Answers for questions vol. 145

What’s up everyone? This heat wave in the city got me fucked up. I broke a sweat eating baby carrots last night. Not a good look on multiple levels.
Anyway, you know the drill by now. Ask me stuff. I answer stuff. Anything within reason really. This is like reddit AMA but on my blog.
If you have queries , send them my way. Email them to me at or leave them in comment section below. I answer on a first come first served basis so if you sent one in and feel like it’s been a while, don’t fret. Your time will come.
Okay…let’s start it out really classy like…

If it was suddenly legal to masturbate anywhere public in the United States, what 3 types of places do you think it would happen at most? Do you think all the places would be obvious, or would it become a popular pass-time somewhere unexpected like a Starbucks or fast-food drive through?

While I don’t think it would ever fully become “a popular pastime” , there would certainly be a bunch of absolute creeps who would take advantage of its legality.
I can’t speak for the entire world but I know the #1 place it would be popular in NYC would be Queens-bound subway trains. Why so specific, you may ask? Well…cause, even as something that’s illegal, it’s still the top place to catch people masturbating in public. I have no clue why it’s Queens bound trains but , since high school, I’ve known at least 10 different girls who all saw dudes jerking off on trains and they ALL were Queens bound/inside Queens. It makes no sense but, hey, you can’t argue with facts. I’d imagine, if this practice was made legal, perhaps NYC subway trains would just make a designated masturbation car. The mess alone would ceate jobs. Bring back the Squeegee men!That might be the best idea I ever had.
As for secondary places, Movie theaters seem like a prime location…and Library’s…cause they got computers there now and you can watch porn in public. You’d just have to do it really quietly. But any teenaged boy who grew up in a small house and a decent sized family should be able to pull that off.

How do you feel about small, aspiring artists using someone else’s beats to rap over them, if they don’t have a producer yet? Let’s say an upcoming songwriter found one of YOUR songs, and made their own video, rapping over it, but gave you the credit for the instrumental in the description? Do you think they deserve the tons of scrutiny that most people believe they do?

Isn’t that how mixtapes work? It doesn’t bother me as long as they aren’t making money from it and give credit. It should only be scrutinized when the artists try and make it seem like a collabo, and not them just using some strangers tracks.
That’s something aspiring artists do that piss me off. Sometimes they’ll use your beats and promote their mixtapes like you specifically made the beats for them. This has happened to me a bunch of time with all those throwaways beats I released a while back. People will ask me if they can use them for their mix tapes and I’m like “go for it, just don’t make any $ off it”. Then, when they put them out they promote it like “Check out my new mix tape produced by Blockhead!” and shouting me out on the tracks like we’re homeboys. That’s some bullshit. It makes it sound like I was in the studio with you and I’m a 50/50 contributor. Just cause I said you can use my old beats for your mix tape doesn’t mean I co-sign your work. It’s simply some public domain shit that doesn’t bother me for people to play around with. On that level, it’s harmless. You need beats to rap on. I made a bunch. Just don’t front like I had anything do with your album. Gimmie credit but not TOO much credit. Truth be told, I pretty much have never listened to anyone who’s made mix tapes out of my throwaway beats. Not a diss to them, I just was never that curious about them.

What female vocalist would make you turn around and not give a shit what she looked like?

I’m not sure if you mean this sexually or just as a fan.
As a fan, I don’t give a shit what a female singer looks like. If she can sing, she can sing. Nina Simone looked like hell but it probably my favorite female vocalist ever.
If you mean, who would I want to have sex with based entirely on her singing talent, then I’m afraid you don’t know how the male mind works. Unlike the girls who have been sleeping with Bob Dylan’s 80 year old ass or girls who boned biggie when he was alive, men are typically able to respect talent without feeling the need to to put our dick in it. This is mostly cause we are shallow creatures who care way too much about looks but, still, I’ll never be able to wrap my head around that groupie mindset of willfully sleeping with someone atrocious looking person simply cause they make good music or act well. Hell, a lot of girls will sleep with a dude who makes shitty music or a talentless guy who happens to be on TV simply cause he makes music and/or is on TV. Whatever that gene in some women is, it’s pretty fucked up. Is it so hard to admire someones wit, intelligence and talent without feeling the need to have sex with them? Thank god I’m a shallow piece of shit.

What’s your take on video games? Play them, used to play them, secretly cosplay them? Would you make beats for them?

