Hey guys, let’s not make Yung Lean a “thing” , okay?

The internet is an unstoppable whirlwind of info and crap that’s constantly spitting out debris all over our faces. Sometimes it’s in the form of something harmlessly funny like “Grumpy Cat”. Other times it’s some truly awful shit like beheading videos. In both cases, it’s typically waste products. Meaning, they have their time and then they’re flushed away into the bowels of the webz. As a connoisseur of crap, I actually enjoy it on many levels. If I can sit through an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” surely I can find the good in a shitty youtube clip of some awful rapper. But, every now and then, something pops out that seemingly crosses over from simply being ridiculous to being something people actually care about.
This is not a new concept. Especially on this blog. I’d say about 4 times a year some new “thing” pops off and I vent about it. Whether it be a terrible new white rapper or some un-funny youtube sensation. There is always something waiting to be next. Enter Yung Lean.

He’s a 16 year old swedish rapper that people are talking about. Vice covered him. Lil B’s fans have embraced him. He’s somewhat of of a meme at this point. I’m sure he’s in a few of your Ipods right now an , and when his song comes on, you sit there pretending to enjoy it even though it’s an old joke at this point. Where it stands now, the enjoyment of his music is heavily dipped in irony as he
1)Looks like he does
2)Is a Swedish 16 year old rapper , rapping in english about being sad (kinda)
3)has got strangely decent beats.
4)Sad boys, bro. Sad boys. #sadboys

My take of it him is that he’s definitely strange in an original way. He’s a bit dead behind the eyes so it kinda makes me think he’s not joking around. His whole “Emotional boys” thing and shouting out random years that he clearly wasn’t making this music in is certainly intriguing.
I can see why peoples curiosity would be peaked. But, all that said, he’s simply another shitty rapper. Now, this hasn’t stopped anyone from getting famous. Chief Keef is basically mentally handicapped and he was on KAnye’s last album and has a thriving fanbase. But the difference is Yung Lean is bad in the sense that he simply doesn’t sound good. A guy like Chief Keef can get by just being who is. Yung Lean? He has autism swag and that’s just not a good look.

At his current stage of “Internet notoriety” , I feel as if he’s the slow kid in the classroom that everyone quietly mocks by pretending he’s the coolest guy in the room. He gets pats on the back to his enjoyment but he has no idea that he’s a walking punchline to everyone else. I could be wrong about that but I’m simply just hoping that is the case. Maybe he’s already turned? and by “turned” I mean maybe he’s started to be accepted as a legit musician and not a retarded youtube hilarity that will come and go like so many others before it. The thing is, if he isn’t yet…it’s only a matter of time.
I can guarantee that in the next month or so, I’ll be having a conversation with some hipster/reformed underground rap fan who will try to spin to me how Yung Lean is a actually amazing. Not ironically…but like he’s doing something next level that my old dinosaur brain cannot comprehend. I can also Guarantee I will never listen to another word that person says to me again. It happened with Riff Raff, it happened with Kitty Pryde…I’m shocked it never happened with Eli but, then again, he’s black and it seems only really shitty white rappers get this sort of pass. More on that later though.
I’m writing this not to shit on the art of Yung Lean. I like funny things. He is hilarious. Whether or not it’s intentional, I have no clue. He’s either a delusional swedish kid who listened to way too much Lil B and ASAP Rocky or he’s an Andy Kaufman level genius with the video skills of Tim and Eric. Regardless, He has a place in the world. However, I write this to beg of you, bloggers and tastemakers…Don’t make him a “thing”. We get it. He’s a rapping swedish kid repping “sad boys”.It’s strange and funny. Much like Riff Raff and Kitty Pryde, there is definitely “something” about him. He’s nothing if not bizarre. But all this acting like this is at all legit (beyond it’s humor value) is pretty much just cruel. Why not just go around tipping over people in wheelchairs? That’s basically how I see this. There are so many terrible rappers on youtube. many of them from countries outside of the Us. Many of them are hilarious. Even more hilarious than Yung Lean. Have you seen this fucking guy?!?!

Or have you seen this serbian abomination?

