.

I can’t see myself doing that. I simply don’t have the time for a side project of that magnitude. That’s like making an entire new album but set to visuals.Sounds more like a job for a composer, not a beat maker. Also, While I don’t dislike dance, I’m also not particularly involved in it either. There’s nothing really drawing me to that kind of project.

Does the way girls dress matter to guys? Do guys really pay attention to that? I’m 19, in college and at the moment all I wear are music related t-shirts, jeans and sneakers lol I always think about how I should try to dress more girly but I know that time will come where i’ll start wearing heels and all that dressy clothes type of stuff. What do you think/feel about the ways girl dress?

To be perfectly honest, I think it depends on the girl. A hot girl is gonna be hot no matter what. Girls tend to put a lot of stake into their cloths and accessories. While men do appreciate a girl in a nice dress with her hair and make up done, let’s not kid ourselves. The same dudes will gladly hit on some girl in jeans and a t-shirt.
I think how you dress might dictate who you attract though. So, if you wanna reel in a certain kinda dude, then there are ways to dress. If you’re looking for low key guys who like music and “chilling” then I’d say you’re dressing how you need to dress. If you’re looking for dudes who are older , have decent jobs and make money, then it might be time to change the game up. But, like you said, you’re 19 so I think you’re dressing in what’s comfortable and age appropriate.
This may suck to hear but never forget being hot will always override fashion. You take a homely girl and dress her up all fancy, she still just a dressed up homely girl. It’s always funny to me when an obviously cheesy but hot girl will walk by. Girls will scowl at her and judge while every dude from every walk of life will look at her like “yup, i’d hit it”. It’s the nature of the beast, I suppose.

23 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 143

    • ^I love that clip…and no, I’m pretty sure he’s very serious. What scares me about it is that he alludes to being older. It’s okay to be all “what about hip hop!!?!?!” when you’re 19 but doing it in your 30’s is jut kinda sad.

    • I’ve never seen that Onion article, but that is hilarious.

      I have a feeling the first question-er is acting older than he is in an effort to sound “real” or “down”. “Back in the day” could just mean listening to ’90s hip hop in the 00s. Not an insult to him, but yeah this just doesn’t sound like a concern someone in their 30s would have.

  1. do you ever worry about being creative or about your ability to produce an album or song or whatever? do days ever go by where you’re making music, and you don’t come up with anything that you really like, or anything that tops your previous albums, and you think you might not be able to put together a cohesive album or whatever? I mean from the standpoint of someone that’s never created an album, making an album, especially one that sells and people enjoy and want to listen to, seems like it could be a difficult task….or do you feel at this point in your career pretty confident in your ability to create? and that you are pretty prolific most days and it is very rare for a day to go by when you question your creative abilities, whether or not your album will sell, etc.?

  2. Do you consider your music a very good option to listen while you are high? I mean, I have had the best trips in my life listening to the music scene or uncle tony´s coloring book.. Is this music for stoners? What videos would you recommend me to watch while listening to your albums?

  3. would you be embarrassed to wear diapers as a middle aged man? (there are no specifics or boundaries, just that question)

  4. I’ll try to make this short, but no promises. It may be a more ‘Dr. tony’ question but here it is.
    My ex and I dated for 2 years, after courting her for about 8 months. I wasn’t the best boyfriend, I was a serious drug addict and it affected our relationship because she want to do what I was doing. It didn’t end terrible but it wasn’t even close to ok. Three months before we broke up, she dropped the bomb that she was moving to England. I’d already looked at rings, and I thought my search was done. When she dropped the bomb, my drinking and drug use went out of control. When I was sober I could understand, she was going to see family she had never seen and I was determined to make the best out of our time together. But then I would get real fucked up and be the biggest dick ever, I almost couldn’t help it, it felt like she was leaving me behind and it meant nothing to her. Granted if I was sober I could have. But I wasn’t and my actions were my actions. It’s been two years since she left, and since then I had only fucked girls until they wanted something more and then I moved on. About four months ago I got to the point where i thought i could dat again. And about 3 months after that i saw this girl at a bar I frequent about 4 times a week, more or less. We got introduced by a mutual friend that night. I got her number but I’m the worst texter in the world, so I found out through mutual friends where she goes. So I went to her bar and she was the first person I saw and we talked for forever and she invited me and my friend to her place afterwards. So of course we went. And we stayed up till 8 in the morning just talking and then went to sleep together. No sex, no anything, just sleep. We have been seeing each other 5 nights a week ever since, and the encounter at her bar was about a month ago. The funny thing is, I made her wait to have sex. She wanted it bad, but I told her I didn’t want to complicate things so early. I really liked her and in all my experience sex makes things complicated. I wasn’t able to hold out long, but I wanted to know her better before sex was introduced, so I succeeded in that. 11 days of constant hanging out, and me telling her it wasn’t time before it happened. I’ll throw in that I don’t do drugs anymore, just drink and occasionally smoke weed. I really like her, she’s 3 years older and I feel like I’m in a good place to be there for her. I had forgotten what it felt like to be happy, and she blows my mind everyday. I guess if there is a question in all of this I just want to hear your sage advice. I know you don’t know it all and it’s kinda hard to explain but I’m finally in a place where I feel comfortable being myself around her, we are both extremely honest with each other, and I care about her alot. I can’t drop love in there cause its way too early, but she makes me feel like me again. And it’s been years since I felt like this. I just want to hear your opinion. Thanks man.

  5. This just in last night (1million+ views already), a clip the Guardian shot featuring acclaimed prolific actor (etc.) Yasiin Bey:

    Do you think you’d ever be willing to subject yourself to opening this can of worms, or is it just toooo much?

      • No I meant more, talking about the ridiculous way that celebrities go about promoting “their causes” and how people freak out about it – KONY2012 style. This video is straight up RIDICULOUS. That’s what I meant, not like get into discussing Guantanamo or anything

      • Oh, yeah…like I said…No causes for me to be in an uproar about. I would never do anything like that for any reason. I mean, the fact Mos def went through that is pretty crazy…so that’s at least more than just vocalizing your support for some cause you have no control over.

  6. i think perhaps some of his goals may have been to bring awareness to the situation and to promote discussion of the situation? and i have seen that video like 3 different places in the past day, so it seems to be doing that…

  7. Ah man, I must seem like the biggest asshole right now. For sure I don’t have any problem with a video being made like this one and I definitely don’t have anything against mos! I guess I was just wondering if Block thought this type of celebrity awareness campaign has an actual effect in promoting real awareness and discussion of the situation or not due to the passing, fleeting nature of viral videos. But I do regret saying it now and posting that video, I’d take it back if I could! My bad

  8. it’s cool, that was the first time i actually watched it, i didn’t watch it the other places i saw it…i was just saying it seems to me like the vid did make an impact in bringing awareness to the situation cause i didn’t really know about it until i watched the vid

  9. So just looking through various posts I have missed. Any luck on posting the album art for Uncle Tom’s Coloring Book? Just wondering, if I was more metro-sexual I would have put a smiley emoticon, but I’m sure you get it.

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