Go cop that new FREE Open Mike Eagle Ep.

Open Mike Eagle is a giving man. He’s also a prolific man. He just released a new EP on bandcamp that is free of change. It’s awesome. I’d go into detail but I’m sitting in an airport on two hours of sleep, barely able to put together these very sentences. Just know it’s dope and Mike does that thing where he’s keeps evolving and switching things up. And for that, I salute him. He’s not the guy making the same song over and over again. So…here’s the link.
I did? Cool. Cause it is.

Also peep this. It’s not on the EP but it’s pretty cool as well.

7 thoughts on “Go cop that new FREE Open Mike Eagle Ep.

  1. Better-quality live recording of that song. I love the song, but something about the laundromat recording bothered me (even though I love the idea).

    Anyone who thinks they don’t like that song should listen to this video before codifying their opinion, because it’s an awesome song.

  2. Been listening to this for a few days now. It’s dope, but I keep wondering if that first song is parodying Lil Wayne/Drake haha.

  3. Someone just told me that neurologists have actually studied Open Mike Eagle’s brain bc of his insane freestyling abilities. Do you know anything about this and is this true? I would love to find out more, do you have any idea where I could find the details of this study?

  4. Nevermind… I found a link talking about the study —>
    Now I know where I can locate this report, sunday reading styles!

    Haha, sorry to nerd out on your site… just would rather distract myself with something interesting rather than contemplate how our big brother (the US) consistently reveals to all of us how the world has been operating and how fucked we (all) are.

  5. Holy fucking shit, Open Mike Eagle CO-AUTHORED the study. That is amazing. Thanks for choosing to work with such interesting people, seriously.

  6. AND I just found out that he was on Marc Maron’s WTFPodcast today!!!!!! Jeez….feels like Christmas came early this year. I can’t wait to listen to that tonight. Not meaning to butter you up this hard, but thanks again for tuning me into Mike Eagle,that guy is most definitely not a cicada.

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