I own a PS3 in which I use primarily for netflix. I do play video games but the only ones I fuck with are NBA 2K games and baseball games. So, yeah, I’m a sports only kinda gamer. I think a lot of those other games are cool and would be fun to play around with but I simply don’t have the patience for most of them. Also, fantasy games just don’t resonate with me. I barely even like sci-fi and fantasy movies. I’m very much a person who likes to be planted in reality so games that could be viewed as “escapes” never appealed to me.
Side note, I play the shit out of phone app games. Candy crush is ruining my life right now. Triple town got lots of run. Angry birds, obviously. I like those kinda games a lot.
As for making beats for them, sure. Pay me money and I’d do that in a heartbeat. I made beats for some game in like 2005 called “The Getaway 2”. I never played the game or saw it though.

i just turned 21 and i’ve been a little uneasy about how little i have done musically by this point in my life but seeing you say that you were barely making beats at 20 gives me some hope and also an idea for a question: what was the overall timeline of your creative pursuits when you were starting out? like what age did you start rapping or making beats or stop rapping to focus more on making beats etc?
My timeline goes as such:
Age 13: Wrote my first raps
Age 14: Tried rapping them
Age 15: still rapping
Age 16: Started looking through samples to give to a friend who made beats. Ghost wrote for a rapper friend
Age 17: Serious about rapping, beats were secondary.
Age 18: Started making beats with a friend who had a sampler.Still rapping heavily
Age 19:Got my own sampler, started making beats on my own. Still rapping.
Age 20-24: Focused way more on making beats but still rapping.
age 25: Focusing primarily on beats. Rap dreams fading. At this point I’m working with Aesop and have already put music out.
Age 26-and on: Only making beats. Retired from rapping for the betterment of the universe. My first solo album drops in 2003 , when I’m 26/27.

What do you think is the role of silence in music? By that I mean
brief pauses between either beats or any accompaniment; I’m listening
to Insomniac Olympics and I find it has a spacious feel to it just
because you leave room for silence and don’t cram in as much as
possible in a four minute interval. Also, what is your take on the UK
garage scene?

Silence in music is an extension of minimalism. It’s something I kinda wish I had a better grasp on cause, when done right, it’s fantastic. The problem with it is that it can also be used as a crutch. Kinda like the talentless painter who never learned how to do basic things in art but blows up cause he makes some half assed pop art that a child could draw. That’s the down side of minimalism. But good minimalism and usage of space in music can be a beautiful thing.
As for UK garage, I’m not familiar with it. I don’t really listen to much dance music or instrumental music at all so I’m pretty far removed from anything like that.

Yo Block, I vaguely remember you saying you were working on a project with Open Mike Eagle. What’s going on with that?

Stay tuned for more info.
As of right now, Mike and I have fake twitter beef and that’s all I can tell you.

19 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 145

  1. Fake twitter beef is a ploy to hide that these two dudes actually totally hate one another. Collaboration cancelled, thousands disappointed, the world ends. Neither puts out more music, devoting all of their resources to causing physical harm to the other. Hellfyre Club mobilizes violently. milo is a surprisingly bloodthirsty warrior. Block learns how to hermit properly from Aesop, and, narrowly escaping death, takes up refuge in a cave somewhere in the Northeast. He gives up producing and starts rapping again, releasing exclusively diss tracks, all directed at Hellfyre Club. The tracks are all over NWA beats.

  2. Are there any movies you’ve seen that you believe to be in need of a sequel/sequels, or are you an anti-sequel type of dude?

  3. hey!

    now that you mentioned Nina Simone… it’s not that I want to find all your samples but I’m a big fan of her music and I just wanted to ask you:

    is that weird melody from “Crashing Down” (Downtown Science) (around 0:50) actually Simone’s voice??? and if so, can you please tell me what song from her is it, it’s been in my head for a few days man, gotta know it!!!!


  4. Hey Block,

    I doubt any of this is blog-worthy, just some inquiries….

    Question1: About the “using beats” question, what about using one of your studio tracks for a video work reel? For instance, Sunday Seance would be incredible for a slow-motion reel – wouldn’t make money off the video, of course, but a reel is a resume for cinematographers, as you are probably aware.

    Question 2: I’m also DPing a comedy series that we’ll be seeking music for – not sure how to go about that being on the production side of things, but am highly interested in using more local [Denver] stuff as the setting is Denver, but we have an episode in NY and one in LA [it’s about acting, for which Denver is a b-market]. I love how Bourdain used a few of your tracks in his NY show. Although it’s been removed already, I just laid “Dinner w/ Blockhead” in an opening scene of episode 1 for the cast/crew watch party and everyone loved it. I’d be happy to send you the rough cut we watched the other night, it’s well-written, but currently low-budget comedy. Laying “Two Men and a Lady” from E&A into the credits for fun received some shocking laughs!

    Question 3: If you want any solid cinematography [steadi-cam, dollies, jib] or photography at the Fox in Boulder, I’m offering myself/crew/equip. I’ve shot a few shows photography and cinematography there and Boulder Theater. I know many artists have their specific crew, but I just want to offer because me and my PA are big fans of all your work.