I realize part of the reason Yung Lean is getting this shine is cause he does use many relevant rap trends in his music..so it’s cutting edge in it’s terribleness. But still…Stop it. With the way these things work, he’ll be touring to sold out venues in the US within 5 months. Meanwhile, the far funnier and equally terrible ladies of “It’s so cold in the D” probably haven’t left detroit in their entire lives and the “Why must I cry” guy’s life peaked by being made fun of on Tosh 2.0.
I alluded to it earlier but there is an air of weird racism going on with all these pop up, so-bad-they’re-good youtube rap sensations. It’s like the white people are given a pass to be both laughed at and admired while their black counterparts never got the admiration part. Sure, some may argue that Lil B is the king of this shit but, to be honest, he can actually rap decently. i don’t really fuck with his music but I’ve heard songs here and there that clearly put him head and shoulders above any of the mouth breathers mentioned in this write up (I’ll give Riff Raff a little credit there too…he’s far better than any of these other people I’ve mentioned).
All I’m saying is that we need to take these types of things at face value. A funny youtube sensation that will be gone within a week. Giving stuff like this more depth than it deserves to be given is not only a disservice to music in general but it’s just gonna breed more shit like this. Meaning, it can only get worse and more contrived. Listen, us white folks love some good old irony ESPECIALLY when it’s rapping. But slow you role the second you start to blur the lines between that joke and reality.


101 thoughts on “Hey guys, let’s not make Yung Lean a “thing” , okay?

      • Im black a yung lean even though his lyrics have been shittier on some tracks than most his beats are always fire and he has top producers in the underground in the same realm as clams casino and hes actually doing shows and touring doing more than this blog nigga how much u made off hating on the LeanDoer? #uSadMane?

      • You are as uninformed and dumb as…well…everyone else making these same claims. Do some research about me, as well as maybe even read what I said in this very article. Cause your entire “he has good beats” point (which i agree with and even mention in the article) is moot.

  1. Please add this meme-related question to the question queue!

    So fakegod must be having an off week! Because today it throws you a “would-you-rather” type ultimatum that’s just tooo ridiculously unequal.1st option:Permanent tattoo of any MEME (that already exists).2nd option:Something so horrific, I’d rather not mention it here. Therefore, you actually have this superupbeat attitude bout the MEME tattoo option, bc you’re just so relieved to not have to do the other thing, and you figure, “hey, why not make the most of it?” You even get a little too into it I would argue-you decide to go ahead with not 1 but 3 separate blogposts bout the entire tattoo process!…SO, WHICH MEME WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO GET TATTOED ON YOUR BODY, WHERE AND WHY?

  2. Apparently your pants aren’t tight enough to understand that petting a cebu in a rap(?) video is next level. Doing it on a beach is 2x.

  3. I get the feeling the guy rapping…um…or…singing? with the cow has like two friends that are super loyal even though he’s a complete dick. They told him it was awesome and he makes them listen to it all the time now.

    And I found out I’m a better rapper than someone today. That’s something I guess.

  4. And the Serbian guy will eventually shoot himself in the balls if he already hasn’t… That would get a ton of views on YouTube I bet…

  5. Dude I had no idea Raed had dropped a new video… “I Love This City Babbe” is one of my altime favorites, thank you for putting him back on my radar

  6. I think it’s possible that a general technical ignorance of music is likely the root cause of much of this confusion between what’s genuinely cutting edge, and what’s just senseless tripe. This happens in the visual art world as well. Often, someone with an interesting or sympathetic back story is attributed qualities of artistic genius simply because the audience so wants to believe that they aren’t being duped. In the end, no one really understands it, because there isn’t anything to understand. There comes a point at which the art created by “outsider artists” (which is essentially what all of these would-be musicians are) has the same effect as a Rorschach ink test: the supposed meaning is simply a projection of the viewer’s imagination. When some hipster douche explains the supposed mind-boggling complexity of Yung Lean (for example), what they’re really doing is attempting to convince you of their own mental complexity, their supposedly deep understanding of hip-hop, and ultimately their own worth. It’s like one of the poor peasants from the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes trying desperately to describe to an on-looker just how magnificent the Emperor’s robes are. Most people would perform great feats of mental gymnastics to avoid admitting that they’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes.

  7. This motherfucker is like the hybrid Michael Cera and Rainman of rap. I hope this is some weird Andy Kaufman-type humor and he’s doing it to make some sort of comedic statement. Those beats are tight though.


