A very informative podcast interview with me

I’ve done a few podcasts before and they’re always fun. However, this one I did recently is probably my favorite one I’ve done. Why? Cause it’s just two bros talking. The dude whose podcast it is, Intuition, and I are buddies so this is basically just him and I shooting the shit while I casually give my life story to him. So, if you like bro’s talking, this will be your shit.
We discuss my family life, the beginnings of aesop and I, my fanbase, and pretty much everything else.
Check it out!

9 thoughts on “A very informative podcast interview with me

  1. I didn’t know you did podcasts. I haven’t listened to this yet, but of course it’d be my dream if Marc Maron invited you to his garage one day for WTF! And you would love it too – it embodies everything you enjoy doing for a full hour – being lazy, talking your head off w/ another guy (not a girl), and comedy! But what about all those fucking cats??? Isn’t his place called the cat ranch or something? And of course he would torture you like any good cat lover would…you’d literally be knee-deep in pussy over there. Would you be brave enough to handle it? (with an allergy pill)

      • I just had to go back to the original to check, but yeah it has like 20 or more words silenced in the remix. He practically goes through George Carlin’s entire list, and even adds a few of his own.

  2. That was awesome, love podcasts. Your dad sounded like a 1 in a million type of character. That’s crazy he was born in Pittsburgh, I always thought he was new york. I was about a hair away from being born and raised in Pittsburgh (in montreal – before my parents had a family it was a choice b/w a move to greater toronto area or pittsburgh for job offers). I can’t help but think how different life would’ve been if they had picked Pennsylvania and I were an american!

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