    Question 4: I remember a blog post about a social marketing douche who was asking you to pay him to get you more “likes”. I recently received one of those messages on my photography page. If you have that link handy, or can find easily, I’d really just like to reply with your post…. it as perfectly said and I know I could spend half an hour typing something to tell him off.

    Thanks for your continued writings, I look forward to them every morning and afternoon poop.

      Daniel “Buddy” Thomas Director + Photographer 918 . 782 . 7099 Eyeconic Photography


    • 1)I have no problem with that. I get a few inquiries about that sort of thing every week and my response is “It’s fine with me as long as you’re not making money off it. If you are, then you have to alert my record label and things get dicey”. So, personally, I don’t care but once money comes into it, Ninja tune would have to find out due to licensing laws and publishing fees.

      2)Dinner W.blockhead might be an issue cause it’s off an old album with an uncleared sample. I wouldn’t even know who to talk to about that one cause it’s an aesop song technically and it was released on Mush records.

      3)Appreciated. To be honest, I’m not crazy about photographers as shows but mostly cause it’s not like my on stage actions are particularly exciting. Also, people running around on stage when I’m up there can be kinda distracting.


  5. Ewww to the Queens-bound subway trains! I HOPE that what you are talking about couldn’t have applied to the last time I was in ny and I (have never told anybody this aha) fell cold asleep for HOURS on a queens-bound train in mid-summer, but walked away unscathed (no stolen purse or people bothering me at all).
    My memory of ny locations is hazy in general bc I haven’t been there in awhile so MAYBE these aren’t the trains you are talking about…
    So it was mid-heatwave July-ish summer 2010. I was on a traveling type layover at that airport in Jamaica, Queens from like 6pm on a Fri night, leaving like 6am the next day. And I was sooo fuckin tired but decided to see couple of friends in Manhattan somewhere (mid to lower end I dunno)… so saw them and left to go back to my hotel near the jamaica airport at like 12:30am. Next thing I know it’s like 3:30am and the metro stopped allll the way to the end of the line, wayyyy past my stop. I usually have my wits about me when I travel anywhere alone, I can’t believe I did that. Just please tell me these trains aren’t where the masturbators would’ve been, gross! I was wearing a slutty outfit too just by default (like everyone else due to the extreme heat).

      • Ewww, the ideas one can’t unknow! Well I’ll just try to spin it and say I’ll take that any day over being robbed or attacked… I guess…

  6. Hey “Shallow piece of shit” 🙂

    There are certain visual signs that indicate a lack of proper hygiene that we can ALL be guilty of as human beings. But apply the following to WOMEN only. Which of the following offends your eye set from greatest to least (please rank in that order)?

    a) yellow teeth
    b) greasy hair
    c) noticeably visible whitehead (anywhere)
    d) ear wax
    e) visible blackheads on the nose
    f) dirt under fingernails
    g) hair in places there shouldn’t be hair (interpret that how you will)
    h) that white crud on the corner of the mouth
    i) eye crusties

    And a happy/fun/sexy Monday to you, Blockhead haha

  7. Thanks for answering my question about masturbating in public, Blockhead. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

  8. Sup Block,

    You said you only play sports games on PS3. Do you play MLB’s The Show 2013? Totally addicted to that game and would love to play you online sometime if you’re into it.

    • Haven’t played it. To be honest, I kinda fell off with baseball in the last year so I haven’t peeped it. But I’m not really an online player kinda guy in general..

  9. Any thoughts on “fixed gear hipster cyclists”. I laugh uncontrollably every time I see one of these poor lost souls…You?

  10. Phew! Feeling much more at ease with the whole jerk-off situation today compared to yesterday. Sure… when I woke up on that train I do remember that there WERE a few derelict dudes sitting by themselves staring quietly at me. However, I know that if anyone jerked off to me, they would have waited respectfully until I got off that train. Why? I blatantly looked like a tourist and you have NO IDEA how respectful and awesome your denizens and crackheads act towards tourists (at least in my experience)…totally diff set of rules apply. And yes, the first time I ever visited was only 7 years ago, never before then.

  11. What’s with rappers, underground usually but it can go anyway, often not putting their lyrics out? I understand that printing a booklet for a CD would cost more money, but why not put them out on the internet? Sometimes it’s hard for fans to decipher every word a musician says, so we can’t always write them out ourselves. I myself like having a printout of the lyrics in front of me when I’m trying to figure out the meaning of a complicated rap song. I know fans aren’t obligated to having written lyrics given to us, but I just don’t understand why the musician won’t put them out in the first place, because (in my opinion) it’s really not too much effort.

    So, what do you think? Just laziness or some other reason?

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