  8. Left out the other race issue here: the predominantly white men (and some women) who decide these people are a thing.

    In my (admittedly unscientific) self-survey all the people I know who prop this stuff up are between 28-38, that is, specifically not the young-old heads 21-27. The best of the young-old crowd avoids commercial drivel not out of the search for something “hip” but the search for something good. Those people are the lifeforce of the underground because they still believe.

    Of course, there are younger people (some of them flat-out racists — I can’t believe the things I hear from them about how “ghetto” their central AC is) who help destroy the genre by getting into junk like Yung Lean, but they likely weren’t ever heads in any real sense. The older “I’m still down with hip-hop, only now I’m on a post-quality kick” crowd is a million times worse because they have a track record of knowing what is shite and what isn’t, but have decided being wrong helps them appear youthful. Only white privilege lets them sell out their senses like that, because they obvs. don’t need music to get them through the day.

    This is a larger issue than befits a blog comment, though….

  9. you’re comparing him to that Serbian guy and that other guy with the dog, but the difference is that his beats actually sound good… it’s addictive, even if his lyrics aren’t to your taste
    and however bad the lyrics might be, they just seem to *fit in*, you know? with the beat, like it just ‘flows’ with the beat and the song and the whole thing, its length in syllables, its sound, just everything (like in Ginseng Strip or Hurt or whatever)

    and it’s just so smart how whether he’s doing this as a joke or as a serious thing, he’s got people either liking what he’s doing all the way from a place like England (here) or just gaining recognition from you and Vice and the internet in general

    I’ll admit, I tried not to like his songs just for the sheer coarseness of his lyrics, and yet it’d be sad if he was suddenly ‘serious’ and changed his rapping style; could you take a 16 year old rapper seriously? it wouldn’t be ‘Yung Lean’ anymore
    so… it’s a paradox

    • I did mention the production being a part of the whole thing in the write up. A few times actually.
      But i compared it to those other things cause, whether he’s serious or not, a good portion of the people championing him are doing so out of the irony of it all. The terrible serbian rapper is just as clueless but he’s just way more removed from anything cutting edge so it seems ore silly.I do think Yung Lean has more of an angle than those other dudes but that doesn’t change that I find his music to be unenjoyable beyond the initial comedic value.

  10. I sincerely and unironically enjoy Yung Lean’s album. Its been on steady play and is a “thing” for me. I’m not going to try and convince you of its merits. If you don’t like it, cool.

  11. i actually like him, haha. its confusing?? like how people like Lil B, i couldn’t tell if they did cause it seemed like a joke. but nah, i do, i enjoy his music, cool bai

  12. Whether or not you like Yung Lean, I think it’s extremely ignorant and rude to use terms such as ‘mentally handicapped’, ‘autism swag’ and ‘slow’ to describe someone. So just stop, it’s not very nice and using those terms doesn’t make you ‘cool’, it makes you sound immature and disrespectful.

  13. Its po-mo ?! Its shear genius, the fact that u dont know wether he is serious or not is what makes it so good. He transcends that. Makes it so obvious that the postmodern world and the hyperreality has made us crazy and there is no way out except for going with it. He probably doesn’t know how brilliant he is.

    • That last line explains everything.
      Trying to justify what makes music good by using anything other than “it sounds good” is trying to hard. People writing thesis papers on what makes a seemingly mediocre/terrible rapper good are what’s wrong with the internet and music right now.

      He’s a kid fucking around who is HEAVILY influenced by a few popular artists. That’s it. He’s not a genius. He’s just some kid making music.

      • Who is he influenced by? He’s rapping about new and original stuff. Unless you’ve been listening to some very very underground cloud rap artist before Yung Lean came along then he also has an original sound and production

      • Yeah but original is always synonymous with good. He’s painstakingly bad. To the point where it seems forced/fake/trolling

      • HE’s influenced by every blog rapper from that last 3 years. He’s 100% a product of someone on the outside looking in through an internet screen. Thus, he’s 100% contrived. And he’s a really bad rapper.

  14. You’re ignorant as fuck you think the reason Yung Lean is admired is because he’s white!? That’s not only stupid but rasict. Yo I’m a Lil B fan and I can recognize that he’s actually a very average rapper, in particular the songs which he is famous for, so it’s not because he is a decent rapper that he is admired but because of his characteristics as a rapper. Both him and Yung Lean have a cult like following with the sad boys and task force they both make music half seriously and they are both going to be lasting sensations regardless of race. People aren’t laughing and admiring them at the same time instead they’re actually enjoying the music. Listen to Yung Leans new song Kyoto and tell me that it does not genuinely sound good. Yeah the production helps but Yung Leans rapping and the visuals for all the music videos is what he is admired for not for being some joke.

  15. Damn what a hater. Lol! All your points are arbitrarily inconsistent and seemingly filled w personal hate/anger. Fact is just because he wasnt born in the hood and had modern rappers to influence his sound doesnt make him a shitty rapper. Afterall werent rappers influenced by pac and biggie, run dmc ect ext? And its doubt hes joking or trying to be ironic when he raps. He prbly really wants to be just like his role models. Smokin blunts and sippin lean and all day and yea gettin head from a craxkhead. I guess youre bimbo teradyxtyl brain really doesnt get the allure of odd yet personable music like this.

    • JEsus christ dude. Get it together. Think about who you’re arguing in favor of and get bck to me in 5 years. I promise he will not be around and you will feel like a dipshit for every liking him. I PROMISE.

  16. Why did It’s So Cold in the D not pop off? Because it is actually bad. The timing is off and they are not even on key. When Yung Lean on the other hand actually seems to understand what he is doing. While I will admit that his lyrics are a joke, his flow and his (friends) beats are really good for this modern age. There is no meaning behind it, the kid is 16. When I was that age I was saying things just as ridiculous, just not taking it as far as him. While I agree to not take it super seriously, there is no harm in enjoying it.

    • Here’s what you and everyone defending this don’t seem to understand. This is far more about the tastemakers pushing Yung Lean as “the next big thing” than it is about Yung Lean himself. you’re right. He is just some kid. How mad can I be at this kid for just making a few videos and rapping badly. That’s fine. Instead of being a reactionary, blind fan boy to this kid (which is some try hard shit to begin with on your part) read what I wrote and maybe that might come across. Do i diss his “skills” and musical worth in this? Sure. but that’s not the focus of what I’m saying. Read the other responses to this and you’ll see what I’m getting at. People are literally freaking out over me calling this kid like I see it. His fans are fucking morons and this is because they’re playing follow the leader with whatever blogs or internet truck stops they hang out are championing this kid. Trust me, no one would have given this kid a glance if certain internet outlets didn’t pick up on him and decide “Hey, this is strange…let’s make this a thing”. And that’s my entire point. His shitty music is secondary.

      • When i first saw yung leans video “Hurt” i was truely baffled. It had nothing to do with the mumbled akward rapping of a kid who obviously has no place in front of a mic. It was more the video. A blend of computer generated shapes, characters, pokemon cards, nintendo games, drugs and of course yung lean rapping. It was like nothing id ever seen anywhere and its certainly not somthing id expect to see in a 16 year old swedish kids rap video. i spent along time watching his videos just trying to figure out what i was seeing and WHY PEOPLE CARED. At first i though mabye it was just the humor element but it runs alittle deeper than that. I believe the reason people respond so heavily to leans music is because we genuinly enjoy the new and strange. In the same way that many people enjoy going to horror films to be shocked and frightened. Over time, the film goers become desensitized to the horror and the film makers have to find ways to update. I think yung lean took the rap trends we see all around us and flipped it on its head. Its not completely fresh but its strange enough people who are completely bored with their lives gravitate toward it. I dont think he did this on purpose either. He was just mimicing american rap trends. This foreign kids misguided attempts to become the next Lil b has made him into somthing unlike anything ive ever seen. With all that said i wouldnt be surprised if we have in the near future videos from “mainstream rappers” similar to what yung lean is doing with the strange DMT- like images.

      • Yung Lean = best troll ever…. you either get it or you don’t…… clearly you do not

      • Sigh…read this article again. If he’s trolling anyone, it’s the blogs who have bigged him up as the next great thing.

  17. the writer of this is hating so hard. i think if yung lean was claiming to be the illest lyrical rapper out I would understand reason for criticizing him, but he’s just a kid who raps about stuff kids think about. playin mario kart, drinking gatorade, kicking it partyin. and if hes making this quality music at 16 why assume its only gonna get worse? Look at the positive aspect this could bring… notoriety to hip hop in sweden, the fusion of electronic music with hip hop, the rise of truly independent music not pushed by some record label forcing people to like it.

    • You understand nothing. I’m not “hating” on Yung Lean. Sure, I point out his obvious short comings as a musician but this is way more about the people propping him up to be “Th next big thing” than his actual music.

  18. This is completely unbelievable that you would even say this. Pretending to enjoy his music? His music is amazing. Maybe you don’t like it but theres tons of people that do. He’s not just a meme or a joke like you mention. Take your couple of fans that you have on the bandwagon you own and get off the internet.

      • It is extremely plausable yung lean is simply an extra terrestrial, and after observing our culture from afar, has decided to recreate what he has learned for his own people. This would explain yung leans complete lack of understanding hiphop or any american culture for that matter.

  19. I’m a person who found Yung Lean’s music purely by accident, and not through internet hyperbole or flavour of the week websites, and I like what he has to offer.

    I appreciate your opinion, but regardless of what Lean’s angle is, there’s plenty of room for him in rap music. Whether or not his rapping is poor, or self-aware, he’s making people questions. As far as teenage rappers go, I’d sooner listen to this guy, than I would someone like Chief Keef whose content is along the same lines, only it’s projected in an entirely self-serious and depressingly one-dimensional way.

    Also, saying that people who do enjoy Lean’s music have laughably bad taste, is nullifying your arguments and making your crusade seem explicitly personal. We can’t all listen to Liquid Swords and Good Kid/Maad City on loop 24-7.

    • Maybe I should rephrase my point. If you think yung lean is good, you have bad taste in rap music. better? Liking him ironically or thinking it’s entertaining is understandable and something I really can’t debate but if you’re sitting there , telling me that the music of Yung Lean touches your soul, then you’re a an idiot.

      • (in a really pompous, nerdy voice): Maybe I should rephrase my point. If you think yung lean is good, you have bad taste in rap music. better? Liking him ironically or thinking it’s entertaining is understandable and something I really can’t debate but if you’re sitting there , telling me that the music of Yung Lean touches your soul, then you’re a an idiot.

  20. Blockhead I love you, but an article analyzing yung lean, of all things? Yung lean is just some kid having fun making stupid music, and some of the beats are pretty fresh in my opinion. I just think it’s pointless to rant about something so pointless, you know?

    • Did you read what I wrote? Did ANYONE who commented on this actually read it?
      The dislike of his music is a secondary point in this entire thing. This article is more about the shitty tastemakers out there pushing this kind of stuff as groundbreaking when it simply isn’t. That’s the entire point. His music not being good is just a side note. I even say that in the write up as well as address that he has decent beats.
      Jesus I really wish motherfuckers would actually read things they comment on. It would make my life a lot easier.


      • reading comprehension isn’t a thing they stress in school anymore. i left a comment earlier on this thread, it was mostly just dickish humor. i cringe every time i get an email saying there has been a comment on this thread, and the internet warriors that comprise your followers are ready to pop off about the unimportant side of your article, and it sounds like they are reacting to the title rather than the content.

      • Alright I get you, and quite honestly I think Yung Lean is one of the pioneers of this whole joke rap thing, of course he’s not the first one to do it but he has an original sound and original jokes. I’ll learn to read a little slower next time.

  21. You simply don’t understand niche rappers like Lil B or Riff Raff or Yung Lean. It’s not about talent so much as it is an idea. You can’t compare Chief Keef to Yung Lean because they’re different. Sosa tried to achieve fame and riches thru his music. Lean just wanted to put something out and start a movement and provide a new whole new style and aesthetic. It’s like Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. Andy Warhol wasn’t particularly talented but he still started something with what he had which admittedly wasn’t much. The same with Yung Lean. The same with Lil B. Lil B’s movement focused on positivity and acceptance, in case you hadn’t bothered to figure that out. You can say ‘”well have you heard his music? Fuck bitches? Ratchets?” And what I would say is yes, but that is only part of his catalog. Read his NYU speech. He really does care and music is his vehicle to show that.

    A lot of internet-famous rappers are representing a movement or new style, and their music is the force behind that.

    • I get that. I see that people are drawn to the aesthetic, as opposed to the music. I’m not arguing that. In fact, if anything, that is my point. My case is , this is music. If you have to explain why you like music and the first thing isn’t “I like how it sounds” , then you’re trying to hard. Every fan of all the artists you named are trying too hard. Like, do you actually sit around alone and listen to yung lean songs? Really? At least chief Keef is some raw, animalistic shit. I get the interest in that. I think it sucks, but i get it. Where as Yung Lean is just some kid trying too hard and people either thinking it’s ironic or they’re too dumb to see it as a joke at all.

      To be clear, you just compared Yung Lean to Andy Warhol. I just want that to be reaffirmed. I’m not even a guy who liked Warhol..but that is REALLY reaching. He’s not a genius. He’s not even particularly talented. He’s a young kid from europe who watched a ton of youtube videos and learned everything he knows about music from them. Made his own shit and gave it a slight twist. It’s not rocket science, dude.
      I’d also add that i don’t look at Lil’ B and Yung Lean as even remotely similar. Sure, i think Lil’ B’s rabid fanbase is a bit silly but, unlike Lean, he has made some songs that have actual value. But, beyond that, he also pretty much created the whole genre you’re worshipping. For better or worse…but he’s an innovator. YUng Lean is not. not even close.
      Again, we’re talking about music here. Not intangible movements based on things bloggers say. If funny that me coming in not liking this shit has people calling me a sheep when, in reality, anyone who is jumping on this shit (which is overtly a trend that will be over in the very near future) is literally the same person they’re talking about. Simply on the other side of the fence.

  22. Why do you keep writing “it’s” when you mean to write “its”. Do you even know how to type, bro? Hahaha by writing “cutting edge in it’s terribleness”, you’re saying “cutting edge in it is terribleness”

  23. You’re such a damn basic hater ! Yung Lean is creating art, everything he is doing is futuristic and done by no one, visuals are incredible, beats are insane and lyrics are good !

    Hating on someone like this is just an illness and just means you don’t have any life and you’re just jealous about success of others ! Get a life and try to make something better thant Yung Lean’s music or just spend your life hating on him for being more successful than you because he obviously has talent !

    • You’re a child with terrible taste in music. This will pass. Yung Lean will be gone in the very near future and you’llbe bumping some other dumb shit you think is cool. It’s the cycle of life.

      • I’m surely more mature than you. If you don’t like something, you don’t listen to it and let people enjoy their own taste, because writing just to hate on someone is the definition of being childish. People can like what they want and artists can make the music they want. If some people like it, let them enjoy.

        I’m open to every style of music, and I’m pretty sure my tastes are better than yours. I’m listening to every type of rap, from old school rap like Nas and Mos Def to new rappers like Yung Lean and Tyler The Creator which differenciate from the others. I’m also going to opera because I like classic music, I’m listening to Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi, so I don’t think your tastes are better.

      • Point blank: If you think Yung lean is a good rapper, you have no case here. I already said he has some good beats (of did you not read the article itself like most people who have commented on this thread). And go suck a dick with your “classic” music listening, you moron.
        Please, read what i wrote again and it will be clear that I’m not hating on his music as much as I am pointing out how the hype machine is full of shit. I honestly don’t understand why people can’t grasp this concept. Oh wait…I know. It’s cause no one rads anything and simply reacts to headlines. Congrats!

  24. damn I have never seen anyone ride a dick harder than the author of this article rode yung lean’s dick. Keep on ridin’ that dick boy!!

  25. Your giving all the good songs we all know his lyrics sucks especially his newer songs out there garbage but how he edits his videos are beast

    • Read the rest of these comments. It doesn’t sound like people think his lyrics suck. As for his videos…ummm…okay…that doesn’t mean he makes good music on any level.

  26. Hey, you should check out Spooky Black he is apart of the sadboys entertainment thing but the main rappers in Sadboys is yung lean, yung sherman and yung gud,

  27. Ha.. and look at him now hes definatly a “thing” and you were very wrong. His vibe is amazing and i love it so glad you were wrong

  28. Unfortunately now he’s a thing, tons of retarded teenagers are worshiping his shitty music, and his songs are only getting worse and worse, I at least hope that this trend doesn’t last long, people are even wearing his retarded clothing, not even ironically, I can only cringe for now.

  29. This is funny but because of you I got into Yung Lean. I actually genuinely like the kid and dig his music. I bought all his albums and even a vinyl lol Thanks Blockhead haha

  30. You don’t know anything about him. Quit dissing people before you do the research, he doesn’t just shout out random numbers, he was feeling very emotional from 2001-2004, and he met his friends (also emotional) and they formed the sadboys.

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